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Driver 3 cheats, tips and tricks

Author: fat40
With immunity on, shoot at a cars engine untill it starts to burn (black smoke), then quickly jump into the car. You will find there is no engine or tire noise!

Author: fat40
Also, when in Nice, go to the airport. While driving down the access ramp (furthest to the right of the airport), drive onto the grass of the right, and you will fall off the map, and onto a small patch of grass, from where you can look up at the city. To return to the main map, simply drive of this patch of grass.

Author: matt
If you got to the airport in Nice, there is a building with big red doors on (it's near the end of the run way), go to the first door and it will open. In there is the best car you can get in Nice!

Author: BJL
On Miami, start the game by playing on your house. Get to the bridge and turn right on the first street, go all the way in the last house and the garage will open by itself (yellow car).

Author: chris
If you want a falk lift in nice, go to the map and look for a crooked arrow head shaped land, then go up the side and look for a mud track going up, after that you should see a church and at the back there is a garage go to it and it will open.

Author: Slim Savage
In Istanbul near one of the bridges, on the map there is a little sliver of a road that goes into a greyish colored area. Stay on the path all the way until you can either go straight off a jump, or right. Turn right, staying on the path, and there will be some tractor trailer crates. At the second red one, is the secret car in Istanbul.

Author: SlimSavage
And, in Miami, remember the place you had to wreck with your car on the missions before you shot up the bar? Anyways, right on the bank of the river, there are 2 buildings connected with a small space between, there is the second secret car in Miami.

Author: Zach
If you are in a car and want to keep the back lights on, just tap the square button as light as you can. I know thats kind of stupid, but it is just something I figured out.

Author: homo
In Istanbul, go to the bridge that's closest to the word "Istanbul" on the map. Almost where the center of the bridge, there is a glassy place with a shack inside. Go in and press L1 or R1 (however you get into car) and leave the place fast. Look at the bridge. Anyone on it will fall and the cars will stand vertically up.

Author: steve
Ok, in Nice, if you go to the top right of the map to that circle of roads, in the middle at the top of this hill there is a little cafй. Go to the garage next to it and there is the "hippie" van.

Author: Edd
In Miami near to Tanner's home you should see a large island, go around it with a boat and you should find a big cruiser that you can get into.

Author: catdog
When in Nice go over by the airport and cross the small river to the other side. When there go up on the hill and shoot the benches that the people are sitting on without them knowing. The people should fall into the ground and there should be a splash. This may not always work.

Author: catdog
You know the bridge in Miami that goes up and down. Well if you put it up while having a cop car right in the crease the cop car will fall and explode. You may not get it on the first try. (Take a ride)

Author: Catdog
In Miami if you jump in the back of a moving truck you might go flying up into the air with the truck and come crashing down and explode. But remember you can't be noticed by the driver.

Author: Asica
If you go by Coral Gables, you can find a big hotel. If you drive up the ramp and come down far enough, you can find a path which is grass and on both sides is bushes and trees. You go down path and see tunnel. Go down tunnel and find parking lot, park car, go upstairs and watch out for bad guy. Push R1 on blinking switch and go through door ahead of you, and see another parking lot and go down stairs on your left. Go through blue opened gate. When you get too the end, go ahead of you where you see blocked off, and you see a track. Jump over railing and turn left, keep going down then stop at first light post turn right and you will see a go-kart.

Author: Rubix
When all the cheats are activated, the police do strange things. They appear in unaccessible places, they shoot at other people, and are almost always going fast, with the sirens. But they ignore you. They keep driving.

Author: Tanner
Oh my god! This game is amazing! I use all cheats:) I found all the easter eggs, glitches etc. One more thing, go to Miami in take a ride and choose the speed bike. Choose your starting spot at your house place, get off your bike and open the door. Get back ON your bike and drive into your house. Now you can speed out the sliding door into the pool. But you can also drive the bike up the stairs(hard). Once up there, go as far back as you can facing the back of the house. Then you can go speeding out the window either into your pool, or if you go fast enough, you'll fly into the ocean!!!

Author: halamory
If you see pedestrians sitting on a wooden bench sneak up behind them with your silencer and shoot the bench they are sitting on. The bench flies away but the pedestrian doesn't move which makes it look like the person is sitting on nothing!!! Make sure not to shoot them!!!

Author: Jordan
Start out at your house in Miami with any vehicle, motorcycle, or boat. Get out of your vehicle. Find a boat at the small wharf beside your house, or you can go to your dock behind your house. Drive out towards the Miami sign. There will be 4 buildings on stilts. Enter the one with no paint. Take your weapon out, go into the room at the end of the hall. There should be a Timmy Vermicelli in the room. Kill him. I also found a hideout from the cops. Go to the Miami Police Station, kill the cop that is typing on his computer copying the files. After that, go hide behind the bullet proof wall and hide behind it. You can also hide anywhere you like in the police station.

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