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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Driver 3

Автор: Squick
You play Tanner, a FBI-agent. A lot of cars are being shipt to Europe. You must stop them. You need to do very much carchases and have to shoot very much as well. Altough you can't shoot out the car yourself (pity), you sometimes can because there's someone with a machine gun driving with you.
The undercover missions are very hard so you need to be an advanced gamer with driving and shooting. I'm a good gamer myself, but I couldn't get trough the missions very fast. So the undercover missions are only for advanced drivers and shooters. There are mini-games like Survival, Quick Chase and Chekpoint racing. Those mini-games are good for training and good for fun, but I didn't play them very much. There are 3 cities all with 3 secret vehicles with together a total of 76 vehicles totally destructable. The damage of the cars is very realistic to, you can see the bullet-holes in the cars, wheels can fly off as well as bumpers and not only you see the damage, you notice that the cars drive different to when they got damage and if you destruct them enough they will drive slower. You can drive in trucks, cars on bikes in vans, boats, sports cars and even a cart and a foreclift. The last 2 vehicles are secret ones. But not only you can drive and shoot, you can also direct your small movie. After you did what you want to direct you can make your own small movie with slow-motion Thrill cam. You can set the camera on the street, in the air, after the wheel at first person-mode at your rear-bumper and even on the car you are chasing and you can lock the camera on the car you're chasing. All 3 cities are made by photos. So you'll find excisting buildings and parks. In every city you have buildings where you can go in and hideouts. In the game you can get a normal gun, a silenced gun, a machine gun, a silenced machine gun, a shotgun, and even a grenade launcher.
My short comments: A very good game with cool carchases shootouts and very good graphics.
A must for every gamer!

Автор: nutz
Disappointing after all the wait & hype. Playability is a bore and can be frustrating. The undercover missions are pretty unimaginative and although graphics look realistic, they don't do justice to the game when it freezes or a door step wipes you out when your hot on someones tail! In undercover mode chasing cars ends up tedious and become too serious. If you want this game for fun leave it on the shelf and keep your money in your wallet till the boyz at Rockstar have finished the next GTA.

Автор: robotmad
This is one of the best games in the world you can't beat it on graphics or on gameplay. This game is 110% cool. There are few slight glitches - when entering cars hero sometimes gets stuck, but that's a part of the fun. Also playing as an undercover cop gives this game the edge. The cars are a great selection with muscle cars my favourite. The weapons are a good choice, but a few more I would like to see. Overall this game is 5/5.

Автор: Lulu
I love the game. Granted, I've only played it for about 15 hours, but I spent 2 hours just driving around in "Take a drive" mode shooting stuff, fighting cops, trying out weapons and seeing how far I can get through. Nice while trashing the city with bus!
The game is very realistic, the driving is very fun, and best of all (for me) is that I got what I longed for in Crazy Taxi, the ability to get out and shoot stuff! Some people even shoot at you when you steal their car.
The environment is very interactive, most small things can be blown up, hit, shot, etc. You can jump, run, swim, shoot and drive. So far I've done about 10 missions and played "Take a drive", but haven't even touched the movie creation or the mini-games. Very fun.

I've seen a couple downsides and those are:
- Cop cars appearing out of no where and smash into me in "Take a Drive" mode (not a big deal)
- Damage disappears when you walk away (e.g. roadblocks only work while you stay in the vicinity)
- Sometimes it's way too dark in the game with no way to turn up the brightness. (e.g. When chasing gator in the car, it can get very dark)
- You can't run out of ammo with the basic gun. That seemed cheezy.
- No health (that I've found anyway) in the "Take a Drive" mode.

Other than those few things, I don't regret the $60 CDN for an instant!

Автор: kean
I think the game was a refresh from the stupid out of this world missions on GTA games. It's realistic and after 30mins I found myself mesmerized and payed no attention to my woman. So that scores high in my book! Try it well, worth the cash.

Автор: vin
I thought the game was so much better than GTA, but the glitches happen a little few to often. I also thought the game outweighted the bad. Loved and played once for full 15 hours. Thanks the game gods for it.

Автор: lewi
I didn't think much to the game when I first got it. In fact, I really wanted to take it back, but I had another go at it in undercover mode and I found that was ejoyable until I couldn't comlete a mission. So I went on "Take A Ride" and that was really good. Ever since I've been playing on "Take A Ride", I've had a few problems or silly glitches like the cops just drop out of nowhere and you can't go in the car one side, so you have to go in the other, the police also can't find there way down, loads of roads and stuff. All in all, I think it's a good game with a few minor promlems, but definitely worth buying. It's good.

Автор: jorma
This is a really good game with great graphics, a lot of cars and other vehicles. After I had played the game through in undercover mode, I enjoyed jumping huge jumps in "Take A Ride" mode. It was also fun to go somewhere high place and make chaos by shooting cars with rocket launcher and machine guns. But there were problems too like cops can't chase you anywhere. Other thing: I wanted to see flying vehicles like helicopters or airplanes and more different guns too. Sniper and better rocket launcher would be a good thing. Also granades would be nice. This is a nice game and it's worth the money but I think that GTA was a little better.

Автор: stiv
Very disappointed at a game that took ages to be released, yet still feels rushed. The Reflections team need a good shouting at. Undercover mode is just too short, dull and frustrating to complete. The only motivation to play is to unlock the maps. Which brings us to "Take a Ride" mode - the maps are big, no loading times and a few secrets here and there. And the car physics are great too. Get this game only if you've played "Vice City" till your eyes bleed...

Автор: JSheppard123
Driv3r or Driver 3 is probably one of the best games around. I have chosen ratings for the game:
1: Getting in car 2/10
2: Shooting 8/10
3: Driving 9/10
4: Driving (Boats) 8/10
5: Driving (Motorbikes) 9/10
6: Moving Around (On Foot) 7/10
7: Guns 9/10
8: Missions 8/10
9: Graphics 9/10
10: Overall rating:9/10

Автор: Skl1cent
I like the game, it has the best graphics that I have ever seen on the PS2, and the car physics are great and has lots of realism. Although when your being chased by lots of cops the game starts to lag a bit. So I had to stop and kill them and then continue on. Also the story in the game was way too short and way too easy for me , but I still enjoyed it. :)
Overall this game is great I'd recommend it for anyone that is really into a good driving sim.

Автор: deads
I am very disappointed with driv3r! I was suprised how disappointed I was... This game is very rushed and nowhere near as good as the "Grand Theft Auto". I recommend you to leave this game on the shelf and save your money for the next "GTA"! This game has to many glitches... Very short and missions get very boring after you chase the "baddy" in every mission. The only good point in the game was the realism which can alas be a downfall when you 10 seconds away from completing a mission and your car suddenly skids and crashes failing your mission!

Автор: Wild Cat
It's a good game, but I would prefer it if:
  1. Tanner could go into more buildings.
  2. There was more health about rather than just at the safehouse.
  3. A rocket launcher (that blows up things when it hits them)
  4. Wider selection of weapons (knifes, snipers, flamethrowers etc)
  5. You could be a taxi driver in one of the mini games.
  6. You could race against the clock.
Some positive points about the game are that you can swim and the fact that when you type a cheat in it's always there so you don't have to keep typing it in. All in all it's a very good game with a few minor problems. I can't wait for "Driver 4".

Автор: Tazzer
I think the game over all is quite good. It is different to GTA. I have had a couple of glitches, but nothing major. I really enjoy terrorizing the cities, though I do have a few troubles with the missions. The gokart in Miami is excellent. You can drive UNDER cars at speed, in nice you can get a forklift and lift cars up! The guns are great, though I think we could do with some grenades!

Автор: JXJ
I am very dissapointed at this game. Like most I was awaiting this game for some time and it seems the tripe outweighs the hype. The movement of Tanner is cumbersome, he walks like a crab. I admit I'm not an advanced gamer, and this may have added to my critism, but "GTA 3" kicks "Driver 3" butt every time.
On the plus side the driving and graphics are excellent. You can spend hours driving around checking out the city and blasting everything to bits.

Автор: popuptoaster
I waited for this game with anticipation, but I was very dissapionted with it.

I had expected the overly bouncy cars, that's a "Driver" trademark, but the fact that driving over a kerb can launch you into a mid air barrel roll is VERY annoying.
Also the motorcycles handling sucked, you lean to go around a corner, and the bike swops from upright, to "knee down" with nothing in between.
I was also amazed how bad Tanner was to control while he was on foot, after spending a lot of time with GTA on my PC since the last "Driver", I was very dissapointed with this game.

I can't understand how a company can put out a game that is inferior to one of the same genre that is already on the market, surely the designers and programmers can just sit and play something like "GTA" and say to themselves "hmmm, our game is not as good as that, we shall tweak it until it is better".

My conclusion is that parts of this game feel rushed, some missions are to hard, requireing absolute precision, and some are too easy, being completed on a first attempt with no effort, also they are very "samey" and the game overall is too short. The series is going backwards, and although the graphics are better than the first two in the series, I wouldn't recommend this game as a purchase without test playing it first.

Автор: parttime
I like this game a lot, it feels like a promising title and I am very pleased with purchasing it. I am not going to compare this with any "GTA" titles, because you are on different sides of the law. The biggest con is the limit to what Tanner can do. No rifles, knives or melee weapons, no drive-by shooting and long missions are the only downsides to this game that I could find. Everything else is outstanding.

Автор: delia
I have played "Driver 3" for about 6 hours and I loved it. The graphics are really good and I think it is better then "GTA", but on the downside, I think, Tanner should be able to run faster. But apart from that I loved it.

Автор: BJL
Now that I past the game, it is very boring. But, I still like it. Even though it doesn't have helicopter or extra missions in "Take a Ride". I still like it. The only thing that I didn't like was that you have to use both analogs, but I got used to it. One thing is, who the **** are those guys that get out of the car and shoot you out of nowhere?

Автор: Will
This game was very very very disappointing! For the Playstation 1 it might have been good, but competing with GTA 3 or GTA: VC it was never going to be half as good. The handling is totally unrealistic, especially the motorbikes. The amount of glitches is beyond belief. The car graphics are good, but I feel the cities are totally unrealistic and the cop and pedestrian A.I. is non existent. The movie sequences in undercover are good, but that is about it! I fully regret buying this game and would consider Atari to give me my money back for creating such a poor game!

Автор: Mad Brad
Tanner is back or is he? At the start of this great game it appears that Tanner is being rushed into a hospital where the doctors are desperately trying to save his life after a rather large shoot out between the police and his old enemy Jerico. Only moments later the life line rises and drops and goes flat. So the great mystery now is he dead or is he alive. I guess we will just have to wait and see in the next game that comes out. As far as the gameplay, I loved it. However, there are rooms for immprovement, but that is the same for every game. I think that any fan of the first two "Drivers" will be immpressed with this one. So, if you have not played it yet, then try it out.

Автор: stylin_babe
I really only bought this game because I have the first and second game and I'm a huge fan of Michelle Rodriguez (the voice of Calita.) I was very disappointed with the game, this game is no where near as good as any of the GTA's and isn't as good as people were saying it was in Playstation magazines. What really annoys me in this game is that people run away from you even if you haven't got a gun in your hand and controlling the man himself is really annoying!!! I agree with everyone that has rated this game 2 or less!

Автор: Lex
The worst game I ever played. Far away from GTA. Main character is very difficult and unrealistic in moving. Level of difficulty even from the first mission very hard - you chase a car, you break once and the mission has failed. GTA San Andreas was the best game and I am looking forward to the next coming GTA. Driver 3 will go for sale!

Автор: Luis
It was an OK game. I have played better games though. I wish you could do more things on it like shoot from your car or run. Tanner walks like a retard and he jumps as bad too. The graphics were really good though. The missions were good too, but I wish there were more. At the end Tanner dies I mean who would make a game were the main character dies! The cars are really nice I think. The motorcycles are hard to control. You take a turn on one of them and you skid out of control and fall off. I thought the game was fun but it had a few problems.

Why did I wait so long for a game that "feels" like such a rush job. If you have never played GTA, then you might be led into thinking that DRIV3R with it's amazing effects might be one of the best games around... But for those of us who HAVE played its rival GTA... the truth is too easy to hide. The missions in DRIV3R are too short, meaningless almost. And the handling of the cars sometimes too difficult to describe!

Автор: luke thornton
This game is amazing, it has fantastic graphics, great police A.I., wicked ford mustang style cars which sound great and the damage looks so realalistic! I love the fact that almost any part of the can take damage especially losing the wheels. It is so realistic. Undercover can be a bit frustrating, but overall provide great opportunities to have a classic car chase and then to turn it into a film sequence. Take a ride is great. And so is the quick chase and other mini games. Driver games are my fav!

Автор: Vic
I found it terrible, take a ride was boring with very little to do, the graphics sucked and the number of glitches/faults were unbelievable. AI was non-existent which I found incredibly annoying. One time I watched a pedestrian jump the height of a house then land, die, stand up again and finally die again??? It could have been an amazing game but as it happens... it wasn't.

Автор: cmrna
Driver 3 was a huge let down. The A.I. in the game is atrocious no matter what anyone says. The cops will drive over a cliff into the sea to try and get you. They are a bit smarter, but as soon as they get out of their cars they become very stupid. The controls while on the ground are horrendous and frustrating. The graphics are good while you are in the light but as soon as you enter a shadow everything just looks bad. The missions are equally as pathetic as the gameplay. Most consist of chasing someone on an impossible route through one of the three relatively boring cities. Atari even went as far as to make fun of GTA:VC's main character, "Tommy Vercetti". On the other hand I liked just driving around and the destructible cars were a nice addition. Overall I really wanted to enjoy Driver 3, but every time I tried to it flung feces in my face.

Автор: caveman
How do I say - it should never have left the lab. Cinematics are fantastic and the voices too, wow. Graphics - meets most standards. The cities are sizeable and leave me a bit overwhelmed facing a future in the industry. Boats are a good addition. I like the sun and Miami thing they got going and the jazz. However, gameplay is terrible, the character control is bulky, he gets stuck in between tables and walls, the physics seems mean to someone you know... he jumps like a ballet dancer trying to graze the ground, and when your player is stuck so is the camera, had me looking for grenades to blow him out of being stuck, aim of weapons is sluggish, no melee attack when close to enemies. And since when did driver walk and shoot, which isn't bad, but it looks as though someone wrote some code in their sleep and thought it would work. Honestly I can't understand how come it wasn.t tested was it? Overall disappointment made for corporate gain and not gamer fun. Next time just test it you'll see it can't possibly leave the lab, am selling my copy at a loss.

Автор: marcos
Savage game. Far better than any of the GTA games and Driver: Parallel Lines purely because it's more realistic. Driving dynamics of the cars are way better than any other games of the same genre. It's cool how you can drive old easily recognizable classics in it as well such as Ferraris, Aston Martins, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Challengers, and Lamborghinis from the 60s to the 80s. Ok, there are a few glitches, but they're only minor. Plus the levels are too short, if there were difficulty settings it would be better. One of the best things as you progress through the game from Miami to Nice to Istanbul is the driving parts become more difficult because of the nature of the infrastructure in each of the cities. Wide roads with right angle turns in Miami to increasingly narrow winding roads and very sharp turns in Nice and Istanbul. If they re-released this game with difficulty settings, better AI and better graphics on the ps3 or 360, it would destroy GTA, no question about it. But as it is, on the ps2 (don't know what it's like on other platforms), it's definitely one of the best games I own!

Автор: Lizzy
I loved the game, but altogether slightly disappointed. Better than the Drivers before it, but not as fun as GTA. I agree that it needs more better weapons, better missions and definitely a wider range of cars, I think the only decent vehicles are the motorbikes and the secret cars. I can't be bothered to say anything else but despite the cheesy and boring filled missions I actually like it. Oh and your reports are great!

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