Digimon World 4

Unlimited Bits and Items
     This  trick  requires  your  main  Digimon  as player one and any
Digimon  as  player  two. Give all your Bits to player two. Then, save
player  two at the Save Keeper. Next, have player two give all Bits to
player  one.  After  that,  have  player two quit the game at the Save
Keeper, but this time without saving. Then, go to Call Keeper and have
player  two  join in again with the same Digimon. Repeat this from the
beginning  until you have 9,999,999 bits, both in the bank and pocket.
You can also use this trick to duplicate items. This is very useful if
you want to give some rare weapons and armor to a friend.

Double Axe description
     The  game  states  that  Double  Axe  (all types) is a bash skill
weapon. However, when you use it you will gain the blunt skill.

Easy experience
     In  single  player mode, repeat the tutorial about fifteen times,
then  go  to  Death  Valley.  Once there, follow a path and fight some
Goburimon;  do  not go across the bridge. Follow the path up and fight
the  Goburimon.  They will give 10 experience points each. Break, then
get  the  Gate  Chip,  use  it,  and repeat. Additionally, go to Death
Valley,  then  to  the  Fortress.  When you are inside the guard room,
defeat everyone for 32 experience points per kill. After all the doors
open,  go  outside and enter the fortress again. This must be done two
or three times to reach the next level.

Easy tech ups
     After  you have unlocked the "Fortress" in Death Valley, whenever
you  need  to equip a new weapon that is too high in tech points, just
return to the Fortress and fight up and down the tower multiple times.
You will receive between 10 to 60 tech ups in one revolution.

     Reach level 16 with Guilmon.

     Successfully  complete  the  Undead Yard quest with Veemon or the
Item Road quest with Dorumon.

Defeating Aprokrimon
     First,  destroy  the  five  spike  balls on the posts around him,
avoiding  the  fire  shots  and wind blow. Whenever five flying things
come  to attack, just block. Do not try to jump on the area that he is
on,  as  you will get shocked. After the spike balls are destroyed, he
will  shoot  a  purple  attack  that  follows you. You must run around
trying  to  hit  him  without getting hit. Magic and a gun weapon work
well;  you  do not have to walk up to him, but they do smaller damage.
Physical attacks are more powerful, but you must risk getting close to

     Reach level 16 with Agumon.

     Reach level 16 with Veemon.

     Successfully  complete  the Undead Yard quest with Guilmon or the
Item Road quest with Agumon.

     Reach level 16 with Dorumon.

     Successfully  complete  the  Undead Yard quest with Agumon or the
Item Road quest with Guilmon.

     Successfully  complete  the Undead Yard quest with Dorumon or the
Item Road quest with Veemon. 

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