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Zeno Clash

Malstrum Mansion Code
     At the main menu, enter the following sequence: 
[Up], [Down], [Up], [Up], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Down], [Down].

Secret Easter Egg
     In  order  to get the secret, literal Easter Egg go to chapter 4: 
Corwid  of  the  Free. In the second scene, while you are in the cage, 
look at the tree behind and to the left of you if you were to face the 
large monster. The Easter Eggs are located under that tree.

Steam Achievements
     Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Almost Number One        Bring the Hunter down to 1 healthpoint 
                         in melee combat.

Animal Cruelty           Kill 50% of the harmless animals 
                         in the game.

Body Launcher            Throw an enemy into another.

Door Hater               Annoy the man behind the door.

Easter Egg               Find the secret easter egg.

Flame Master             Capture 30 fireballs with the torch.

Heavy Brawler            Defeat a heavy enemy without getting hit.

Light the Path           Ignite all pyres.

Metamoq's pupil          Learn all advanced combat techniques.

Monocrome Adventurer     Input the Malstrum's Mansion secret code.

Street Fighter           Beat the game without using weapons 
                         unless it is absolutely necessary.

Target Practice          Shoot 21 Mucalosaurus Worshippers from the boat.

Tower Champion 1         Complete Tower Challenge Number 1.

Tower Champion 2         Complete Tower Challenge Number 2.

Tower Champion 3         Complete Tower Challenge Number 3.

Tower Champion 4         Complete Tower Challenge Number 4.

Tower Champion 5         Complete Tower Challenge Number 5.

Untouchable              Land 50 deflect kicks.

Zenozoik Adventurer      Complete the game.

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Zeno ClashZeno ClashZeno ClashZeno Clash

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