Zak McKracken


     Pick  up fish bowl, open dresser drawer, pick up phone bill. Open
desk  drawer  and pick up KAZOO. Use the fish bowl with the lamp. Pick
up  torn  wallpaper. Use wallpaper on plastic card. Open door. Pick up
seat  cushion  next  to TV. Pick up other seat cushion. Pick up remote
control.  use  power  cord  with  power outlet. Use remote control and
watch.  Use remote control to turn it off again. Pick up butter knife,
open  cabinet, pick up box of crayons. Use Yellow crayon on torn wall-
paper. Pick up egg!!!. *

     Push  doorbell  3  times.  Pick  up bread. Sell bent butter knife
(Lou's  Loan  Shop). Buy wetsuit, toolkit, golf club, hat, noseglasses
and  ( guitar ) if you want. Open toolkit. Use wirecutters on bobbypin
sign.  Put  on noseglasses and hat. Give Phone bill to representative.
GO  HOME Use stale bread in sink, turn on switch, turn off switch. Use
money  wrench on pipe under sink. Pick up bread crumbs. Use KAZOO. Use
cash- card in cashcard reader.*

     Give  cashcard to devotee. GO PLANE. Pick up toilet paper and use
it  in  sink.  Turn  on  sink.  Push  call  button  and walk out. Open
microwave,  Use egg in microwave, Close microwave, turn on microwave (
egg  will  explode  ).  Pick  up  first seat cushion. Pick up lighter.
Search  all bins above seats till you find oxygen tank. Pick it up and
wait for plane to land or push Esc (on PC) to bypass this screen. Pick
up  tree branch. Give peanuts to two-headed squirrel in hole. Use tree
branch  on  loose dirt. GO HOLE. Pick up abandoned bird nest with golf
club.  Use  bird  nest  on  fire pit. Use tree branch on fire pit. Use
lighter on fire pit. Use yellow crayon on strange markings. GO IN. Use
remote control. Pick up blue crystal. Buy ticket to the San Francisco.
Use  blue  crystal  on drop slot (14th avenue) and wait. When the door
opens listen to what Annie has to say. *

     Move  zak  to  the bus and switch Annie. Pick up blotter. Pick up
cash-  card and go to the bus. Move both of them to the airport. Still
Annie. Buy ticket to London. GO LONDON. Switch back to Zak. Buy ticket
to  MIAMI. Give book to bum. Buy ticket to CAIRO. GO CAIRO. Buy ticket
to  KATMANDU. GO KATMANDU. Give book to guard. GO INSIDE. Walk to guru
and  listen to what he has to say. GO OUT. Use lighter on hay. Pick up
flag  pole. Use cash card on license plate ( it's on YAK ). Buy ticket
to  KINSHASA.  Walk  through  jungle  until  you  come  out of it (any
direction  will  do).  Give  golf  club  to  shaman.  Then he show you
something  inters-  ting.  They will dance around fire. When they stop
they  will  bob up and down. Make a note of order in witch they bob up
and down, you will need it later on MARS. Return to airport.*

     Buy ticket to CAIRO. There buy ticket to SAN FRANCISCO. There buy
ticket  to LIMA. Walk through jungle. Use bread crumbs on bird feeder.
Use  blue  crystal  on bird. Fly to right to huge carving, fly to left
eye.  Pick  up scroll. Give scroll to Zak. Then clik command "to zak".
Walk to jungle as quickly as possible. GO AIRPORT. Buy ticket to MEXI-
CO.  Walk through jungle. Choose any one of these three entrance: bot-
tom  left, top middle and bottom right. You will have to use the `what
is'  command  to  find  torches  to light, so you can see whre you are
going.  You  must  find  the room where the crystal shard is. When the
room  is found switch to Leslie. Open scape ship door and get in. Open
glove  comparment  and  pick  up fuse and cashcards. use oxygen valve.
pick  up digital audio tape (D.A.T.)go outside. Give Melissa her cash-

     Switch to Melissa. Get inside the ship and close door. use oxygen
valve.  Take off helmet and switch to Leslie. Walk to monolith (left).
Use  cashcard on slot. Wait for token to drop. GO INSIDE DOOR. Use to-
ken  on  metal  plate.  Pick up burnt fuse. Use fuse in fusebox. Close
mars  door.  Open hostel door. pick up vinyl tape from right-hand loc-
ker.  Open  it. Pick up flashlight. Pull covers. When she calms down a
bit,  pick up broom alien. Pick up ladder. GO OUTSIDE. Use broom alien
on  sand  outside hostel. Walk right to huge face. Use ladder on door.
Now push buttons in same combination as you saw in village, in KINSHA-
SA.  You  should  have  written them down. Door will now open. Pick up
ladder and walk to great chamber. Walk to second huge statue, and read
strange  markings.  Make  diagram  of  these markings, call them No 1.
Switch  back  to Zak, and use yellow crayon on strage markings on sta-
tue.  Now draw diagram you just drew ( No 1 ). When done click on "fi-
nished  drawing"  now  pick up shard. Find way back through the jungle
and to airport.*

     Buy  ticket to LONDON. Give Annie Scroll, Flagpole, Whiskey, Wire
cut- ters and both shards of crystal. Switch to Annie. Give Whiskey to
sentry.  Turn off switch. Use wire cutters on fence. Walk to Stonehed-
ge.  Use  both  bits  of crystal on altar stone. Use flagpole on altar
stone.  Now  read Scroll. Pick up crystal. Give yellow crystal to Zak.
Switch  to  Zak.  Buy ticket to MIAMI. Buy ticket to BERMUDA TRIANGLE.
Walk  to  plane. Wait around in plane for a while. The pilot has given
you  a  parachute.  Wait  some More. You are now inside an Alien space
ship.  Note  the colours the pilot presses on wall. You will need them
later. Push button. Walk back into King's room and read Lott-o-dictor,
note this number. Walk back to coloured button and press them in order
that you wrote down, walk to left of line on floor and wait! *

     Use  Parachute.  When  you  land  in  water,  Use KAZOO. Use blue
crystal  on  dolphin.  Swim underwater. Pick up seaweed ( Right ). You
should  now  see glowing device, pick this up and give it to zak. Wait
around  until  Alien  comes  alone  and takes you away to their srcret
room.  Wait  until  he  set  you free and wait again outside the phone
company shop. Walk yours bedroom. Pick up rug corner. Use money wrench
on  loose  boards. Use rope on hole. Go hole. Open cabinet (left). You
will found your artifacts. Return to your room. Make your way to Lou's
Loan  Shop. Buy Lotto ticket and enter number you wrote down the Alien
Space  ship.  GO OUTSIDE and switch Leslie. Walk to first massive door
on  left.  Use  ladder  on pedestal. Pick up crystal shpere. this will
open  massive  door. Pick up ladder and go in Turn on flashlight. Find
your  way  to  Generator  room, there turn on both switches until both
gauges are poi- ting to green pit. Then take off helmet. Now find your
way  to Map Room. When you get there, read strage markingson wall, and
make a diagram of them and call them No 2. *

     Switch  to Zak. Go in (shop). You should have won the Lotto.If it
hasn't  been  picked  just  wait outside for a while, then go back in.
Then  you have won $10.000. GO AIRPORT. Buy ticket to MIAMI. There buy
ticket  to  CAIRO. Walk outside and right until you come to Sphinx and
find  strange  markings on leg. Use yellow crayon on strange markings.
Now draw diagram No 2. GO IN. Make your way to secret panel room. When
you  get  there, switch to Annie. GO CAIRO and same place to Zak. When
you  are there, read hieroglyphics and push buttons on wall in the or-
der they say. Switch to Zak. Use crayon on wallpaper map. Read strange
markings  on wall, and make a diagram of them call them No 3. Buy tic-
ket  to  KINSHASA. Walk to shaman's hut and go in. Give yellow crystal
to  shaman  and listen. GO OUTSIDE. Use yellow crystal. Click on loca-
tion  of  Egypt witch is on middle right of map. You will now be tele-
ported  there. You are now in secret room at top of pyramid. Walk left
and  pull  lever on side of wall. Switch to Annie. Walk out to the Sp-
hinx  and  to the pyramid (left). GO IN. Use 'What Is' command to find
door.  Go  in.  Walk as far left as you can and use the 'What Is' com-
mand again to find stairs, and go up them. Pull lever on side of wall.
Switch to Zak.*

     Use  glowing  object  on  base. Use yellow crystal. Click on LIMA
loca-  tion, whick is on middle bottom of old map. Pick up candelabra.
Return  to Egypt. Use candelabra on glowing object. Put on wetsuit and
oxygen  tank.  Use duct tape on fish bowl. Put on taped fish bowl. Use
yellow  crystal.  Click  on  MARS  FACE  CHAMBER. Use yellow crayon on
strange  mar-  kings  and  draw  diagram  No 3. Make your way to great
chamber.  Walk left to landing site. Switch to Melissa. Put on helmet.
Pick up boombox, and open door. GO OUTSIDE. Switch to Zak. Enter space
ship  and close door. Take off "helmet" and oxygen tank and use oxygen
valve.  Switch to Melissa. Walk right to huge face and go inside. Walk
to  first mas- sive door. Now walk to pedestal. Switch to Leslie. Make
your  way  out of the maze. Give D.A.T. and vinyl tape to Melissa. Use
ladder  on pe- destal. Switch to Melissa. Use vinyl tape on D.A.T. Use
D.A.T. on boom box, turn on boombox, Click on record. Switch to Leslie
and pick up crystal sphere. Switch to Melissa. Now walk to second huge
door  and  Use  boombox  to  open  door.  Enter door and use 'What Is'
command  to find door. Pick up Ankh. Now return and walk third massive
door  and  open  it.  Now  find door inside like a before. Use Ankh on
panel. Push button on machine and listen. Pick up golden key. Walk now
to  the landing si- te and the monolith. Use cashcard on slot and take
token.  Switch  to Leslie and take her to Monolith. Use token on tram.
Switch  Melissa.  Use  token  on tram and wait what happend. Walk both
Melissa  and Leslie to Pyramid entrance. Get Leslie to use Broom Alien
on pile of sand. Switch to Zak.*

     Wear  your  Space  Suit and go Monolith. GO PYRAMID. Use bobbypin
sign  in  keyhole. Go in. Use 'What Is' command to find door and enter
it.  Walk  to  left as far as you can. Switch to Leslie. Find door and
walk  to  Sarcopharcus  feet  and push them. Switvh to Zak and walk to
stairs. Switch to Melissa and walk to stairs too. Switch to Leslie and
walk  away  from  feet.  Switch to Melissa and walk to box on wall use
golden  key  on  box. Push button. Switch to Zak and quickly get white
crystal  and  use yellow crystal. Click on Egypt location on map. Take
off your "Space Suit" and walk machine. Use ALL crystal on candelabra.
Turn  on  switch  on right of machine. Switch to Annie. Turn on switch
and LOOK.

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