There's no save game facility in X-Wing. If you can't avoid being
killed  or  captured try backing up your pilot file after each mission
by  copying  the  pilotname.PLT  file  to  a safe directory and then
copying it back into the XWING directory when you want to resume play.
To back up first make a subdirectory within the XWING directory. Type:

c: [Enter]
cd xwing [Enter]
md safe [Enter]
copy c:\xwing\*.plt c:\xwing\safe [Enter]
When you want to reuse a saved pilot file type:
copy c:\xwing\safe\*.plt c:\xwing [Enter]


     The dashboard on the cockpit view obscures your vision so use the
full screen view when dogfighting. However keep track of the condition
and  position of your shields when in this mode. Listen for the sounds
they  make  when  you  take  hits  to work out if they are high or low
shields and then after every hard hit press the [S] key three times to
redistribute your shield energy. This is the best way to renew heavily
damaged shields.

     Whenever  it's safe to do so always have your shields regenerated
at  maximum  power.  If you're being chased use the shields wisely and
concentrate  them  at  the  rear. Likewise put maximum power into your
lasers  in  a  dogfight  and  don't worry about loack of power to your
engines  - you're unlikely to need full thrust in a shoot-out. Another
tip: never use your missiles on TIE Fighters because on missions where
missiles  are  included  there are usually TIE Bombers about which are
far more important to destroy.

The Imperial forces:

     There  are a variety of tactics you must emply when combating the
different  types  of  ship  the Imperial forces use. Understanding and
using these tactics is essential to succeed at X-Wing. Check this out:

     TIE  Bombers  -  these are dangerous and should be blasted at all
costs  before  they  have a chance to release their load. They usually
head for large targets like corvettes and frigates and have a habit of
coming  in letting their bombs do the damage and then scarpering while
you're  concentrating  on  small  fry  like TIE Fighters. Bombers move
slowly  in  comparison with other TIE craft and thankfully they fly in
straight  lines  moving  deliberately towards their target so they are
easy  to get begind and shoot down. Because they don't weave about too
much  a  good  dousing  with your lasers is usually sufficient to take
them out.

     TIE Interceptors - these are deadly in a dogfight. They have four
cannons  at the front so head-on chicken runs should only be attempted
with  full  frontal  shielding. They can be taken out in much the same
way  as  Bombers but because they are much faster they are trickier to
catch  in  your laser fire. They usually head for smaller prey such as
shuttles  and  transporters  but  it's just as important to blast them
down before they get a chance to do much damage.

     TIE  Fighters  -  like bees these are just annoying when you come
across  one  on  its  own  but encounter a swarm of them and you're in
trouble.  Fighters  can be irritating because they try to distract you
when you should be concentrating on thwarting the offensive manoeuvres
of  Bombers  and  Interceptors.  There's  no  easy  way  of destroying
Fighters bar locking on to them and hounding them down until you get a
few  shots  in.  Fighters can be devious so don't follow them blindly.
They may be trying to lead you into danger.

     The  big ones - Transports are slow lumbering beasts that usually
only  contain  troops. Sometimes though they pack enough fire-power to
wipe you out so always approach them with care. Shuttles are not to be
taken  lightly  either.  They  have  superior  weapons  belying  their
innocuous  appearance. When attacking always go after them from behind
-  to  get  in  front  of them would be sheer folly. Forget about Star
Destroyers  and frigates unless you're in indestructable mode in which
case  it's  great  fun.  Should  you  come  across  two  capital ships
exchanging  broadsides  stay around and watch because it makes quite a
spectacle. Get in the way though and you're history because both ships
are indisciminate about whom they blast away at when they're engaged.

Incoming missiles:

     As  there  are  no  missile  avoidance  systems  to hlp cope with
missiles  you  have  to  rely  on  your wits and flying skills. When a
missile has been launched at you the PC gives you a verbal warning and
the option to lock on to it. Take this option - it is the only way you
can  keep  track  of its position. You must then fly like a wild thing
dodging  all  over the place in the hope that it won't get a lock. You
have  to keep this up until the missile runs out of steam or you get a
chance to shoot it down.


     Don't  assume  that  your  wingmen  are  doing their best for the
mission  - they have to be instructed to maximise their effectiveness.
To  amass  a  great  team of wingmen you can clone your own pilot file
with  DOS.  From  the  DOS  prompt  type:  copy c:\xwing\pilotname.plt
cfodd1.plt [Enter] Repeat this byt change the cfodd1.plt to cfodd2.plt
increasing  the number following cfodd by one each time until you have
enough clones. At least 10 copies of your pilot should be made so that
you  have  plenty  in  reserve. The next time your pilot significantly
increases  in  ability repeat the process updating your wingmen files.
Continue  like  this  and  you  find yourself with a powerful force of
fighters ready to take on the best the Empire can throw your way.


     Anyone  who's  played  X-Wing knows what a drag the first part of
the game is where you have to fly all the rebel ships through the Maze
to  get  promotion. Here is a way to complete this section with little
effort.  Enter the proving ground with your chosen ship and instead of
going  through  the  first gate press [\] to cut power to your engines
and stop dead. Do a 180-degree turn so you're facing the other way and
you  can  see  the  final  section  of three gates. Fly past them (not
through  them) and then on past the next section of gates. Stop and do
another  180-degree  turn  and  fly  back going through the gates this
time.  You  find  you  have completed the level and win loads of bonus
points because you've done it in a short space of time.

     To  complete the training section of the game you must go through
this  process  for  all eight levels using all three types of Alliance
ship  available  to  you  - the X-Wing the Y-Wing and the A-Wing. This
earns  you  a  batte patch which means you can go on to start the main
parts  of  the  game  and  you  are given a promotion. Plus you gain a
massive score!

     Of  course  you  don't actually have to play through the training
section at all if you don't want to because you can obtain your battle
patch  by completing the historical missions. But remember even though
they  are  more  fun  than the training ground they take far longer to


     Use a Hex editor to edit your .PLT files in X-Wing to make things
much easier. Use the Hex values detailed below to jump straight to the
final  level  and join in with the attack on the Death Star saving you
dozens  of  hours  playing through earlier levels. You won't last five
minutes  though  because  you won't have developed your skills through
the rest of the game. Still the choice is yours

Hex Offset:     Hex Value:      Description:
02              00              Normal Health
01                              Captured
02                              Killed
03              From 00 to 05   From Cadet to General in rank
04-07           Any             Tour of duty score
08-09           Any             Rookie number
0A              01              Corellian Cross
0B              01              Mantooine Medallion
0C              01              Star of Alderaan
26-29           Any             Maze score for X-Wing
2A-2D           Any             Maze score for Y-Wing                     
2E-31           Any             Maze score for A-Wing
86              From 00 to 08   Maze level completed X-Wing
87              From 00 to 08   Maze level completed Y-Wing
88              From 00 to 08   Maze level completed A-Wing
A0-A3           Any             X-Wing score for History mission 1
A4-B7           Any             X-Wing score for rest of History missions
E0-F7           Any             Y-Wing score for History missions 1-6
120-137         Any             A-Wing score for History missions 1-6
220-225         Place 01 in
                position to
                mission         History missions 1-6 complete for X-Wing
230-235         01              History missions 1-6 complete for Y-Wing
240-245         01              History missions 1-6 complete for A-Wing
2E0-2E2         00=Not active   Tour of Duty missions 1-3
2F0             From 00 to 0B   No of missions complete for Tour 1 (1-12)
2F1             From 00 to 0B   No of missions complete for Tour 2 (1-12)
2F2             From 00 to 0C   No of missions complete for Tour 3 (1-13)
2F8-3FB         Any             Score for Tour 1 - mission 1
2FC-327         Any             Score for Tour 1 - missions 2-12
25C-38B         Any             Score for Tour 2 - missions 1-12
3C0-3F3         Any             Score for Tour 3 - missions 1-13

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