Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Steam Achievements
Alexander The Worm
Play an online game on each new map and win, proving you’re the greatest general
Billy No Mates
Complete the single player story mode
Boom Shake The Worm
Win a round using only grenades and bazooka
Create a random map and have someone save it to their machine
Challenge Accepted
Take your first steps on the road to glory by completing the first challenge.
Clock Watching
Try and beat all the set times across all the challenges.
Credit To The Nation
Enjoy the game's credits from start to end
Davey Jones
Drown 50 worms all modes count
Davey Jones 2
Drown 20 Worms across any of the new maps
Dedicated Ranker
Can you rise to the challenge and win a ranked Deathmatch on every new map?
Doing It Solo
Complete all Single Player content (Story, Challenges & Tutorials)
Collect all the Easter Eggs hidden throughout the story mode
Embrace The Darkness
Win 10 games with the last hit coming from a sentry gun all modes count
Fan of The Arts
Collect all gallery images available
Feel The Power of The Darkside
Win a ranked match with two or more worms remaining on each new map
Finger of Death
Kill 5 worms using prod in ranked matches
Genghis Worm!
Kill a totatl of 600 worms (all modes count)
Glide Like A Worm
Glide using the parachute in one go for more than 25 seconds
Grave Digger
Kill a total of 200 worms (all modes count)
Halfway House
Reach the halfway point of the story mode
I am The Worminator
Kill more than 3 worms in one turn (ranked match only)
I Love New
Play each new map more than 5 times (all modes count)
If You Build It They Will Die
Inflict 2000 damage in total using weapon factory built weapons
Join Me Luke
Win a ranked Deathmatch on a new map with at least one worm ending with more health than they started with
Loves a Challenge
Complete all the challenges
Loves Company
Complete 10 online ranked matches
Mr Popular
Complete 5 four player games (online or offline)
Nick of Time
Complete one challenge under the required time
No Challenge At All
Complete the deathmatch challenge
Pimp My Worm
Creat a team of worms including custom clothes
Ranked Up
Win 10 online ranked matches
Purchase the Kitchen Sink game style
Slide into First
Complete any mission
Teacher's Pet
Complete the tutorials
Time Attacked
Beat all the times on the new challenges
Time For A Challenge
Complete all the challenges
Total Ranker
Win 50 online ranked matches across any 3 game styles
Kill a total of 400 worms all modes count

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