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Unlimited Starting Gold
     When  you  are  in  the town inn and create a party, you can pool
gold  to one of the characters who will then have 1200 gold pieces. It
is  important that you do not take this "Pooled Gold" character out of
the party. It should always say "Out on Adventure" for that character.
When  you  re-add  the newly created characters to the party, you will
discover  that  they  all have 200 gold pieces again! Pool Gold on the
same  character  that  you  pooled  gold  on before. Another 1000 gold
pieces. Remove then re-add. Pool Gold. +1000! Repeat as necessary.

Alternate Method
     After  a  little game play you should have a little bit of money.
Pool  this  money onto one character and take him/her into the Inn and
remove  him  from  the party. Then add him back and pool the gold onto
your  main  character  and remove the same character again. You can do
this  for  a  little  while say up to 50,000 or 100,000 gold pieces. I
suggest  at  this  amount  take  your full party outside and go to the
armory  and  give  the gold back to the same character as before. Then
take  your  party back into the Inn and remove him again, then add him
back  and  pool  gold  again  this  time it will increase by 50,000 or
100,000 each time instead of 1200 at a time.

Maxing Guild Rank
     To  easily  max  your guild rank in any guild you are currently a
member  of follow these steps: Complete a quest for the guild you want
to  raise  your  rank  in.  When  you return to your guild to get your
reward  and  the guild master begins to talk to you quickly click back
and  forth between the character who completed the quest and any other
character.  By doing this you can get the guild master to initiate the
'reward'  dialog  with  your  character multiple times before the game
actually  thinks  you  have  recieved your 'reward' and so you can get
multiple  guild advancements, gold rewards, and experience rewards for
the same quest this way. You can also do this with multiple characters
at  the  same time to raise multiple characters rank at once. When you
do  this  be  prepared  to  wait, dont leave the guild until the guild
master has stoped speaking.

Money Maker
     Enter the Bushi Dojo (pref with a member, but not necessary), buy
any  arrows then sell them back. e.g. Takekatsu Arrows ?450, then when
sold  back  you get ?1750 in return. If you are a member of the guild,
you  can buy them in special items and buy as many as you want, I made
over  ?1,  000, 000 gold in under 1 minute, by just buying and selling
these arrows.

Strength Increased The Easy Way
     After  invoking  the Amulets of holding, you can sell them to the
shops and buy them back, then invoke again. (remember only priests and
mages  can use these) My Mage is now 24 str and it only cost me ?5000,
but then I am rich now, because I sold my arrows.

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