Wing Commander 3

     While  in  spaceflight  mode  you can press [ALT]+[O] to access a
special  screen. From here, it's easy to help yourself to all sorts of
advantages:  you  can  make  your  ship  invulnerable;  deactivate the
collision  detection  and  alter  the skill level, detail level, video
mode and audio setup.


Enemy Craft:
Darket (light fighter):
     The  Darket is very easy to kill. When attacking a group of them,
you  may be able to destroy one or more on your first attack run; in a
faster  craft, lure them into a turning battle. Flying at about 300kps
should  allow  you to turn harder than him and hit him with deflection
shots.  His  shields  are  weak  and  should  fail quickly. In a heavy
fighter, fly slowly and lure him into a chicken run.

Dralthi 4 (medium fighter):
     The  Dralthi  is  even  easier  to  destroy. Most craft, with the
exception  of  the  longbow, should have no problem tailing it, due to
its  slow  rate  of  turn.  However,  light fighters such as the Arrow
should beware of its rear gun.

Paktahn (bomber):
     Difficult  to  destroy.  This is faster that you might expect and
extremely  well armed. However, it is remarkably easy to tail, and its
rear gun is not as effective as that of the Vaktoh.

Strakha (stealth fighter):
     Quite   hard  to  destroy.  Although  the  craft  itself  is  not
particularly good, its cloaking device renders it almost impossible to
tail.  The best way to destroy it is simply to wait until it un-cloaks
itself  in  front of your ship, which it often does. Remember, you can
hit  the  Strakha  while  it's cloaked, and the flash from its shields
should reveal where it is.

Sorthak (heavy fighter):
     Very  hard to destroy. The Sorthak is not encountered until later
on  in the game, and, when you see it, it is usually attacking capital
ships.  Even  so,  it  can  be  a  deadly opponent. To avoid its heavy
firepower, attack at high speed and from a variety of angles.

Asteroid fighter (heavy fighter):
     Fast,  well  armed,  and very difficult to destroy. When fighting
one, make sure that the wingman is attacking your target. Fortunately,
its shields are fairly weak.

     Destroy  its  weak  spots  before pulling round behind it for the
kill. Flying inside the ship is too dangerous by far.

     Well armed and armoured. If possible, torpedo it; otherwise, fire
a few missiles and concentrate on the weakened area of its shields.

Larger Ships:
     Larger ships, such as cruisers and carriers, can survive a direct
torpedo  hit.  Should  this occur, simply concentrate all your fire on
the damaged area.


     1. Locate the hard drive saved game directory, doubtless
called 'WC3'.
     2.  Using  a  hex  editor  such  as  PC Tools etc, edit the saved
mission  you wish to hack. Saved games are saved under files with .WSG
extension,  and  the  first  saved  game  is  listed  as  00000000.WSG
(assuming, that is, that you have saved a game first). Each subsequent
saved  game needs to be edited prior to flying the mission if you wish
to  increase or otherwise alter the weapons. Using the hack, up to 255
weapons can be carried in each hardpoint, making the game more even on
harder settings.

     Change   the  OFFSET/HEX  (below)  to  the  values  listed  under
'Weapons' (below) to change the selected weapon.


00 - Dumfire
01 - Heat Seak
02 - Image Recognition
03 - Fried or Foe
04 - Leech
05 - Torpedo
06 - Mine
07 - Trembler Bomb*
08 - Cloaking Device*
     *  Only  available  for Excalibur - try to use it on another ship
and the game will lock up.

1762    6E2
1794    702
1826    722
1858    742
Hellcat V:
1894    766
1926    786
Thunderbolt VII:
1962    7AA
1994    7CA
2026    7EA
2062    80E
2094    82E
2126    84E
2158    86E
2190    88E
2222    8AE
2390    956
2422    976
2454    996
2486    9B6

     Now  for more weapons japes. Change the following to 'FF' for 255
weapons in each hardpoint:

1758    6DE
1766    6E6
1790    6FE
1798    706
1822    71E
1830    726
Hellcat V:
1890    762
1898    76A
1922    782  
1930    78A
Thunderbolt VII:
1958    7A6
1966    7AE
1990    7C6
1998    7CE
2022    7E6
2030    7EE
2058    80A
2066    812
2090    82A
2098    832
2122    84A
2130    852
2154    86A
2162    872
2186    88A
2194    892
2218    8AA
2226    8B2
(only available later in game)
2386    952
2394    95A
2418    972
2426    97A
2450    992
2458    99A
2482    9B2
2490    9BA

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