Wing Commander 2

     Start  the  game by typing [WC2 Origin -k] instead of just [WC2].
The  [Origin -k] part is case sensitive so there must be a capital 'O'
and  lower case 'k'. This gives your ship permanently full shields and
if you press [ALT]+[DEL] together this destroys the currently targeted
enemy ship. This also works if you have targeted the Concordia or your
wingmen  so  be  careful.  The  cheat  also  works  with  the  Special

Playing tips:

     It's  not  just  invisible ships that you have to contend with in
WC2 the crafty cats have developed several other new fighters that you
have  to  watch  out  for:  The Jalkehi and Grikath are both extremely
heavy  ships  whith  an  awesome  array of forward-shooting guns - The
Jalkehi  has  a  particle cannon and four lasers the Grikath has three
neutron  guns.  But as well as the massive frontal firepower these two
ships  have  rear-mounted  gun  turrets  which  means it's not safe to
approach them from behind. This is bad news because you can't get in a
position  to  use  the  Javelin  heat-seeking  missiles so you have to
attack  the  heavy  fighters  from  the  side.  With  the  Jalkehi  in
particular  repeated  assaults  on its nose cone are effective because
you  don't  have  to  slog  away  at destroying all of its shields and
armour.  Because  these  enemy ships are so massive their acceleration
and manoeuvrability are severely impared which means all Confederation
fighters (with the possible exception of the Broadsword) can keep up.

     While you're tangling with the heavy fighters you inevitably come
across  the  Kilrathi's new stealth fighters. When you first meet them
it's disconcerting to have them appearing on your radar out of nowhere
blasting a few shots at you and disappearing in the blackness.

     The stealth fighters have one major weakness - the power required
for the cloaking device is drawn entirely from their shields. When the
stealth  fighter  first  becomes visible it has little or no shield so
loose off a few rapid shots and with a bit of luck you can get a quick

     Keep  a  sharp  eye on the radar so that you can turn yourself on
the  stealth  fighters  as soon as they appear. When they're invisible
never  fly  in  a  straight line because they always find it extremely
easy to maneouvre themselves into the perfect attacking position.

     Just  as  the Jalkehi and Girkath have rear gun turrets so do the
Confederations  Sabres and Broadswords - they're there for a reason so
learn  how  to  use  them.  It's  possible  to  tempt enemy ships into
attacking you from behind so you can switch to your rear guns and blow
them away. Kilrathi pilots have a tendency to chase anything that runs
away  so  turn away from the enemy hit full throttle and you soon find
the  enemy  sitting on your tail. All you have to do is switch to your
rear guns and let 'em have it.

     If  you  want  to win in Wing Commander II which obviously you do
(unless  of  course  you  want  the  game to last forever) you have to
destroy  loads  of  Kilrathi capital ships. And if you want to do that
you  first have to learn how to use the torpedoes. Their effectiveness
depends  upon  the range they're fired from - the closer to the target
you  get before you release them - the more powerful the blast is when
they  explode. Because torpedoes fly so slowly they can easily be shot
down  the  capital ships' flak cannons so there's another incentive to
get in close to the target before releasing them.

     It  takes  a  long time for a torpedo to get a lock on its traget
which means that you have to sit still and use the turret guns to fend
off  Kilrathi  fighters.  You should destroy all enemy fighters before
starting  a torpedo run because you're easy to pick off when flying in
a straight line towards the target. When you've got rid of them all go
to  a  range of 8,000 to 10,000 metres. Select the torpedo and lock on
the  target  ship. It takes about twenty seconds to get a full lock so
cut  engines or move slowly until the lock sequence has finished. When
you've got a lock hit full power and go straight for the capital ship.
Launch the weapon when you're 2,000 metres away and hope it hits. Even
if  you  do  this the torpedo might still get shot down but if it does
you just have to try try and try again.

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