Wild Ride

     First  of all, there is a fairly accurate list of moves which the
various  surfers can do, and the special powers. It's from memory, but
should be pretty well entirely correct.

Tricks and what they do:

Up and the trick button:

// ollie for alana - jump over stuff (really hard to do) or land
on the top of the wave to do a floater for extra points

// headstand for bucky - slowly repair damage to board
(in contest mode only)

// hang ten for lee - gravity has only half the normal effect
during his air

// arch for sandy - can go though the break

// kickflip for todd - jump over stuff (really hard to do) or
land on the top of the wave to do a floater for extra points

// luge for vic - can go through the break

Down and the trick button:

// duck for alana - slowly repair damage to board
(in contest mode only)

// scorpion for bucky - summons the UFO (semjase) if held!!!
- there is more chance of this working if you are in the air.

// quasimodo for lee - slowly repair damage to board
(in contest mode only)

// split headstand for sandy - slowly repairs damage to board
(in contest mode only)

// noseride for todd - slowly repairs damage to board
(in contest mode only)

// duck for vic - slowly repairs damage to board
(in contest mode only)

Right or left and the trick button:

// 360 slide for alana

// 360 slide for bucky

// walkaround from for lee

// kick for sandy

// powerslide for todd - if held, this will slow you down,
but you can slide around obstacles.

// 360 slide for vic

How to get more points:

     - All trick-button tricks give you a bunch of points depending on
how long you hold them.
     - Do airs
     -  Do  spins  in the air - the more spins you do, the more points
it's worth. And using the trick button does NOT help this value at all
as it is scored separately. To really spin, haul ass accross the wave,
and  just  before  you  launch,  hold  down  the  turning button and a
direction.  Work  on timing out the landings. You should be able to do
at least a 900 with every surfer in this manner. Do lots of these in a
row for quick points.
     - Go though the tube, and do tricks while you are in it
     - Go under the pier and the oil rig
     -  Don't  hit  the  dolphin!  (this costs you a lot of points and
hurts your board)
     -  Try  to  stay  on  your board (wiping out costs you points and
hurts your board)
     -  Hit the UFO - this gives you a lot of points(7500), but causes
everyone  but  bucky  (who  doesn't get near as many points - 1000, or
2000 if he is doing the scorpion at the time) to wipe out.

How to get crazy amounts of points:

     - Air over the pier at the end of your run (hard) - 10000 points
     - Air over the break (hard) - 10000 points
     - Air over the oil rig (bloody impossible!) - 20000 points
     -  If  you time it right, you can air over just the corner of any
of  these  and  get the full amount of points! This is the only way to
clear the oil rig that I know of.

Other notes:

     - When the UFO is over top of you, all scores are doubled!
     - If you do a trick in the air, it's score value is doubled!
     -  Bucky  can 'bounce' off of the UFO without wiping out. This is
one of the only ways to do a ridiculous insane! (2 900s)
     -  In  contest  mode,  wiping  out damages your board. Especially
bouncing all the way across the oil rig.
     -  Each character plays different. They all have different speed,
acceleration,  and steering capabilities, which become impaired as the
board condition worsens.
     - Save your game after every run, you never know when you'll have
a crappy run.
     -  Watch  the  timer!  Important  stuff like the pier, oilrig and
breaks happen at the same time, every time. Use this knowledge to your

Surfer Stats:

turnability - the speed at which the surfer can turn
acceleration - the rate at which the surfer can pick up speed
top speed - the surfers top speed
traction - the amount of sideways slide the surfer experiences
during sharp turns in inversely related to this attribute,
and this also has a small amount to do with their ability
to land a big air

     Please  note  that  sometimes  a  high  value  in a stat can work
against  you,  so  the  following  chart  may  be a little misleading.
Although  it  may seem that the points are distributed unfairly in the
below chart, all of the surfers behave uniquely in certain situations.
The  highest  scores  are  not always achieved with Bucky or Lee, I've
seen  all  of  the surfers decimate the 30000 point mark on one run at
one time or another. And without cheating, either.

        // turnability 6
        // acceleration 6
        // top speed 7
        // traction 5
        // turnability 7
        // acceleration 7
        // top speed 7
        // traction 6
        // turnability 5
        // acceleration 5
        // top speed 9
        // traction 3
        // turnability 7
        // acceleration 5
        // top speed 6
        // traction 6
        // turnability 5
        // acceleration 6
        // top speed 7
        // traction 9
        // turnability 6
        // acceleration 6
        // top speed 7
        // traction 6


     Well, I suppose now that you have read all this, you have decided
that  you  still want to know the cheats. Well, there are some. at any
time during your game, type:


     exactly  like  that, with the exclaimation mark. Now a dialog box
will  pop up. This is leroy, our friend who will help you out when you
need it. Here's what he can do for you:

re-entry ->  You got kicked out of that contest?  No problem.
             He'll pay off the judges and let you back in.

extra-life->  Running low on runs in thrash mode?
              Once again no problem.

score->  Want some free points?  go ahead.

summon semjase->  How's about inviting that UFO over to have some fun?

cheat keys numpad->  Enable the use of the in-game cheat keys on the
                     number pad.  More about them later.

beach nav mode->  Screws up the beach scene navigation, making in
                  navigatable in a way similiar to doom.
                  You cannot actually do anything in this mode.

tron mode->  The name speaks for itself.

Try clicking on leroy himself for some better info on the music on the cd.

Numpad Cheat Keys:

numpad9 - speed up
numpad3 - slow down
numpad1 - wipe out
numpad2 - wipe out and lose a life

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