Wayne's World


Wayne's house:
pick up hockey stick:
use stairs (to go to car)

go to junk mart:
go to junk mart
talk to clerk
wayne purchases scratch-n-win ticket
give ticket to clerk and get sugar munchie bar
use exit (to go to car)

go to inventions 'r us:
give wayne's money to garth
(to purchase jaw breakers later on at junk mart)
pull screen (professor will come out)
talk to garth(garth will do tongue tricks)
while garth is showing tricks, wayne must pull lever by mice
pull screen
open safe (behind screen)
take remote control (in safe)
take suck cut (by door)
use exit door (to go to car)

go to cassandra's loft:
suggest to cassandra to work at pizza-thon
state you will help her get out of her contract
use exit door (to go to car)

go to channel 35 studio:
look at windows
use middle window (to enter dressing room)
inside dressing room
pick up cape
pick up top hat
use window (to exit room)
use door (to enter channel 35 building)

inside channel 35:
use door (far right)
play name that babe (you cannot lose -- win rome trip)
use exit door (to go outside)
use car (mirthmobile)

go to pepe roni's pizza parlor:
give rome airline ticket to pepe (won from gameshow)
he will give you lucky sausage
use hallway (in back of restuarant)
inside kitchen
pick up slice of cheese pizza (on table)
pick up loose tube (against back wall)
use exit (to restaurant)

inside pepe roni's pizza parlor:
use exit door (to go to car)

go to ad agency:
talk to boss (he will give you business cards)
use exit door (to go to car)

go to eugene's video emporium:
give cape to man at entrance
give top hat to man at entrance
ask man at entrance to perform pizza-thon
talk to man behind counter (eugene)
ask eugene to donate equipment for pizza-thon
tell eugene you will alter contracts for you
use exit door (to go to car)

go to unemployment office:
talk to man sitting in chair (bottom left)
ask man what he does for a living
ask man for a favor (you will use business cards)
lawyer will alter contracts for you
use exit door ( to go to car)

go to junk mart:
make garth talk to clerk
garth must purchase jaw breakers
pick up jaw breakers
use exit door (to go to car)

go to donut shop:
give sugar munch bar to biker (he will give you as chain)
ask biker to assist in pizza-thon
use exit door (to go to car)

go to ad agency:
use drum stick on castle door
use slice of cheese pizza on castle
use chain on shade (next to castel)
use chain on drum stick
use loose tube on shade
mouse will be caught and agency will advertise you
use exit door

go to gilligan's groceries:
go to right of screen
talk to gilligan (ask why so glum)
use remote control on robot
go into warehouse and pick up potato chip (green circle on floor)
use exit door (to go outside)
use car (mirthmobile)

go to cable 10 community access:
use stairs (to enter building)
talk to man in chair
ask about available air time
use exit door (to go outside)
use car (mirthmobile)

channel 35 studio:
use door (to enter building)
use door to enter show (far right of screen)
after show, talk to cecil
use exit door (to go outside)
pizza-thon should now begin

after pizza-thon:
use door (to leave pizza parlor)

go to gilliagan's groceries:
go to right of screen
use warehouse entrance
talk to man in warehouse
ask to get medication
use exit door (to go outside)
use car (mirthmobile)

go to mayor's house:
give medication to mayor
mayor will give you $15
use hallway (until you reach the den)
pick up map from desk
use hallway (to reach door)
exit house

go to donut shop:
talk to lady (behind counter)
state that you do not like fresh donuts
buy a box of day-old donuts
she will give you a box and add an extra donut
pick up a box of donuts and single donut from table
use exit door

go to inventions r' us:
use single donut on machine
professor will disappear
pick up extension cable (plugged in wall)
use exit door (to go to car)

go to city hall:
use door (to enter building)
talk to maintenance worker
offer box of donuts (he will offer plungers)
pick up plungers from cart
use door to office (left)
pick up memo (from desk)
look at monitor
use door (to exit office)
use elevator (to leave building)
use car (mirthmobile)

go to cindi's house:
give lucky sausage to dog
take rope on beam above window
use hockey stick on rope
use (garth) on hockey stick
pull (wayne) on rope
use car (mirthmobile)

go to city hall:
give plungers and extension cable to garth
use (garth) plungers on lamp post
use (garth) extension cable on outlet (on lamp post)
use (wayne) suck cut in extension cable
use (wayne) suck cut on fountain
pick up manhole cover
use entrance to sewers

inside sewer:
go to the following places in order

from main entrance to reptile room:
talk to reptile (he will give you a squirt gun)

back to main entrance:

from main entrance to laboratory:
pick up acid beaker from table
use acid on squirt gun

back to main entrance:

from main entrance to sleeping guard room:
**use squirt gun on hinges
pick up lunch box (next to gaurd)

back to main entrance:
talk to man in towel and state you found lunch box
open locker on left
pick up pass card

back to main entrance:

from entrance go to secret safe room:
take the test
questioning remember: choose the answer corresponding to the key word in
one for the money
two for the show
three to get ready
four to go
go to safe
push on safe combination 4x,pull 5x,push 4x,pull 8x, push 1x, pull 8x
push on handle
pick up money
pick up keys
leave room

back to main entrance:

from main entrance to drag's equipment room:
you don't have anything, just know where it is
back to main entrance

from main entrance to prison:
talk to cassandra
state you need help
state you found money
state you know where drag is transmitting from
use key on jail cell

you will now appear in the equipment room:
use garth on wayne (garth will jump on wayne)
use cassandra (she will jump on garth)
pull cloth (above cassandra)
leave room and ascend to entrance

you will appear in the mayors house and the game is won!

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