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Warzone 2100

Various cheats
     While  playing  a game, press T, type one of the following codes,
then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note:
These codes will only work in v1.01 of the game.

Cheat code:             Effect:
hallo mein schatz       Mission skip
work harder             All active research completed
double up               All units twice as powerful
get off my land         Kill all enemy units on map
kill selected           Kill selected units
show me the power       1000 extra power
time toggle             Toggle mission timer
timedemo                View frame rate and graphics engine data
easy                    Easy difficulty level
normal                  Normal difficulty level
hard                    Hard difficulty level
version                 View game compilation date


     The  scenarios  are  filled  with  lots of base assaults and very
nested  defenses.  As  soon as you get the chance, create an artillery
group  slaved  to  a  sensor  vehicle  and  use  it  to bombard static
defenses.  Have  an  antitank  group  close  at  hand  to protect your
artillery when the AI charges out to kill the artillery group.

     Defending  against  assaults is the other big scenario challenge.
When  you establish your new base area at the beginning of each of the
three  campaigns,  start  building up defenses slowly around your main
base,  around  oil  wells, and at natural choke points. Build when you
have  the extra resources lying around--and keep doing so, because you
will need the added units eventually.

     Learn  how to use the dreaded clock timer to your advantage. Stop
just  short  of  the scenario victory condition and let your resources
pile  up as the clock runs down. You can also use the time to build up
your  forces  and  defenses.  Just  don't  wait  too long and blow the

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Автор: Sintetik
Довольно-таки хорошая трехмерная игра, идет даже под "XP". Захватывающий сюжет, хорошая графика. Единственный минус - мало вооружений (на playstation больше), а в остальном все цимус!

Ну, если что непонятно по игре - спрашивайте...

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