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Warlords 2


     At  the bottom of the screen, there is a pile of gold, city, etc.
displaying  your  current stats. If you click on these, strange things
happen, most commonly the following:

     After moving or using one of your units, it merely reselects that
unit  usually.  If  you haven't selected any units yet, and you get an
enemy  army,  it  will sometimes (about 15%-25%) select the enemy unit
for  you to control (including neutrals, though you can't do much with
them)  For  the  remainder of the times (I'm not sure what you have to
do-  just  experiment),  it  has  done  other  strange things, such as
inverting  the  screen  colors,  showing  where enemy units are in the
black area, and giving phantom Strength 39, Movement 18 Centurions (no
matter what army set). Some other things may happen- I've been playing
around with it for a while now.

     Note: doing this has occasionally locked up my computer.

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