Warhammer: Dark Omen

Various cheats
     From the main screen, type the following. You should hear a sound
to verify the code was typed in correctly.

fudgeislush = Enables 'Troop Roster' Cheats.

Once enabled, use any of the following:

Cheat code:             Effect:
CTRL-C-G                adds 1000 gc to cash.
CTRL-C-T                subtracts 1000 gc from cash.
CTRL-C-E                increases selected unit's experience.
CTRL-C-U                makes selected unit unbreakable in combat.

dontmesswithme = Enables the following book cheats:

Cheat code:             Effect:
CTRL-C-M                gives you the full quota of magic items.
CTRL-C-F                gives every unit full XP.

bringemon = Enables 'In Battle' Cheats.
Once enabled, use any of the following:

     Hold CTRL to enable selection of enemy units. FUN FUN FUN !!! You
can't  tell  them  to  charge to attack other enemy units, but you can
halt  them in their tracks, cast their spells and fire their missiles!
Muhahahahaaaaa!  Hold  K while firing to make missile fire by selected
unit 100% accurate Press W to increase magic points to MAX

overbychristmas = Enables more In Battle Cheats.

     Once  enabled,  press  F12  to auto win any misson (press once or
twice).  (Make sure you don't use it on the last battle or you'll miss
the cutscene.)

Cheat code:       Effect:
squarewindow      Places a magnifier at the top right of the screen.
smeghead          Makes the 3D heads turn into pinheads!
blackmarket       Makes magic items available in unlimited quantities in
                  multiplayer mode.
bennyhill         Activates fast action battle mode. Especially fast for
                  powerful processor comps.
thelivinggem      Goto point in campaign. (At Great Forest 1 (just before
                  wight battle))
handyman          Goto point in campaign. (Point where you meet Urgat)
ridethestorm      Goto point in campaign. (Point where you meet Azguz the
                  second time)
youandi           Plays cutscene, then goes to a point in campaign. (Just
                  before end mission)
ohdear            Plays death animation
welcome           Plays intro animation
groovetown        Plays first mission animation
lightreading      Plays Liber Mortis animation
smallpebble       Plays Jewel Of Morrslieb animation
badbreath         Plays Hand Of Nagash animation
whitegrail        Plays Black Grail animation
atimetofight      Plays Long March animation
wewontheday       Plays final movie
credits           Shows the credits.

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