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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War

Автор: Kaleldakitty
Beautiful, extremely beautiful, but dull, extremely dull. Essentially a tank rush game, build your base, rush the enemy and repeat this for the entire single player campaign.
The ability to reinforce while engaged in battle also makes it an extremely easy game. It leaves little room for actual strategy, and nor is much needed. Think "Starcraft" without the aerial units but better graphics, a dumbed down story, for hardcore fans of the tabletop game only.

Автор: John Doe
Try playing multiplayer or skirmish on "harder" and tell me that "DOW" is an "easy", "tank rush game"!

The loser above probably got mopped up in multiplayer and feels bitter about it.

The graphics are intense, the game is extremely well balanced out of the box, and there are 3 different levels of unit armor and umpteen different weapon categories that effectively counter each other (and add depth). Mobility is also a factor in "Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War", crossing terrain that your enemies cannot and robbing them of strategic points.

Think "Starcraft" extract with better graphics where resource gathering is replaced by even more bloodshed.

Автор: lucasdigital
"WH40k: Dawn of War@ is a brilliant addition to the realtime strategy stable.

The style and theme echos "Starcraft" very closely, but then "Starcraft" always did owe a lot to the 40k universe.

Yes, the campaign is rather short, and you never feel like your not going to win in the end. However, as soon as you play scrimish on or off-line, the game turns up two notches.

There's as much depth of strategy going on here as in "Starcraft". The ability to re-inforce units is a great feature. The implementation of cover is another great feature. Now maps are more than just routes to targets, its a potential weapon in your battle.

The options for upgrading heavy weapons gives you the ability to radically shift the capabilities of basic units, adding much to the pot.

When "Relic" deliver the editing tools this game will become a classic.

Автор: SK
Really, a well planned strategic game, I liked it a lot! Yes, I hoped to play an all strategic game (like the tabletop one, without bases and points to create troops), but it's a great game however. And for the "tank rush" written above - I used to win with 4 troops without losing more than 10 men every game. Depends on the choice, specialize your troops!

Автор: Arcane
Jes shure, tabletop fans will rejoice. But not only them - people like me who thought the table battle game was dull, look at "Dawn of War" and go wild! The ability to paint your own scheem. To use cover as you move along the battle field, etc... just such a cool game. Just takes "Starcraft" to the next level!

Автор: Arteros
I used to play 40k tabletop and I always imagined what it would be like to watch one of those tabletop battles in real time. Now I can do just that. And if you compare it to "Starcraft"... Yeah, "Starcraft" always did owe alot to the 40k universe. "Starcraft" also had a fixed view without the flexibility allowed in "Dawn of War" (not to mention the graphics which have been mentioned already).

I'm looking forward to expansions and other races a great deal.

I just wish it was possible to zoom out more than the max. The view is kind of limited in that way, but I really enjoy being able to see on both sides of the charge.

Автор: ADestroy88
Wicked game, wicked units, loads and loads of weapon choices. Even with the same players, the same races each battle you need a new strategy.

Автор: Mastro
Having been one of those people who has never even seen the "Warhammer 40K" idea before "Dawn of War" came out, I can honestly say "This game has got me hooked".
The flexibility of units is what makes it apart from the others of similar make-up.

Автор: DC_Ross_Dark
One word sums this game up: "Awesome"!

Not only does it put a smile on all the WH40K players who have been forever waiting for a good Warhammer title, it also gives great gameplay to even newbies on the WH40k scene and even the RTS genre altogether!

Great game, buy it!

Автор: lynx
I am an avid 40k table top gamer and play 2 of the 4 races included in DoW, Space Marines and Eldar. Something had to be changed to make this game computer compatible, certain units left out, but it very closely resembles it, and I LOVE IT!

Автор: Ozymandias
This game is definitely one of my favorites. The campaign mode is too easy and boring, but playing on the internet verse other people is a lot of fun. You should try playing online if you havent tried yet and bored with the dull campaignes.

Автор: Jmarotc
I have been an avid player of the "Warhammer 40K" tabletop game, and like many fans I have been waiting for a RTS based on the tabletop version. I can say that I was not disappointed. The graphics are awesome, and the use of cover adds another dimension. Also, not having to deal with resource gathering, made it so the player can focus on what is important - battle. The only thing missing from this game were the other races like the Tau, Necron, Tyranids, and the Imperial Guard as an independent playable race.

Автор: DarkmanBH
Great game, grabbed my attention right away, and kept it for a long time. However, it's no "WarCraft 3", but it does have it's perks. The only thing that keeps this game from collecting dust is an editor. The lack of multi-player maps is a real downer, limiting the capabilities of the game.

Автор: Blackthorne
Played the table top version a couple of years ago. A friend of mine had the entire Eldar Army and had it painted to perfection. To see the Eldar in the game was awesome. I think it would be better though if you could campaign with more than the space marines that was disappointing! Game play as a whole though was great and I really like the aspect that Relics added. Look forward to beating all the chumps online in skirmish.

Автор: fdpugh
While I do not find the typical RTS game even playable, this one has had me hooked. I did not care for Warcraft 3 and was sorry I purchased it at its release considering the price... I am not sorry about this with "Down of War". This game is fairly flexible - you are able to customize your troops to fit your tactics. Yes the campaign is a bit dull, but it is meant as an introduction only. I am sure that modders and perhaps the developers will release expansions too it... it seems to be very successful so far! Only downside - my hardware is a bit underpowered (and only 2 years old!).

Автор: luquan
Graphics are good, especially the ability to get down to eye level with the units and observe the battles that way, very fun if not practical. I must agree though with the first poster above about it mostly being a rushing type game, and the storyline for the single player campaign was weak. I'm glad they didn't continue to give you a playable campaign for the other races as well, considering how little they seemed to care about providing a decent story for the space marines. I also don't see how in general this game is more strategically significant than other real time strategy games. Nevertheless I have experienced many hours of enjoyment from this game, and one interesting feature is that on skirmish mode you may observe the progress of the battle between computer players even after you are eliminated, I know of no other RTS game that allows that.

Автор: hooked
"Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War" is definitely one of the best games I played. Unfortunately, I think the campaign is rather short and with basic storyline. But play in skirmish mode and it's good. The variety of races and different strategies used to defeat them is also good. A must-buy!

Автор: RTS
I never really liked RTS games until I played Dawn of War. Graphics are fantastic. The single player is so so, but the skirmish mode is very good. Plenty of strategic thinking is involved in the game. The use of morale is something that happens in real war. Great skirmish mode.

Автор: le_Achilles
Well, I have now played the game for a few months and am hooked; it even slowed my Call of Duty craze. I used to be a bit into the tabletop, but found it too tiresome to wait for things to happen, and soon got bored and sold my models. This game is a great way to save money, not have to leave the comfort of your own house, if you don't like or can't afford to paint, and it moves relatively fast, so no boring hours of waiting for some guy to make his 6 inch move.

Автор: pyscho_gamer
The game really changes your opinion on other games. Oh yeah it's just among a base and fighting but, the 3-D graphics change it and how to reinforce your men. Example, you can make a whole army of space marine flamethrowers or missle launchers or plasma gun or heavy bolters or a combo of them. The heavy armor of the spacemarines are the best ones there. The predator is a powerful tank with laser cannon upgrades. The dreadnought is my fav, he is the most deadliest walker unit and it's uncle the Hellfire Dreadnought, an anti armor walker unit with a laser upgrade. The Whirlwind is the most accurate artillery compared to the others. And last but not least (mostly fav) is the land raider, it carries man and as well the machine gun is just like the land raiders secondary gun and laser upgrades like the Predators side links. The Land Raider has three armored vehicles in one! PEACE OUT, LOVE WARHAMMER, WISH THERE WAS A FAN CLUB!!!

Автор: Marneus
This game took my breath away. It had one of the best intros I have ever seen in my entire life, the graphics to the game itself were phenomenal, and the battle scenes were great (watch the Force commander and Bloodletter battle, it's epic). Unfortunately I didn't like the lack of variety, you could only have four different types of troops and somewhere around six different types of tanks playing as Space Marines. The battle scenes were somewhat hectic though, they were full of moving, massing bodies, which made it hard to watch individual swordfights and duels. One thing that I liked supremely is that, if you pay attention, the soldiers don't always hit their mark. They will fire off a few tracers and you can see one or two hitting a building or tree behind them. A must-buy for any RTS or 40K fans.

Автор: Spudders
I used to play the tabletop game, but after a while it got a bit time consuming, and very expensive. DOW is perfect as it allows you to play with the little plastic guys without forking out a fortune to do so. Also its great seeing them hack each other to pieces in such detail!

Автор: ExtremePhillip
I used to play Starcraft a lot because of the futuristic battles. Games like Rome Total War are good, but I don't like the ancient theme, and the battles can be boring.
Dawn of War is like a futuristic Rome Total War (or perhaps a better-detailed Starcraft), and there's just something about seeing a Hellfire Dreadnaught march into a wall of enemies, firing missiles into the distance, and shredding enemies with its Lascannon that I find hilarious and awesome!

Автор: ome_Guy34
Well, as far as I am concerned, it is a good edition for those of us who think Warhammer 40k is interesting, but do not want to go out and spend about $500 or more to bulid an army, paint it, then make a battlefield, then have to pack it all up to go play someone for 1 and a half hours, then go home and repeat. BTW, "Starcraft" is about 7 years old so you can't expect miracles with the graphics.

Автор: BiogenicMonkey
A few years ago I had a small collection of Space Marines, yet this collection slowly dwindled to nothing as Warhammer 40K is an expensive hobby for an 11 year old with not much income! When I saw this game I was astounded, from the intro movie, with the orks being slaughtered, I was hooked! The thing I noticed about this game, is that it is built on a similar engine to Age of Mythology, an e.g is the FC's sword swiping, sending enemies flying etc. Overall this is a fantastic game to buy/play if you're into 40K or RTS... Would like to see more campaigns for different races though... Dark Eldar and Tyranid!

Автор: Burningmace
I love all RTS games, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War tops them all. You get 4 factions, each with completely different styles. The way the battle unfolds is realistic and the missions are challenging. The building animations for Chaos are insane! It looks like they get pulled from the depths of hell. Of course, nothing can beat the huge Eldar warrior unit that looks like he's made of lava!

I play Warhammer 40K for a few years (Chaos, Marines and Tau), but I always wondered why there are no Wh40k RTS... Until I heard of DOW. A friend of mine bought it, and the first time I played it the intro was the first thing to astonish me. I had never seen such an intro in a RTS game, it is really great! Then the game itself: the graphics are great, and, combined with the 360 camera and zoom, you can really see the details of the units and landscapes. But what I like most about DOW is the action: a fight is truly chaotic, it's so cool! You can hear troops screams, you can see flashes and explosions everywhere. The campaign was a little disappointing: only playable with space marines, and the story is odd and short. What I liked about the gameplay were the things like cover, morale, but most of all the strategic points. As these points give you resources, you have battles all over the map (for the sp's), even in the beginning of the game. In this way you are lured outside instead of just building a base, building your army. After playing it once I decided to buy my own version... And it kept me going for hours!

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