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Cheat Codes

     Simply  hit  Enter/Return and type out the cheat phrase, then hit
Return/Enter again. Thats it!! No editing of saved games is required.

Pot of Gold             adds 10000 gold and 5000 lumber
Eye of Newt             updates magic-users with all spells!!
Sally Shears            reveals entire map
Iron Forge              update all technology instantly!!
Hurry up Guys           speeds building of units and buildings

     The  following  are  used  in only single-player games and should
type Corwin of Amber to activate the below code.

There can be only one   all units are invincible (except for a catapult 
                        hit). Your units are also able to kick 
                        major butt!!!!
Yours truly             takes you to victory sequence
Crushing defeat         takes you to loss sequence
Ides of March           takes you to final sequence in current campaign
Corwin of Amber         find out what it does

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