Wages of War

     By  pressing  2 and clicking on map location, you will get mortar
attack even if the mission you are playing doesn`t use it.
     Best used by last man on team.

     In  order  to activate cheat codes, you must first have caps lock
on and hit the "enter" key. If you make a mistake typing a cheat code,
you  can  always  hit  "enter" to clean the cheat code buffer and type
again.  If  there  is a space in the cheat code, you must also type in
the space.

     To  turn  cheat code mode on, type "BLOOD MONEY". This will allow
you  to  put  in  cheat codes but will also allow all you to see enemy

     Typing  "BLOOD  MONEY"  again  will turn cheat code mode off. Any
cheat  codes put in will remain in effect, but you will not be able to
activate any more until you turn the cheats on again.

BLOOD MONEY          Activate cheat codes
ADJECTIVES           Max out all mercs
BILL                 Max out current merc
VERB                 Extra ammo
LIBERTY              All weapons and max stats
FILL MAGAZINE        Abdul's magazine gets two of everything
ELBOW ROOM           999 action points
NOUN                 Max health
DEADMAN              Kill all enemies
SMOKE                25 smoke grenades
TIMERS               10 satchel charges and 10 timers
911                  10 first aid kits
STATS                Max stats
MORTAL               Average stats
HOUR                 Add one hour to game time
MMIN                 Add five minutes to mission time
SET MINE             Place mine at current merc
OH DARN              100 random mortar rounds launched
BANG                 Activate all damage links
EXPLODE              Activate all destroy links
SEND IN THE CLOWNS   Clown theme
OH BOYS              Turn clowns off

     As requested, here is a brief explanation of each of the .dat files.

     Keep  in  mind  that  changing  any  one  of these files may have
effects  that  are  not noticeable because of the interrelation of the
data with other data. The game may become unstable and/or crash.

Please don't report any bugs you find if .dat files were changed.

WR   - Weapon Rating (1-20) - accuracy rating of weapon
DC   - Damage Class (1-10)  - power rating of weapon
PEN  - Penetration (1-40)   - armor penetrating power
ENC  - Encumbrance Value
ADF  - Ammo Depletion       - range of bullets used in one firing
PNC  - Panic Rating (1-100) - suppression/panic/berserk power of weapon
AOI  - Area Of Influence    - suppression/panic/berserk range (guns)
                              damage/shock area (grenades)
JDB  - Jam/Dud/Break (1-5)  - likelihood of jamming/etc 
                              (also based on mag)
COST - Base Cost of Weapon  - not used - catalogs determine real cost
AMMO                        - amt. ammo per clip
ammo enc                    - encumbrance of 1 clip
ammo cost - Base Cost of Ammo - not used - catalogs determine real cost
weapon type - rifle=0,crossbow=1,pistol-2,shotgun=3,machinegun=4,
              submachinegun=5,no weapon = 6,grenade=7,knife = 8, 
              crewweapon=9,smoke=12,missile launch=14, grenade launch=15

abduls#.dat, serg#.dat, lock#.dat
First Line - Name
Second Line - STOCK (amt in stock for that mag on # mission)
                - PRICE (price in that magazine)
                - STATUS (stocked or not)
                - TYPE  (weapon,ammo,equip,weapon2-grenades and such)

NOTE: Stock AND Status must both be changed to make weapon available

Messages that come up during the game. . .

First Line - Name
Second Line - PEN: armor penetration value
  ENC: encumbrance value

Animation Files: names of.cor files to load in correct animations
Contract: Mission starting date (day of year, year)

Advance/Bonus/Deadline: Starting values for advance/bonus/deadline

Contract Negotiation: Amounts for advance/bonus/deadline and the chance
                      that a given amount in that range will be accepted

Counter: Amount of counter added, and the lo-hi percentage amounts of that

Prestige: Mission Type (1-private,2-business,3-govt)
            Entrance Type (1-near ent marker 2-one point 3-chute 4-rappel)
            # Maps - Number of different maps for that mission
            Success 1/Success 2 - PSG awarded for meeting
            success condition(s)
            WIA/MIA/KIA - penalties for each solder WIA/MIA/KIA

Intelligence: Base Cost and Cost per extra day for the intelligence types.

Men - Suspected Enemies
Experience       1-unproven 2-green 3-line 4-crack 5-elite
Firepower        1-light 2-lt to med 3-medium 4-med to heavy 5-heavy
Success          % chance expected for success
Scene Type       0=desert,1=jungle,2=snow,3=night,4=forest

Attachments - # of photos/etc. in intel folder

Enemy Ratings Chart
        Number - Number of Enemies
        NPCs - Number of NPCs
        Rating - Overall Rating
        DPR - Damage Point Rating
        EXP - experience
        STR - strength
        AGL - agility
        WIL - willpower
        WSK - weapons skill
        HHC - hand to hand 
        TCH - technical skills
        ENC - encumbrance total
        APS - action points
        There - % chance to be in mission
        Type 2-enemy 3-6-NPCs types 1 thru 4 7-dog

Enemy Weapons Chart
        Weapon 1,Weapon 2, Ammo Clips for W1, Ammo Clips for W2, Weapon 3 
        (-1 means no weapon in that slot)

Preloaded Equipment - Equipment given to you
                num weapons, num ammos, num equips
                if not zeroes, followed by type and number for each one.

Start Time: hours/minutes in military time

Weather Table - chance for each type of weather (needs to sum to 100)

Travel Table - costs of three types and number of days

Special Turns - num turns to open safe,computer,etc
        Type - 1-safe, 2-computer
        Item - special item needed brought back for success
        Damage - if not zero, followed by text damage message

Age, Height (feet,inches) Weight (lbs)

Missions/Completed (meaningless)

Rating / Damage Points / PSG (min PSG you have to hire this person)
Avail - currently available

EXP - experience STR - strength AGL - agility
WIL - willpower WSK - weapons skill HHC - hand to hand
TCH - tech skill ENC - encumbrance APS - action points

Fees: base salary,bonus/death benefit
mail: male or female (1=male/0=female)

Description (1 line)

Note: a lot of these values are based on the others, and may be
recalculated by the computer.

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