V For Victory

     If you're playing the Russian army in the second of Three-Sixty's
war  games  the  key to success lies in having overwhelming numbers of
troops  and  incessantly  hounding  down  the  German  forces. To tilt
matters  even  more in favour of the Russians they have superiority in
almost  every  weapon class. What you mustn't do is enable the Germans
to  dig in - make several quick early strikes in the opening 24 hours.
Artillery  tanks  and  infantry  should  go  on  an all-out assault to
destroy  as  many  front-line  units  as possible and to split the two
German forward divisions.

     If  you  want  one of the ultimate challenges a war game can give
you try taking control of the German forces. Even if you decide to dig
in  it's  all  too  easy  to  be overwhelmed by the sheer might of the
advancing  Red  Army.  To give yourself a good start you should try to
fortify  positions in the main city. The 83rd infantry division should
fall  back to the relative safety of the city and join forces with the
troops  already  there. Artillery and rocket units should drop further
back  within the city after pounding the main Russian advance which is
almost bound to come along the two railways and two main roads. As for
supplies the essential line is that to the southwest. The northwestern
line  can  be cut and the western line may temporarily fall into enemy
hands but protect that southwestern line at all costs.

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