Versailles 1685




     ACT 4 : DINNER




                          Act 1 : Waking the King

     Get small key no. 1 from vase in Bassano antechamber.

     Speak to Lebrun and offer to look for his sketches.

     Take scissors and pamphlet A (on the arts) from the two wardrobes.

     Go  to  small bedroom, use scissors on casket and take paper from

     Use paper on candle to reveal first fable (The Hen and her Chicks).

     Speak to usher in King's bedchamber.

                      Act 2 : From Rising to Council

     Speak with Bontemps in King's bedchamber.

     Speak to usher at entrance to bedchamber of Marquise de Maintenon
and  give  him  the  message  given  to you by Bontemps, then show him
pamphlet  A  (on  the  arts).  He  will  give you pamphlet B (on royal

     Show  revealed  message  to Bontemps and take key and candle from
cupboard to left of bed.

     Use key to open one of twin cabinets in Bassano antechamber. Take
sketch folder.

     Go  to see Monseigneur in King's salon and show him the sketches,
do the same thing with Lebrun in Salon of War.

     Place  fake  sketch  on small table near Lebrun, take paintbrush,
dip  it in gold paint and paint sketch in order to reveal second fable
(The Hawk and the Little Birds).

     Speak  to  Bontemps  who awaits you outside Salon of War and give
him sketch.

                       Act 3 : From Council to Mass

     In  Salon of Abundance speak to Swiss guard posted at entrance to
Cabinet of Curiosities.

     Take charcoal pencil and paper in Salon of War.

     Click  on  small door of Salon of Apollo. (*Hidden door at corner
of wall)

     Take billiard cue in Salon of Diana (optional: to get pamphlet C,
hidden near painting in Salon of Mars).

     Speak to Swiss guard posted at Ambassadors' Staircase in order to
get key to small door of Salon of Apollo. (*at bottom of staircase)

     Open this door and go to music stand, take musical score, give it
to Lully and do as he says, not forgetting to then get small key no. 2
from cabinet in Salon of Mars.

     Get musical score which Lully has decoded (The Cat and the Rats).

     Give  musical  score  to  Bontemps  in  royal  courtyard  and get
authorization to enter Cabinet of Curiosities.

     In  Cabinet  of  Curiosities, click on drawer, then use paper and
charcoal pencil on medals (reproductions of medals).

     In  Salon  of  Diana, show reproduction of medals to Monseigneur,
then to the Marquis de Croissy in Salon of Apollo.

     Speak to second Swiss guard in Salon of Abundance.

                              Act 4 : Dinner

     Go to the office of the Marquis de Croissy in ministers' wing and
give  him  the  collation which you have already got from the valet in
Queen's Staircase.

     Look  at  desk,  take quill and use it on epigraph document, then
click  on  each  letter in the order indicated by pamphlet B (The Wolf
and the Statue).

     Take pamphlet D (on government) from bookshelf to right of desk.

     Show epigraph and pamphlet D to Bontemps in Hall of Guards.

     Go  to  Louvois' office (opposite Croissy's), take memo from desk
drawer, also telescope, and examine strong-box low on wall to left.

     Go back to speak with Bontemps.

     Listen  to  the  conversation between the Prince de Conde and the
Duc de Duras in order to get first date (1643).

     Go  to  Hall of Mirrors, use telescope twice on activated zone on
ceiling in order to get the other two dates (1674 and 1668).

     The  three  dates  give  the  combination  of  the  strong-box in
Louvois' office.

     Take  Vauban's plans and lay them on top of the plan on Croissy's
desk  (The  Swan  and  the Stork). Then give pamphlet E (on religion),
which the Marquise de Maintenon has given you, to Bontemps.

                         Act 5 : The King at Work

     Go  into  sacristy  (*vestry  right  rear  door in church) , take
engraving, small key no. 3 and cord.

     (*  on  the  way to Bontemps - look at plans on billiard table in
the Salon of Diana) Speak to Bontemps in Salon of Venus.

     Return  to  sacristy  and  speak  to  Pere de la Chaize, show him
pamphlet E on religion.

     Follow  his  instructions, (*On the second meeting the additional
clue  is  the  engraving)  then take pamphlet E to Bontemps. (*talk to
Bontemps and get fable Dragon & the Fly)

     Go to Salon of War, (* if there is a Swiss guard in room then you
have  not  gone  through  all the required steps) use cord on curtain,
take  ladder  and  put  it against scaffolding and climb up to examine
document in chandelier.

     Speak  to  Bontemps  in order to get keys to garret.(* go through
hidden door in the Salon of Apollo)

     In  garret,  activate  mechanism  to  make  chandelier fall, take
memorandum  from fallen chandelier and give to Bontemps (* talk to him

                   Act 6 : The Promenade in the Gardens

     Take tool from ground beside orange tree.

     Take medicine from Apothecary's

     Speak to Le Notre.

     Go into maze in garden and find the Duc du Maine.

     Walk around garden and come back to see him.

     Give him the medicine and take map of maze from bench.

     Take  the  list of fables (which Bontemps has given you) and note
the  number of each one as indicated on map of maze, then arrange them
in numerical order:

1- The Cat and the Rats

2- The Dragon and the File

3- The Crane and the Fox

4- The Hen and her Chicks

5- The Hawk and the Little Birds

6- The Frogs and Jupiter

7- The Swan and the Stork

8- The Wolf and the Statue

     Now  consult  each  fable  in  turn,  referring to indications in
memorandum and build the sentence " It is not in the power of kings to
attain  perfection  ".  (*  I went through the maze twice, once in the
order  shown  on  the map, once in the numerical order of the fables -
you will meet Bontemps on the way out of the maze)

                      Act 7 : From Supper to Bedtime

     Take candle snuffer from Salon of King.

     Take  small  key  no.  4  from one of orange tree tubs in Hall of
Mirrors. (* use rake)

     In  Bassano antechamber, use candle on fire in fireplace, then on
door and up to the attic to find the bomb.

     Use  candle snuffer to take it down, then introduce keys no. 1 to
4 in each of the locks starting at left.

     Click  on  bomb  then, in order to defuse it, enter the sentence:
"It is not in the power of kings to attain perfection".

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