Vampire Diaries

     The  story  is  about  vampires  that  stalking the city of Fells
Church,  Virginia.  You  play as Elena. a local girl who had come home
from  Europe  to  stay  with  her  aunt  and sister. Dialogue holds an
important  role in this game. Choosing wrong answer may stucks you for
a  long time without knowing what to do next. Actually in almost every
dialogue,  there's  one  combination  that  can give you an access for
every  answering  option.  The  graphics and the background sounds are
quite good. And I think the level difficulty of this game is moderate.
So DON'T continue reading if you don't want to spoil your game..


   * DAY 1 : The Stalking at the Art Gallery
   * DAY 2 : The Dark Side of Stefan
   * DAY 3 : The Rune and The Ritual Book
   * DAY 4 : The Ritual



     Talk  to  Bonnie  and  your  aunt. You'll meet Mr. Smith, the new
biology  teacher.  Turn  to  left, there's a display case. Look at it.
Take  the key on the glass. Go through the archway behind your aunt to
the  front  room.  Talk  to  Mikhail  Romanoff and Caroline, your long
"kind" friend. Learn that she's jealous about you. Go back to the main
room and go through the archway on the right side. Talk to Mr. Richard
and   Mrs.   Flowers.  Notice  that  Mr.  Smith  has  an  interest  in
supernatural.  Keep  on  talking  to  everybody  until  around  10 pm.
Suddenly,  there's  a  shout  from the back room. Darn... your sister,
Margareth, has been attacked by a strange creature.

At the hospital, talk to your aunt about Margareth. Then talk to Caroline.
Finally talk to Stefan. Talk to him again to say goodbye and you should be
at home. End of Day 1.



     Look  at  the  dresser.  Open  the valentine card from Matt, your
boyfriend.  Look under the cabinet on the right side of your bed. Pick
up  the feather. Look at the jewelry box on top of it. Try to open it.
Hmmm....  locked.  Look  at  your sister's drawing near the box. Look,
maybe  Margaret knows where the key is. Open the cabinet drawer on the
left side of your bed. Look at everything. Then look at the table with
a  phone on it. Look around. Go out and up to attic ( it's the door in
front  of  you  ). Open the old chest. Get the mortar. Look around and
notice  that  pole !!! Look behind it. Get the lapis ring. Go down the
stair  to  the  living room. Read the paper under the carpet. Read the
article about the ancient dagger. Open the cupboard near the door. Get
the  candle  in  it.  Go  to the back room. Open the cabinet under the
stair.  Look  at  the X-mas box. Get the matches under the X-mas lamp.
Open the other box. Get the black candle. Now, go out from your house.
It's time to explore the town.

     Go  to  the  hospital.  Talk  to  your  aunt.  Ask about Margaret
condition. Talk to Stefan. Follow him to the lobby. Talk to him again.
Choose : 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1. You'll learn about druids, ring of
fire  and the dark side of Stefan. He's a vampire. Talk with your aunt
again. This time ask about the key of your jewelry box and the dagger.
Choose : 2 2 1 1 1. The key will be automatically in your inventory.

     Go  to  Gary's  house.  Talk to Bonnie. Ask about the druids. She
told  you  to  go  to  the  library to read his family's journal. Look
around.  Try  to open the door near Bonnie by pulling a cord above the
door.  You'll  be  thrown out by Gary. Then go to the library. Look at
the  catalog book. Talk to Mrs. Grimesby. Ask her about the druids and
why  she  didn't  come yesterday. Then, browse the bookshelves to find
this  books  :  The  Tale of the Druids ( on the left top of the third
bookshelf  from the left ), The Owls, Candle's Craft, The herbs, Fells
church Folklore ( read the story about the Chamber's love affair ) and
The  Diaries  (  on  the bookshelf near the exit door ). Talk again to
Mrs. Grimesby, this time ask her about the rune. Then read the book of
rune  on the third bookshelf from the left ( write down the symbol and
its  meaning, you'll need it later on ). Then enter the school via the
connecting  door.  Look at the display case that shows the uniform. If
you  hangin'  around a little bit longer at this case, a security will
talk to you. Find out about Damon and the display's key. Browse around
the lab and the hallway. No luck, maybe tonight will be better.

     Go  to  the Art Gallery. Talk to Caroline. Ask her about the rune
and the dagger. Notice the rune at the corner in the next room. Try to
buy  it  from  Caroline.  Hmmm..  not  working.  Go  out and visit the
Boarding  House.  Get  the  shovel.  Then  visit the church. Talk Mrs.
Grimesby  at the cemetery ground. Learn about the druid and Caroline's
activity  in  the cemetery from her. Go to the old church. Look at the
broken gate on the left. Take the spearhead. Enter the church. Move to
altar.  Read  the  book  about  pan  pipe on the bench in front of the
altar.  Then  go home. Enter your room. Use the silver key to open the
jewelry  box.  Get  the  silver  ring. Go to the hospital. Report your
finding to Stefan.

     Go  to  Gary's  house  ( it should be at night now ). Look at the
right  gargoyle.  Take the key from its mouth. Use the key to open the
door.  Go  upstair. Touch the bookshelf. A secret door will be opened.
Enter  the  secret room. Get the yellow statue. Now go to the door you
couldn't  enter earlier. Pull the cord and enter. This time there's no
Gary  in  there.  Use the statue to block the trapdoor in front of the
door.  Get in. Turn right. Touch the picture. You'll be transported to
the gallery. Go straight accross. Touch the dragon statue on the right
display  case. You'll hear a "click" sound. Turn right and look beside
the  tree.  Open the panel and get in. Go down the secret stair to the
dagger's  case.  Look at the writing on the bottom of the case. Push :
circle,  half moon, triangle, square, and star ( the key is : push the
picture  with  fewer  sides  to  pictures  with  most sides ). Get the
dagger. Go out. You'll meet Mr. Smith on the way out. Choose : 3 2 1 1
2 2 1 1 1 1.

     Now  go  to  the school. Break the door with the spearhead. Enter
the  school  hall. When you hear a foorstep coming to you, hide beside
the  glasscase  with  a  uniform  in it ( the one near the door to the
library  ).  Just click at the stool on its left side. After the sound
disappeared,  walk into the lab. Open the drawer under the microscope.
Get  the  small  key.  Go  back to the main hall. Use the small key to
unlock  the  display case. Take the Gray's uniform cap. Then sneak out
and go home. Take a nap.



     Go  to  the  church.  Remember the folklore about Chamber and his
lover  ?  Find the big white tomb near chamber's grave. Click the tomb
for  closer  look.  Use  the shovel with the tombstone. When the ghost
appears, show the cap. After a dramatic sequence ( sigh ....... ), use
the shovel again to dig the tomb ( use it on the tombstone ). Take the
gold coin.

     Go  inside  the  church now. Go to the altar. Turn around. Do you
see the glass window with a picture of a golden key ?? Click on it for
a  closer  look. Take a gold key from under the window ( on the bottom
right ). Now turn to left and enter the archway. Climb down the stair.
Open the casket in front of you. Use the spearhead to open the statue.
Climb down to the secret tomb. Inside this room you'll do the ceremony
later  on, see the floor with some picture on it. That's the place for
the ritual. Now just go straight to the stair. Climb down. Look at the
statue in front of you. Click for a closer look. Use the gold key with
the  keyhole  on the right side of the statue to open the door. Enter.
Look at the bird statue. Another easy puzzle. Push the picture in this
order : flower, bug, lizard, snake, and finally the owl ( remember the
food  chain  in biology class, now it's the time to use it ). Read the
ritual book. Memorize the way to do the ritual. Hmm... you still don't
have the rune and the vervain Go back up to the cemetary. Talk to Mrs.
Flowers. Ask her about the vervain. Trade the vervain with the mortar.

     Now  go  to  the  art gallery. Hey, that's Mikhail Romanoff. Talk
with  him  and  offer  the  gold  coin in place of the rune. Go to the
Gary's house to talk to Bonnie. She's very happy now that you've found
the  rune. She'll do a reading on you. After that, she'll give you the
runes.  Now  you've  all  the  ingredients  needed  to  do the ritual.
Ooooops,  we  forget about the Ring of Fire. Ok, now wait till the day
turn  to  night.  Visit the cemetary. Your head will be dizzy and Mrs.
Flowers will take you home. Darn... you lost the ring and the lapis.



     In  the morning, ask Mrs. Flowers, Bonnie, Aunt Judith and Stefan
about  the  lost  ring.  Then  visit  the  school library and ask Mrs.
Grimesby  about  the ring. Ask her to check if somebody has report the
lost  ring.  Read  the  rune  book  again,  and notice the symbol of :
Thurisat, Mannaz, Uruz, Eohl, and Perdhro ( write that in order ). Now
take a rest at your home and wait if Mrs. Grimesby will call you about
the  ring.  Suddenly  Mrs. Flower come to your house at night with the
Ring  of  Fire.  Visit  the secret tomb at the cemetary again. Do this
ritual  in  order  :  put the black candle on the candleholder at your
left  side. Lit it with the matches. Burn the vervain with the candle.
Look  at  the floor. Push the symbol in this order : Thurisat, Mannaz,
Uruz,  Eohl,  and  Perdhro.  A bat will fly to you. Hey, it's Mikhail.
Talk with him.

     After the fight between Mikhail and Stefan, use the Brasov dagger
to  cut the candle. Then use the Ring of Fire with Mikhail ( use it on
the  pole  ).  And  Mikhail  will  be  blown up to hell !!!! Watch the

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