Unreal Tournament 2003

Various cheats
     Press  `  in game to bring down the console, or press TAB for the
quick console. Then type one of the following commands:

Cheat code:             Effect:
God                     Toggle God Mode
Amphibious              Underwater Breathing
Fly                     Fly Mode
Ghost                   Walk through walls
Walk                    Return walking to normal
Invisible               Turn inivisibility on or off (true / false)
Teleport                Teleport to where your crosshair is pointing
AllAmmo                 Full ammo on all possessed weapons
Allweapons              Give all weapons
Loaded                  Give all weapons and full ammo on them (combo of
SkipMatch               Win the current match and advance on the ladder
JumpMatch               Jump to a specific match on the ladder, 
                        where is a number. 
                        For example 43 for ladder 4, rung 3
ChangeSize              Change the player size by factor # 
                        (i.e. 0.25 or 2.0)
LockCamera              Toggle locking the camera in its current position
FreeCamera              Delink the camera rotation from the actor
ViewSelf                Reset the camera to view the player  
                        (true to be quiet, false to have sound)
ViewBot                 Cycle the camera through the viewable bots
ViewFlag                View the actor current carrying the flag
ViewPlayer              Change the camera view to the given player
ViewActor               Change the camera view to the given actor
ViewClass               Change the camera view to the given class
KillViewedActor         Kill the actor the camera is currently viewing. 
                        Do NOT kill yourself! (Game will get stuck)
Avatar                  Possess a pawn of the given class
Summon                  Summon the given object
SetCameraDist           Set the distance the camera has from its target
SetGravity              Change gravitional pull
SetJumpZ                Change Jump height
SetSpeed                Mutiply the Player water and ground speed 
                        with the given value
ListDynamicActors       Output all dynamic actors to the log file
FreezeFrame             Pause the game for the given duration
SetFogR                 Set red color component of fog
SetFogG                 Set green color component of fog
SetFogB                 Set blue color component of fog
SetFlash                Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away
CauseEvent              Trigger the given event
LogSciptedSequences     Toggle logging for all scripted sequences
KillPawns               Kill all actor pawns except the player
KillAll                 Kill everything of the given class,
KillAllPawns            Kill all pawns of the given class
PlayersOnly             Toggle the level to a players only level
CheatView               Toggle to view to the given actor
WriteToLog              Write the string 'NOW!' to the game log
ReviewJumpSpots         Test jumping, the parameter can be 'Transloc', 
                        'Jump', 'Combo' or 'LowGrav'.
summon vehicles.bulldog Test Vehicle - 
                        Type in the console ''use'' without the quotes, 
                        to get into the vehicle
open vehicledemo        Test Vehicle - 
                        Type in the console ''use'' without the quotes, 
                        to get into the vehicle
LOADED                  All Weapons
KILLPAWNS               Kill All Bots
BEHINDVIEW 1            3rd Person View
SLOMO #                 Slo-Motion
STAT FPS                Lets you see your Frames Per Second
STAT NET                Shows you your statistics online
PlayersOnly             Makes the level a player only level
SkipMatch               Win the current match and advance in the ladder 
                        in single player
Lock Camera             Locks the camera in it's current position
add bots                Add indicated number of bots
suicide                 Commit suicide
open                    Connect to server or load map
stat none               Disable statistics display
stat all                Display all statistics
stat game               Display game statistics
demorec                 Record demo
stopdemo                Stop recording current demo

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