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Ultima 8

1. Hack:
     This complicated but brilliant little tip enables a cheat mode in
Pagan  which  gives  you  free  keys spells and information as well as
numerous  other  sneaky  cheats.  You  need  to  edit  a  file  called
avatar.dat  in the gamedat directory using a hex editor such as Norton
Diskedit. Change the bytes at offset 2A and 2B to 01 If you don't have
a  hex  editor then you can use DOS Debug and in the gamedat directory
type:  debug avatar.dat which brings up a '-' prompt. Type e 12a 01 01
then  press  [Enter].  Now type: W and press [Enter]. Then type: Q and
you should be back at the DOS prompt. Next time you start the game the
cheat  mode  will  be  enabled.  There  are  two  cheat  modes. One is
activated  by  pressing  [F7]  another by a single left-mouse click on
your character. Pressing [Ctrl][F1] will pull up a help menu.

2. Cheat:
     Create  file  using  the DOS Edit command. Write anything into it
and  name  it:  Move it into the static directory which
should  already  exist in the u8 directory. Now when you play the game
you  should  see a new option in the Avatar diary to view the end game

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