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UFO: Enemy Unknown

1. Hack
     To  get a load of cash edit the file called liglob.dat and change
addresses  00-03  to  E9  A4  and  35  respectively.  To change almost
everything  else  about the data set edit the base.dat file and change
any of the following values:

OFFSET:                 SETS NUMBER OF:
5E                      Engineers
5F                      Scientists
60-61                   Stingray launchers
62-63                   Avalanch launchers
64-65                   Cannons
66-67                   Fusion ball launchers
68-69                   Laser cannons
6A-6B                   Plasma cannons
6C-6D                   Stingray missiles
6E-6F                   Avalanche missiles
70-71                   Cannon rounds
72-73                   Fusion balls
74-75                   Tank cannons
76-77                   Tank rocket launcher
78-79                   Tank laser cannon
7A-7B                   Hovertank plasma gun
7C-7D                   Hovertank rocket launcher
7E-7F                   Pistols
80-81                   Pistol clips
82-83                   Rifles
84-85                   Rifle clips
86-87                   Heavy cannons
88-89                   Heavy AP ammo
8A-8B                   Heavy HE ammo
8C-8D                   Heavy I ammo
8E-8F                   Auto cannons
90-91                   Auto AP ammo
92-93                   Auto HE ammo
94-95                   Auto I ammo
96-97                   Rocket launchers
98-99                   Rockets - small
9A-9B                   Rockets - large
9C-9D                   Rockets - incendiary
9E-9F                   Laser pistols
A0-A1                   Laser rifles
A2-A3                   Heavy lasers
A4-A5                   Grenades
A6-A7                   Smoke grenades
A8-A9                   Proximity grenades
AA-AB                   High explosives
AC-AD                   Motion scanners
AE-AF                   Medi-kits
B0-B1                   PSI-amps
B2-B3                   Stun rods
B4-B5                   Electro-flares
C2-C3                   Heavy plasmas
C4-C5                   Heavy plasma clips
C6-C7                   Plasma rifles
C8-C9                   Plasma rifle clips
CA-CB                   Plasma pistols
CC-CD                   Plasma pistol clips
CE-CF                   Blaster launchers
D0-D1                   Blaster bombs
D2-D3                   Small launchers
D4-D5                   Stun bombs
D6-D7                   Alien grenades
D8-D9                   Elerium-115
DA-DB                   Mind probes
E2-E3                   Sectoid corpses
E4-E5                   Snakeman corpses
E6-E7                   Etheral corpses
E8-E9                   Muton corpses
EA-EB                   Floater corpses
EC-ED                   Celatid corpses
EE-EF                   Silacoid corpses
F0-F1                   Chyssalid corpses
F2-F3                   Reaper corpses
F4-F5                   Sectopod corpses
F6-F7                   Cyberdisc corpses
100-101                 UFO power sources
102-103                 UFO navigation
104-105                 UFO construction
106-107                 Alien food
108-109                 Alien reproduction
10A-10B                 Alien entertainment
10C-10D                 Alien surgery
10E-10F                 Examination room
110-111                 Alien alloys
112-113                 Alien habitat
114-115                 Personal armour
116-117                 Power suit
118-119                 Flying suit
11A-11B                 HWP cannon shells
11C-11D                 HWP rockets
11E-11F                 HWP fusion bombs

2. Cheat:
     To  put  an end to your money problems empty a Transport Craft of
all  personnel  and send it to an alien location (such as a crash site
or  enemy base). Land and the game will hang up so press [Esc] or [F1]
a  few  times  until  it says 'cannot find someting or other.' Loading
will  resume  but  your previous Battle-win screen and score will load
also.  Feel free to repeat but make sure that you have fought at least
one battle beforehand.

3. Hack:
     Save your game and quit to DOS. Edit the file LIGLOB.DAT and type
FF  FF  FF  7F at the beginning of the file. Save the file and reload.
You  are  showered  with  two  billion dollars. If you're short of any
other transferable item such as Elertium-115 transfer one unit to each
base.  Save your game. Edit the file TRANSFERS.DAT. Replace 01 with FF
10 on every offset. Save and return to the game for 4000 units.

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