Toy Story 2

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     Here  is how to be invincible--first hold down shift and control,
then  you  will see a rectangular box on the upper left of the screen.
Type buzz's laser. Now you are invincible.

Extra Life by going a faster way!
     On  the level Andy's House,go in the garage and turn to your left
once  you  come through the doggy door. Climb on the box,then climb on
the tool shelf were the saws are. Now you will see a coffee cup, climb
on it, then if you look up you will see a long li ght bar. Do the high
jump  to  get  up there, there will be strings holding it up. Climb up
the middle one and there you got a life!

Unlimited Lives
     Go  to allyies and gullies. Go into the market all the way at the
end  fall  into the water past the road blocks. Look for the tunnel at
the  bottom  of  the  pit. Go into it and you will find a life. Repeat
untill you have as many lives as you want.

Green laser locations
     Green  lasers will allow enemies to be killed with a single shot.
They can be found at the following locations.

     Andy's  House: When you go to the garage, find a way to get up to
the  van.  When you get to the top, you will see a green laser. Andy's
Neighborhood:  Find  your  way  to the location with a broken car. The
green  laser should be right in front of you. Alleys and Gullies: Turn
to the right when you see the first airplane box.

Battery locations
     Start  game  play on the Bombs Away level and move all the way to
the  left  to  find  a battery. Then, move all the way to the right to
find another batter.

Getting on the trees
     Begin  game  play  on the Andy's Neighborhood level. Climb on the
swing, then reach the other swing. Move to the tire with a rope. Climb
up  the rope, then jump on top of the tree. Note: There is a kite Boss
at  the very top of the tree. When you first get on the tree, HAM will
appear.  Find  50  coins  bring  them to HAM to receive a Pizza Planet

Find the green army men
     Begin game play on the Andy's Neighborhood level. After starting,
you  should  see a tractor that will chase you. Do not leave the yard.
Turn  around  and  you  will see a green army man. Go up the steps and
approach  him.  He  will  offer a Pizza Planet token to you if you can
find  all five of his army men. The other army men can be found easier
if you see flames.

Run on the top of the roof
     Find all the army men, then climb the house to reach the roof.

Defeating the Wind Up Robot
     Shoot him with a charged laser while he is winding up.

Finding Mr. Potato Head's eye
     To   retrieve  Mr.  Potato  Head's  eye  (and  receive  the  disc
launcher), keep climbing up the construction site. You will eventually
find the eye.

Play in Slow Motion
     Press  F2  to  Pause.  (Be  sure 'CONTINUE' remains highlighted.)
Press and Hold the ENTER key. Each time you release and hold the ENTER
key  the  game  will  advance one frame. You can still control Buzz by
using  the  arrow  keys,  etc. You will have to continue to hold these
keys down as you advance using the ENTER key. This trick is especially
helpful  in  getting  the  Slinky  Challenge token at 'TARMAC TROUBLE'
level, and other timed tokens as the game clock is in reference to the
game, and not real time.

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