Tony Larussa Baseball 3

* Make Your Favorite Player a Superman:

     There  is  a  hidden  'feature' in Tony 3: '96 that will give any
player  more punch than Babe Ruth, more speed than Rickey Henderson in
his  prime,  and  a  better  glove  than  Willie  Mays!  To invoke the
'mega-man'  feature, hold down the M, E, G, and A keys simult aneously
when  the  player  you  want is batting in the 'Play' or 'Manage Only'
mode  of the action/arcade part of the game. If properly invoked, this
will  cause  the  player who's currently batting to take on superhuman
characteristics,  and  retain these charac teristics for the remainder
of  the game. This 'feature' is most evident when applied to a catcher
or other infielder, as he will proceed to field every batted ball when
his  team  is in the field. He'll also hit just about any pitch out of
the park!

* Get Yourself in the Game:

     By changing an existing player's name, you may be able to get one
or  both  of the game's announcers to say your name (or your father's,
son's,  etc.)  when  'you'  step  to the plate! If your first and last
names  are  fairly  common,  they may be in the announcer 's database,
even  if no one player had the same name as you. For instance, if your
name  is  Jackie Williams, the game's announcers will be able to state
your  name  because  the  announcer  database  includes  both 'Jackie'
(Robinson)  and  (Ted)  'Williams.'  To tr y this, choose 'Edit Player
Stats'  from  the Utilities menu, then choose any player -- ideally, a
good/great  player  from your favorite team. Simply click in the boxes
containing  the  player's  first  and  last  names, and change them to
whatever  you want. When you play a game involving the custom player's
team,  make sure that new player is in the starting lineup, and see if
the game's announcer will call him by name when he steps to the plate!
IMPORTANT:  This  trick  will  have  a better chance of working if you
choose  Mel  Allen  as  the  game's announcer; Mel simply has a larger
database  of  names  at  his  disposal  than  Hank  Greenwald  or  Lon

* Make it a "Co-ed" Game:

     This  is  a little-known function of the game, discovered only by
those die-hard fans who play decades of seasons into the future in the
GM  Challenge portion of the game. If you play enough seasons into the
21st  Century,  women  will  start appearing in the g ame! By the year
2040  or so, you should have a Rookie of the Year winner named Barbara
or  Nancy!  Let's face it, Tony 3: '96 is the only politically correct
baseball sim on the market!

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