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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Titan Quest

Автор: The Hunter
Titan Quest is a very good game to play and has a good story line. The only problem with it is that the testers must have been asleep on the job because it is riddled with bugs. For me it mainly crashes and freezes when I am entering or exiting caves or when I am teleporting. I have read other comments saying that it crashes for other people when the touches light up when entering a new area of the map. The updates that have been released have improved some of these problems but have not totally fixed it. I do recommend buying this game if you don't mind the odd interruptions.

Автор: Qman
For me this game is just great, as I used to play Diablo a lot and I'm a big fan of it. Titan Quest is very similar to it. I still didn't patch it, but it works perfectly for me, no lags, no nothing, just a clean gameplay. Story is great, the game is really LONG and provides you hours of fun. If you're fan of RPG then this is your game.

Автор: Steve
Titan Quest is must-own for fans of the Diablo series. The Greek theme puts a unique twist on the hack and slash 3/4 perspective. Although there are bugs which might have something to do with the computer you're running on, even some high-end computers have hiccups and burps from time to time. I heartily recommend this game to any and all fans of the action/RPG genre. You won't be disappointed.

Автор: brine
Lately I've been telling my self I wish they would just make a Diablo 3 with awesome graphics, but I think Titan Quest has beaten them to the punch. Great gameplay, amazing environments and music, and I like how a lot of the skill abilities are passive, so it gives you less to worry about when trying to select an ability to use. And as far as people having bugs and crashing: I've generally found that is more of a problem with their computers than the game, as mine works just fine.

Автор: Fred
Once I started this game I was hooked. It gave me something to do when there was nothing else. I am a fan of the earth mastery and the extensive game play gave me something new each time I played. If you need a good game this is a great choice.

Автор: Fudge
Without a doubt, Titan Quest is a great game - a legendary storyline where you are at the center of everything. What makes Titan Quest so great and legendary is pretty much everything - good graphics, cool quests, nice weapons, lovely audio - the only two things which stop Titan Quest reaching a 5 is that making a map is very hard and I have come across a few minor bugs. Yet overall, Titan Quest is a MUST BUY game!

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