Time Paradox

Part 1, Prehistory, In the woods

-take "smooth rock"
-go clearing (left)
-look tree (-> you get a birds egg)
-go clearing (left, behind rocks)
-go rocky ledge (left)
-give egg to guard (guard falls down)
-walk to the left as far as you can -> you discover a helmet
-go clearing (right)
-go leafy alcove (up middle)
-pull vine (in the middle of picture) -> plant monster eats something
-go overgrowth (left)
-walk to all three possible locations at the left side of this scene
        -> you find a bowl and a steel glove
-go leafy alcove (right)
-go woodland (right)
-use glove with papyrus plant (middle left of the scene)
        -> you get the papyrus
-use bowl with honey puddle (right under the beehive on the ground)
        -> you get a bowl of honey
-go back to the first scene with the tree stump
-use bowl with tree stump (all bees get stuck in honey)
-look tree stump (-> you get a flint stone)
-go clearing (right, the cave entrance)
-use papyrus with cave (you drop the papyrus leaves at the cave entrance)
-use flint with papyrus leaves (you get a fire and the cave opens)
-take creeping vine (in the cave entrance)
-take wooden pole (below and behind leftmost finger of cave entrance)
-go cave

Part 2, Prehistory, In the caves

-go alcove (where Ugh makes a stew)
-take torch
-go rocky cache (up middle) -> you get a battery
-go cave complex (down)
-use battery with ghetto blaster (->crown falls down)
-take crown
-go cave complex (right)
-give rock to rock-heads (the rock you took in the very beginning)
-use vine with rock-heads (you get a rope down the lava pit)
-go lava pit (down)
-use wooden pole with rock plug (just above your head)
        -> lava monster killed
-go cave complex (left, you swing over the lava, then again left)
-take camera, take mushrooms
-go back to alcove (where Ugh makes his stew)
-give mushrooms to Ugh (-> he falls asleep)
-take "sleeping caveman" (-> you get the alloy key from Ugh)
-go back into lava pit
-go cave complex (right)
-use alloy key with rock door
-go rock door (you enter the room with the time machine)
-use alloy key with time machine
-use gold crown with time machine
        -> you detroy the time machine and you exit the caves

Part 3, Prehistory, In the swamps

-go swamp area (right) (ignore the singing imp)
-go swamp area (right)
-go swamp area (right)
-go forest area (up middle-right)
-take tin of beans (on the rocks at your left)
-go forest area (up middle
 -> you arrive at the place with "sword in stone")
-go forest area (left)
-use helmet with olive tree (-> you get a helmet with oil)
-go forest area (right)
-use helmet with "sword in stone" (sword loosened)
-take sword
-go forest area (down -> where you took the tin)
-go forest area (right, there is a dead dinosaur)
-take strange flowers (very right of the scene)
-look in strange flower (-> you get the "vulgarus seeds")
-go left
-go swamp area (down)
-go swamp area (right
 -> a witch appears, you flee back to the left)
-go swamp area (again right)
-use sword with witch (she dies)
-go forest area (right)
-use camera with cave thug (runs away)
-go clearing (right)
-use torch with T.Rex (flees)
-talk to woodcutter: "can you help me", "how can you help me"
        -> tells you about the time portal in the waterfall
-go forest area (right)
-go clearing (right)
-give seeds to triceratops
-give tin of beans to triceratops (-> it goes away)
-go clearing (right)
-go waterfall (right, -> film of jump into the time portal)

Part 4, Middle Ages, In Town

-go to Inn
-take "sleeping drunk" (-> you steel food and a coin)
-go way out (left)
-give food to beggar (-> you get playing cards)
-go to Inn
-use cards with gamblers (-> you get wads of cash)
-go way out, go to market place
-take bellows (at pillar left of smith)
-go town hall (right)
-take bushes (bottom right of the scene -> you get elderberries)
-go castle (right)
-talk to gardener: "exactly, what is this thing",
 "that's interesting, how .."
        -> you get a sprig of moles bane
-go castle gate (right)
-go forest (down)
-talk to sprite: "who are you", "what's a wan..",
 "what's so special about you"
        -> sprite changes into a wand
-take wand
-go forest (left, you see the first crone, ignore her for the moment)
-go forest (left, you see a second crone)
-talk to crone: "hi, what are you doing", "what kind of business",
        -> you get a sleeping potion
-go forest (left)
-take mask (middle left on the ground)
-go farm (left)
-talk to farmer: "hello", "do you grow herbs",
 "do you think i could have some"
        -> you get garlic
-go village green (right)
-open "man in stocks" (-> he gives you a dandelion)
-go back to the first crone (the one you ignored)
-give dandelion, garlic, moles bane and elderberries to crone
        -> you get the "back medicine" (and the smiling mask)
-go back to market place
-give "back medicine" and "wads of cash" to smith
        -> you get the iron wire
-go town hall (right)
-go town hall (middle up, you enter the building now)
-use happy mask with desk
-use sad mask with desk (-> the panel opens)
-go panel
-go passage (right, you enter the room with the force field)
-talk to imp: "how do i get past the force field?"
              "the force field is in the way", "nah, you'r no Romeo"
        -> imp gets into the force field
-open panel (in the wall, just to the left of you)
-use iron wire with panel (-> force field and imp disappear)
-go dungeon (right)
-use bellows with dragon (-> dragon burns the door away)
-go dungeon stairs (you escape the dungeon now)

Part 5, Middle Ages, In the Castle

-go corridor (middle up)
-use wand with box
-take box (-> you get an empty goblet and Merlin's hat)
-go corridor (left)
-give sleeping potion to guard
-give goblet to guard (-> guard drinks and falls asleep)
-open oak door
-talk priest: "why are you locked in here"
        -> you get holy water and pendant
-go corridor (left)
-go corridor (right, room with two battle axes, two armor suits)
-open door (the left door below the painting, you enter the library)
-use pendant with window (-> spell book appears)
-take spell book (from the right book shelf, and remember this place!)
-go corridor (left)
-go corridor (right, top secret time room door)
-go pagan temple (down)
-go pagan temple (up middle, you enter the temple)
-use holy water with Morgana (-> Morgana disappears, button appears)
-push button (in left leg of fire place)
-go fire place
-look Crypt (-> tells you to use book, wand and hat on it)
-use spell book, wand and hat with Crypt (-> Merlin wakes up)
        -> and ... far away, in the library, a clickable "hole" appears
           right at the place where you took Merlin's spell book ...
-talk Merlin: "ok you're free, what's next", "how do we do that?"
-go back to the library
-take hole (at the place where you found Merlin's spell book)
        -> you get the alloy key
-go back to top secret time room door
-use alloy key with door
        -> final film plays

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