The Ward


     You wake up after being attacked by aliens on the moon, dizzy and
confused,  like  i  was. First thing first, you have a necklace around
your neck, which needs to be shut down, or you wont be able to go much
around  anywhere,  so first thing first, get into the box to the lower
right  corner and pick up the screwdriver. Then walk towards the alien
lying in the top left bed and pick up his med-card in his pocket. Then
walk  out  the  door,  towards  the alien on the floor and pick up the
access  card lying in front of his face. You will be drawn back to the
room  because  of  the necklace, so after that has been done, approach
the  control switch to the left and use the access card there, and you
can start walking around freely.

     As  you  will notice the same alien outside the room lying on the
floor has something on his arm but you cant take it, that we will come
back  too.  Pick  up  the  gun next to him. Move towards the open door
straight  ahead,  and  take  a  closer  look at the alien lying on the
floor, pick up his blue ring from his hand.

     Go into the next room, and use the access card to open it, to the
right  of  the room there is a sensor, use the med-card on the sensor,
and  the monitor to the furthest most right, will lit up, go there and
press  the  three buttons from left to right, so you lower the knives.
Walk  towards the device, and take one of the blades, then go back and
use the blade on the alien lying on the floor and cut of his finger so
you will get the ring. There is a sensor and a screen all the way down
to  the right also, but you wont be using that until you have acquired
the  language implant so you can read it. There are some cabinets just
before  the  sensor  to the right, with 3 blood samples. Take them and
approach the other room, which has a microscope and pedestal with some
live tissue lying on there. Go to the microscope and take out the last
blod  sample inside there. To open up the microscope you need to align
the  circles  so  they  match each other to one circle. You do that by
pressing  the  buttons  on  the microscope it self, 2 buttons for each
cicle,  as  described  in  the  manual.  Once  the  sample is out, the
microscope  will  shut  it  self down, and you can take the top of the
microscope  off,  and bring it with you. Take the live tissue with you

     There  should  have  been a power failure now, so the door to the
hallway  should  be  opening  and closing a little bit, with the alien
shooting  towards  a defense parameter there. Approach the door to the
left of the hallway.and watch the console.

     It  will  complain about being to dark, so you use the device you
picked  up  from the microscope to put some light on it. After you try
the  right sensor wont work, so you have to use the screwdriver on the
panel  above  the  sensors,  and fix the right one, after that you try
with the 3 rings you already have, after one try the alien in front of
you  will  throw you the last and missing ring, the red ring, which is
what you need to pass the door.

     Use  the  rings on the panel, with green ring on the left sensor,
the red ring on the mid sensor, and the blue ring on the right sensor,
which  should  open  the  door, I have experienced some times that the
sequence  changes  from  time  to  time,  in  any  case, note down the
sequence,  you  will  need  it. Immediately after you have entered the
room, shut the door, just press the switch to the left of the door, or
a security drone will capture you and you will die.

     Ignore  the console with the ring slot for a moment still, as you
need  the  language  implant first, go towards the table in the middle
press  the  button,  and  pick  up the memorizer. And put it into your

     And  onto the next room, there is a big symbol with alien writing
there,  could  be  interesting reading but of no importance, after you
receive  the  translation  implant.  Head  to the door on the left and
approach  the  long  hallway, and walk towards the end, to enter a big

     There  is  a  floating  stone in the center of it, press it and a
plate  with  symbols  will  appear afterwards, press it again, and you
will  take  the plate. A new plate will appear, and you press that one
as  well.  Some lights and show starts and some tiles in the center of
the  big  circle  will  appear,  press it and the tiles goes into your

     Look at the symbols on the floor; take a closer look at the plate
with  symbols,  as  they  will  give you a hint on what to do with the
puzzle.  Use the tiles on the circles on the floor, and start figuring
it  out,  or  if you are in the easy mode, press skip puzzle and watch
the nice cut scene.

     After  the  cut  scene  you will talk to some aliens and get some
information,  and  you will given a secret sign and ammunition for the
implant  gun. Then you must hurry back to the door before the security
drones  approaches  you  and kill you. Use the same three rings on the
panel  when  you approach the door, in the same order, and be quick as
you  will  only be given one try, and shut the door once you enter, or
the security drone will follow you in and kill you.

     Back  in  the  room,  you can now read all the alien language, so
read  around  if you want to, but you don't have to. Go into the large
room to the right, and approach the console to the right, use any ring
to  get security clearance to use it, use the life support function on
the  top,  and  you will se a lot of red lines and some circles, which
are  force  fields.  You can press them on and off. Red is on, blue is
off,  play  with  it  a  little  to see how those yellow drones in the
ventilation  corridors  are locked in where you want them to, as it is
vital once you are going to enter the ventilation shaft..

     As you can see there are 6 force fields, and 2 maintenance robots
on  the  map,  2 of the force fields you don't have access to, and you
never have to, so ignore them. 1 robot is to the right and not moving,
the  other  robot  is circling sector 101. Have the moving robot go to
checkpoint  exchange  2,  as  there  is  where you will go in a little

     Once  the  force fields are on, the drones cant pass them, so you
have  to make sure you are in control of them so they don't get access
to  your  room,  and  kill you. If you lower the force field that goes
into  to  your  room, and the crate is open, they will come inside the

     Use  the  gun  load  on the uncharged gun, and use the gun on the
grate. Watch the cut scene. Once you enter the crate, go up and to the
right  first  to  the  robot which is not moving. Use the blade on the
robot hand to the left. And use the memorizer to connect to the robot,
so you can get sector 102 and sector 103 codes from it.

     How to use the memorizer is simple, scroll down to with
main.robot,  and  press  receive  on  sector  102  and 103, then abort  and  move  backwards  to the crossover, and go to the left.
There  is a special crate there, so use the robot hand on the screw to
the top right and left, then press the handle.

     There you enter the hallway just outside the room you woke up in,
and  there  you  will  go  first,  to go into the room, and get to the
sphere  that  was there, and use the memorizer on it. Get the security
level 6 clearance code from it. Time to move back to the lab where you
got  the  blade. Go the console all the way down to the right, and use
the  med-card  on  it.  Go  into  the obductees menu, and the security
beacon/necklace  removal,  then go towards the robot arm, the one with
the  red light on itself, and the necklace will be removed on it, then
do  the same procedure with communication implant. There are others as
well,  but  I haven't notice any particularly usage of them yet. So as
far  as  i  know, they are not needed. Pick up a blood sample from the
cabinet,  you  don't  need all 3 of them. Only the nr 1 and 3 contains
human dna, so those are the only one needed.

     Time to go back once again. As I'm sure you remember the way back
to  the console with the force fields, and stuff. So backtrack all the
way until you get there again.

     Time  to  play  with  the  force  fields  again, so shut them off
somewhere  else  so you can get to the robot at checkpoint exchange 2.
Then  enter the ventilation corridors again, and go to the left at the
crossover.  Use  the  memorizer  on the robot. Open a to the
robot,  and  transmit the sector 102, and 103 to the robot, you should
get  a "transmit CRC ok" on the memorizer. After that is done, put the
necklace on the robot.

     Then backtrack to the room where the console is again for another
round  of  play  with  the force fields., and send the robot to sector
103,  and watch all the security drones go away, so you can finally go
out the door again.

     Go  into  the micro-lab and put the light back on the microscope,
insert blood sample #3 into the microscope, and the live tissue on the
pedestal, then use the touch screen and press the button to the right,
so it inserts the human dna into the live tissue.

     Pick  up  the live tissue, insert the cone into the biocontainer,
and  use  the  memorizer  on the biocontainer, you should see the code
0000000000  so  press  to  receive  it.,  then  abort the and
scramble  the 00000 code to something that you will remember. After it
has  been scrambled open a to the bio container and press the
transmit  button, scroll down to the scrambled code and press transmit
again,  the code should now have changed. Abort the and press
the  scrambled  code into the air, there should be a cut scene now and
the biocontainer should be inside you.

     Go  out  the  door  to the hallway where the shooting was, and go
straight  forward  and  you  enter a landing bay. Once inside the door
open the memorizer from the inventory and transmit security level code
6  into the air, so the spehere wont kill you. Pick up the oxygen tank
and the mask.

     The  tricky part, and don't go ahead to fast here, as you need to
have  done  all  this  or  you  will  be  dead. Open a to the
container  with  the  memorizer and receive the code of the container,
this  allow  you  to  open  and  close the container doors, no need to
change them or anything.

     Now  the  important part, before you enter the container open the
memorizer  again,  and make sure the code of the biocontainer there is
not the same code as the on you used to put the biocontainer inside of
you,  what  I  did,  was  that  I scrambled the code to wgs4:.. on the
biocontainer  which  is  the  one  I  use  to  get  it inside me, then
unscramble  the code back so it shows 00000 on the memorizer, makes it
easy to figure out which line it is that belongs to the biocontainer.

     Now  you  can  enter  the  container,  shut  the  doors  with the
memorizer,  then  combine  the mask with the oxygen tank, sit back and
relax, enjoy the cut scene and get cd2 ready.

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