Theme Park

     Edit  the  save  game  file.  If  it's saved in slot 0 - it'll be
called  something like name.g0. Change offset positions 12-16 to zeros
and your loan will be written off - that should keep the bailiffs from
the door.

     1) If you're greedy and want it all straight away then this cheat
will  be  right up your street. Simply load up the game as normal then
when  asked for your nickname type: demo. Now when the game menu comes
up  select  Continue  Game  and  you'll have a massive pre-built theme
park.  Complete  with  high-tech rides and loads of money. There are a
few  flaws  in  the park and you can either fool around tweaking it or
merely  look  after  it  for  a couple of years and then put it up for
auction.  Remember  though - if you sell it after one year no one will
bid  for  it.  At  auction  your stolen site should be worth about two
million  quid  -  enough  to  start your own park and build just about
anything you want.

     2)  Use  the following cheat with extreme caution because it will
bust  the  game wide open. Enter your nick-name as: horza and create a
new  park. Now when the game starts up press [Ctrl] and [c]. The first
time  you  do it you get all the stalls. Second time all the rides and
the third time you get a few thousand dollars.


     1)  If  cheating's  not  your bag then swallow your pride and sit
through  the  tutorial.  It's  no  use whining about how nothing works
unless you know the basics of laying paths; queues and rides.

     2) Open the park immediately when you begin the game. Even though
only  a  couple  of  visitors  trickle through you make money straight

     3)  Always  watch  the thought bubbles. For example if a bunch of
people are hungry in one area of the park it's worth building a burger
stall immediately just to please them.

     4)  Develop  your  park slowly and don't rush into burning all of
your  cash  because  when  things start to go wrong in a huge park you
just can't cope. Building gradually means that everything doesn't wear
out at the same time.

     5)  If  you place a ride in the wrong position don't be afraid to
remove  it. Remember if you uproot it straight away you probably won't
have to pay anything. Brutal, executive, streamlining is nothing to be
ashamed of.

     6)  Go for a large variety of rides as opposed to identical ones.
Always  choose a new ride over an existing one and if you do duplicate
them make sure they're at opposite ends of the park.

     7)  It's  often  better to sell a ride on when it starts to break
down  rather than just closing it and waiting for a mechanic to do his
thang.  As  you  get  deeper into the game no-one wahts to bother with
primitive  technology  anyway.  Also  closed rides tend to make people

     8)  Keep a close eye on stock levels because if a store is closed
for  any  length of time you lose money. By the time the Advisor tells
you  a shop is running low and the sold out notices go up it's already
too  late - order immediately. The best way is to always have stock on
order - you can delay its arrival by ordering if need be.

     9)  Stalls  are  brilliant.  They  make easy money don't generate
litter   and  entertain  your  guests.  The  all-important  key  to  a
successful  stall  is to couple a small cost and prize with a moderate
chance of winning. Moderation is much more likely to generate reliable
revenue than more risky high cost offers.

     10)  The  advantages  when  placing  stalls  are obvious. They're
smaller  than  rides and so can be slotted in all over the place. Just
remember  that  like  rides  you  should  aim  for  as much variety as
possible  and  avoid  positioning  identical  stalls too close to each

     11)  Don't  neglect  the  simple  things in the park. Place trees
lakes  and  smart  fences  all  over the place to impress the people -
particularly around the roller coaster.

     12)  Employ  handymen  the  moment litter starts appearing. Large
build-ups  of  litter  mean  that  you  could  probably  get away with
increasing  the  prices  on  your  food  stalls.  Handymen  aren't the
brightest  of  souls  and  frequently end up getting lost so keep your
pathways  simple and use the way point navigation system on their icon
bar  when  necessary.  You  want them to deal with vomit and litter so
where  possible  position  them  outside  manic rides and food shops -
Pokey Cola stands are particularly bad but coffee shops have their own

     13) Hire mechanics as soon as a ride show signs of breaking down.
Although  sandwich-crazy  they normally reach them before an explosion
is  on the cards. Mechanics can only fix one ride at a time. So in the
event  of  two  rides going into their death throes you need to either
turn  one  ride  off  and set your mechanic on the other or employ and
additional mechanic. An alternative method is to slow one damaged ride
down and repair the second. The queues grow but the people are happier
than  if  the  ride  wasn't  open  at  all.  It's a gamble but you can
increase the odds by keeping an eye on the people.

     14)  Place entertainers by the longer queues to keep people happy
and  when  it starts raining put them by the park entrance so they can
hand out umbrellas.

     15)  Hire  security guards when Hells Angels start appearing. You
know  when  that  happens  because they beat up entertainers and rides
break  down  more  quickly. You can't stop the thugs from getting into
your  park  so  the  only option is to eject them when they misbehave.
Hire  lots  of  guards  and  send  them after the thugs. You could try
sacrificing  an  entertainer  to their knuckle-dusters - at least that
way the thugs don't ruin any of your rides.

     16)  When building the park and dealing with tricky problems slow
the game speed right down. This gives you more time to plan and reduce

     17)  Make  sure  you spend plenty of money on research because as
well as helping the park to grow and helping you win the most advanced
park  award  placing new rides makes the game more fun to play. If you
can always buy new rides when they become available.

     18)  When  positioning rides remember that you can move entrances
and  exits  relatively  easily. Keep their immediate vicinity clear to
save problems later.

     19)  It's  a  good idea to buy up some shares in your theme park.
Not  only  does  it  protect you from being bought out but if the park
does well it also gives you some extra cash to play with.

     20)  Always increase your ticket price immediately after adding a
new ride to the park.

     21)  Build  places where people can queue up that are long enough
to  support all those who want to go on the ride - people won't join a
full queue and therefore miss out. You can increase the length of your
queue provided you have left room for extra tiles.

     22) You can have lots of fun laying out the park - here are a few
pointers  to help you on your way: put a balloon shop by the entrance;
cut  down walking time by avoiding snaking paths that lead nowhere and
instead  have  a straight path with rides coming off it; signpost your
park as much as you can; and make the most of one-way routes.

     23) Finally never leave the park unattended. Pause it if you need
to   pop  off  for  a  minute.  There's  always  something  to  do.  A
well-maintained park is a successful one.

     Did  you  know  that many food stalls can be approached from both
below  and  above  so  long as the path runs directly behind them? Set
them  up with a path running in front and behind the stall and they'll
sell food and drink from both sides hence maximising your revenue.

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