The Manager

     When you get to the main menu of the game where you have the date
and  various  other  pictures click on the disk icon on the right-hand
side  of  the  screen. A screen appears containing some icons - one of
which is of four levers. Click on this to bring up a screen from which
you can select your preferences. Position your mouse pointer precisely
at the top left-hand corner of the 'M' in the main menu on this screen
and with it in this position press either [A] or [G]. If you press [A]
all  of  your players are given a fitness skill and form rating of 99.
In adition you have (GBP)24999999 available to spend. If you press [G]
you  still  have  the  superior  players  but receive only ?4000000 to
squander.  You  can  repeat  this  process  and  it  is  wise to do so
frequently  because  your  players'  scores  rapidly  diminish. If you
become short of cash you can sell any player for (GBP)3000000.

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