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The Bard's Tale

     All  RPG's  are  tough  at  the start: when funds are low and the
party  hasn't  developed  many special skills. The weapons you set out
with   aren't   ideal   and  padded  armour  isn't  much  use  against
sharp-clawed  foes.  In  the  Bard's Tale games you can circumvent the
usually  slow  money-gathering  process  with  a  spot  of crafty cash
exchanging.  Create  two  parties in the camp at the start of the game
and  send  the  first  one  off  to  kill  some  monsters. When you've
collected  a  sizeable loot say 2000 gold pieces - return to the camp.
Give  all  the  gold  to one character and save the game. Take the guy
with  gold  from  the  first party and put him in the second. Make him
give  all  his  money to one of the other party members and remove him
from  the second party. You can now add him again and he still has all
his  money  -  repeat as many times as you want until you think you've
got enough money to last you through the game.

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