The Blade of Blackpoole

Part One

     This  is  sort  of  a  strange  game.  There aren't all that many
locations,  but  there  are  several red herrings in the game that can
slow  you  down  quite a bit. This includes a number of objects in the
adventure  which  are  totally  useless,  but  look  like  they may be
important.  I'll  let  you  know about these as we come to them. Also,
remember to make a map as you go along! Now, let's get started.

     You  begin  at the edge of a forest near a small lake. Behind you
to  the South is the lake itself with a small boat, and to the West of
you  is  a  giant  carnivorous  plant.  You will have to find a way of
carrying  the  boat with you, as well as getting something to feed the
plant. Fortunately, this won't be too difficult.

     Go East (bypass the shield, that's one of the red herrings), then
North  twice,  and  you should be in the Tavern. Go West into the next
room, and buy all the supplies except the knife, which is not used for
anything.  Go  East,  have a chat with the bartender if you like, then
make your way South, South, West.

     Oops!  You  just  walked into some quicksand! Good thing you took
that  Red  Cross  course;  swim  East, then Swim North. You will be on
spongy  ground,  and  will  find a vial of white potion. Get the vial,
then  go  North to the swamp, where you will see a bees nest. Get some
bees,  then return to the quicksand, where you now Swim West twice, so
you should be at the shield in the forest again.

     From  there,  go  West  and feed the bees to the plant. Now, head
East, then South, and you are at the boat. Pour the potion on the boat
and pick it up. Now return to the plant. Since you fed it, it will let
you past now.


     Ok,  just  head  North  and follow the road until you come to the
place where it forks. Drop the honey here (you will be needing it when
you  come  back), go West into the dense forest, then North....crash!!
Looks like you fell into a pit!

     Don't  worry,  just  throw  your  trusty  rope, which will become
mysteriously  fastened to a tree and allow you to climb out. Make sure
you  pick  up the rope after you're out. Brush yourself off, then move
along  North  past the cliff and West into the tunnel. Light your lamp
(handy,  that  torch), then go back the way you came. This time, there
will  be  no  pit;  instead you will see a small amulet. Pick that up,
then  continue  on along the road until you are back at the fork where
you dropped the honey.

     From  there,  go  South, and again follow the road back until you
are  at  the  plant.  Then  go  East,  East,  North,  East (ignore the
hammer!), then North to the tree where the recluse is hiding. Give him
the amulet, and he will recite a strange poem and give you a book.

     Now,  guess what? You have to retrace your steps once again, this
time  to  the  tavern.  Once  there,  drop  something  you're carrying
(anything  but  the  moneybelt) and buy a mug of ale. Now you can drop
the  moneybelt,  as you don't need it any longer, and pick up whatever
it was you dropped.

     From  there, you must make your way all the way back to the cliff
(sigh).  When  you  reach the bottom of the cliff, sing. The bird will
hear  you,  swoop  down,  and leave you at the top of the cliff near a
strange  pad.  Step  on the pad, and you will be magically transported
across the ravine.

     Follow  the  road  North  and  West to another cliff. Again, your
trusty  rope  comes in handy: throw it as you did in the pit. Now, you
can  climb  down,  and  go South and West to the river. Drop the boat,
which will magically return to normal size, and get in it.

     Paddle  North a couple of times, and you will come across a giant
sea  monster.  Fortunately  for  you,  the  old  dear  is  a bit of an
alcoholic,  so  pour  the  ale into the water, and paddle on by as she
flips out on some warm liquor. Just keep paddling North until you land
on the island in the middle of the lake.


     Here you see a statue of a Grud. Give the book to the statue, and
you  will  get  a key in return. That's all you need, so go South, and
you  will  be  back  on the lake. Paddle South twice, then Paddle West
once,  and  again you will be ashore. The only problem is that boulder
that's blocking your way.

     Or  is it? Try going West, and the boulder will disappear! It was
only  an  illusion, after all! Now you can enter the cave, so go West,
West,  and  get  the  helmet.  From  there, move East and South, which
should  bring  you  to a locked door. Unlock that with the key you got
from the Grud, drop the key, then Go South and get the bow.

     Now,  carefully, go East three times, South three times, and West
once. Pick up the scroll, then head West, North, North, and East until
you  are  back  at  the  "Myraglym" sign. From there, go North, North,
East,  East,  and  you  are  outside the cave. Get into your boat, and
paddle  North twice, then West once. You should be over a dark spot in
the water.

     Ok,  time  to get the sword! Go Down, and you will be in the lair
of  a  lizard.  Since  he  isn't  terribly friendly, you'll have to do
something  about  him.  Read  the  scroll, and you will see two spells
written  on  it. The "Regnilo" spell is dangerous, don't use that one!
Say  the other one instead, and an arrow will appear. Drop the scroll,
get the arrow and shoot the lizard with it. Drop the bow.

     Go  South, get the sword, go North twice, and you will be in your
boat again. Paddle back to the cave. The make-believe boulder is there
again,  so  go  West  once  to make it disappear, then go West, South,
South,  West,  and  you  will  be  at the altar. Hang in there, you're
almost done!

     Put  the  sword  on the altar, then say Myraglym. Whoosh! You are
magically  transported back to the forest! You still have a ways to go
yet,  so  head  on  South, South, East, and you are at the fork in the
road  where  you dropped the honey. By now (or very soon!) you will be
getting hungry. If you don't eat something, you'll die, so pick up the
honey and eat it. Now, return to the tavern, and the game is over! You
have successfully completed "The Blade of Blackpoole".

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