Type your first and last names and call sign. Push [Ctrl]+[Enter]
and  you'll  be  warped  past the training missions. While flying hold
down  [Right  Shift]  and  type:  plop - this will render your fighter
invunerable  to  missiles.  When  you  crash  you'll  skip to the next

     Hack  your  way through TFX saving you time and putting an end to
the  frustration  of having to replay through missions every time it's
your  misfortune to die. Read on for how to do this and how to achieve
some other handy cheats...

Backing up your pilot:

     There are 10 pilot spaces on the roster board in TFX. If you save
a  pilot  on  the first space the file is saved under TFXSAV.0. If you
save  your  pilot under the second space it's saved under TFXSAV.1 and
so  on. Let's assume that your pilot is saved under TFXSAV.0. Copy the
TFXSAV.0 file to TFXBAK.0 by typing:
copy tfxsav.0 tfxbak.0

Cheating to increase your points:

Go into your C:\TFX directory and type the following:
copy tfxsav.0 tfxsav.ba1
then type: debug tfxsav.0 or any other TFXSAV file. Finally type in
the following to give yourself a massive 16777215 points:
E 0140 00 00 FF FF FF

Increasing your pilot rank:

     Debug  any  TFXSAV  file  and  then  enter the following codes to
become a 1st Lieutenant:

E 013F 01

Change the 01 on the first line to a higher number for higher rank:
02 Captain
03 Major
04 Lt Colonel
05 Colonel
06 General

Resurrect yourself if you happen to crash or be captured:

     Debug  any  of the TFXSAV files and enter these simple but highly
effective codes:
E 01F4 00
E 01AB 00

How to bypass the training missions and get on to the Tours of Duty:

     Do  the debug routine - as mentioned countless times before - and

E 01AB 00
E 01AD 01
E 01AF 3E

Skipping through the Tour of Duty and Flaspoint missions:

     Debug TFXSAV.2 (ooh! A different one) then to put yourself in one
of  the  Tour  of  Duty  or  Flashpoint  missions  type  in one of the

E 01AD 10       The F117-A
E 01AD 0F       The YF 22
E 01AD 0E       The EFA
E 01AD 0A       The Drug War
E 01AD 0B       Defiance in The Desert
E 01AD 0C       Operation Restore Hope Two
E 01AD 0D       Bosnia: The Never Ending War
E 01AD 0C       The Doomsday Ship

     Having done this you must now put in one of the following codes:

E 01AF 05       Mission 1
E 01AF 0A       Mission 2
E 01AF 10       Mission 3
E 01AF 15       Mission 4
E 01AF 1A       Mission 5
E 01AF 20       Mission 6
E 01AF 25       Mission 7
E 01AF 2A       Mission 8
E 01AF 30       Mission 9
E 01AF 3A       Mission 10

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