Terra Nova

     Alright  mateys,  there be spoilers ahead! (If anyone cares about
how  I  did  it,  read  on.) Of course you're stuck with the worthless
Brandt  ap  Io.  Kit  him and the rest out with plasma cannons and the
blue  (fusion?)  lasers.  The  new  Accelerators  are a must. Take two
weapon  specialists  with  you,  oryou  can go with a repair squaddie.
Either  way,  ma ke sure at least one of them has autoturrets. I chose
mines. When you touch down, you have a couple of options.

     Either  stay  and take out the first patrol or yourself, or watch
as  your comrades bomb them to bits. Then head left, around the corner
of  the compound. (Take out any relevant turrets, of course.) At the n
orth  entrance,  have  the  others wait well back, near the end of the
cleared  area. take out the tank that has spotted you. You may need to
hustle  a  bit here, because you want to start spacing a line of mines
(I  used  three  at  a  time)  beginning right inside the entrance and
leading straight to your squad. Then start playing hit and run.

     If  clones don't hunt you down as you're laying mines, then shoot
'em from afar. Run back over the mines, and mop up the rest. Make sure
your  squadmates  are  back far enough that their eager bombing of the
baddies  doesn't  pr  ematurely  set  off  a mine. Repeat the process.
There's  one  particularly  large  group  of clones that's going to be
tough.  Have  your  mate(s)  drop some autoturrets between you and the
mines  so  they  will  help  the cause. WATCH BRANDT. He's your ticket
home,  and  evacs quickly. Anyone that attacked Brandt, I snuck up and
wiped out.

     There's  a  group  of  clones  that  perches on the (landing pad?
loadingdock?) inside near the fuel dome. For some reason they pulled a
Bambi  and  never  noticed  when  I terminated them from afar with the
plasma  cannon.  Ignoring  a bunch of drones that were joggi ng around
near the front of the complex, I ordered B. to nuke the joint. Then we
headed  out,  to  another kind of rendezvous, back at HQ. It got a bit
hairy,  but  I  survived  with  all  three  of  my comrades intact, on
standard difficulty. Give me a true mission editor, and I can envision
a  round-robin  affair where five friends each designs a level for the
other  four  to play as a team (assuming a network option). That could
be fun.

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