Chapter One: FREE SPIRIT
Chapter Two: PAST TENSE
Chapter Four: FLASH BACK
Chapter Five: IN SECURITY
Chapter Six: COMIC BOOK
Chapter Seven: RITE OF PASSAGE


     Author  Notes:  This  game has an unique trigger of events. Every
movie  clips  on  this  game has a special place to trigger first. For
example: in chapter 2 at the garden, you won't be able to see the clip
if you enter from the door in front of Restoration room. Instead, take
the  door  in front of Macy's room. There're lots of clips that can be
triggered  with  this way. So be careful when you thought that there's
no movie clip in one place at one time, just try another approach.



Main goal: Freeing Mei from the Capricorn Head

     Nobody  is  here,  hmmm  ... guess you should look around. Take a
peek  to the guest book on the desk to your left. Pick up a museum map
on  that  holder  by  the entrance. Meet Laurie, what an attitude !!!!
Warm  yourself  by  the fireplace. Pick up the poker and p oke the log
inside the fireplace. Hey ... what's this ?? (Starting now just try to
remember  every  items  that has a memory book icon whenever you touch
it.  You  can  use the memory book to record them after Mei give you a
book  in  Chapter 2). Now go check out the gift shop through the right
door  next  to  the  fireplace. Meet Lorena. Suddenly you heard a loud
noise.  Something  has  broken.  Lorena will go to check it out. Don't
follow  her,  'cause you won't find her anyway. You can get the map on
th  e  counter  if you haven't pick up one yet. Read the paper. Behind
the  counter  you  will find 4 jigsaw puzzles. Try to solve it now. It
has  some  clues  for later puzzle. Now it's time to check out the new
exhibition  :  The  Capricorn Collection. Walk through the corridor to
the  big  red door and you'll see Susanna come out from that room. She
looks  very  scared.  Enter  the room and investigate it. Click on the
ruby on the Cap ricorn head and meet Mei. "Free me ....." OK .. OK but
we  need  a  little  magic  first.  While  inside,  check  out the red
sarcophagus. Open it, yikes STEVENSON'S BODY. That scare Susanna away.

     Check  out  the note on his chest and pick up the clock. Read and
re member the insciption on the watch. Behind the sarcophagus, next to
the  instrument,  you'll see a black empty pedestal. There is supposed
to be Mei's chalice on it. It's gone. Click on the plate name to learn
how  to  use the chalice (you'll have to use 7 o unce of any liquid in
it).  Now  get  out. Outside you'll see Susanna arguing with Jordan in
front  of  Restoration  room.  He  said something about "two beep" and
"meet  me  in my place later". Sounds suspicious. Susanna will go back
to  Restoration room and lock the door behind her. If you don't know w
hat  to  do  next,  just check out the Capricorn head again. "Blood is
live"  hmmmm......  what  does it mean ?? It's time to check out other
rooms.  First,  the Break room. Hi Macy !!! Collect spoon, knife, fork
and the plastic foam cup on the table. Notice that water cooler on the
corner,  you'll  need  it later. Open the fridge and take out the ice.
Next  : Laurie Woo d's room. Listen to her phone messages on the desk.
Next stop : Jordan Cooper's room.

     Browse  his  desk.  Listen to his phone messages. Read the letter
from  Macy. Hmmm ... Stevenson has borrowed the chalice. Check out the
trash bin. What's this ? Nice artic le, but you can't memorize it yet.
Next  :  Macy's  office.  Listen  to  his  phone messages and read the
contract  on  his  desk.  Browse  his  bookshelf.  Nice book about the
Chinese traditional medicine. Last stop : Stevenson's office. Take the
chalice  on  the firep lace then browse his desk. Open the left drawer
and read the note about the blood on the sword. Listen to his messages
and  page  Susanna (remember "two beeps"). Head to the glass cage with
sword in it. Use the spoon to take the blood on the sword. Go straight
to  Restoration  room.  Susanna  will  come out when you arrive. After
she's gone, enter the room.

     Browse  the  workbench  on  the  left.  Get  airline bottle, wine
bottle,  and  open the small box. Read the poem. This is interesting :
memorize  the  capacit  y  of  those bottles. Go out and enter the New
Artist  Gallery.  There  are 2 interesting machines inside that worked
with set of balls. Try them both. On the first machine you can pick up
a leaf and with the other machines you can break things (you can try i
t  3  times). Ooooops, better find some way to fix those broken vases.
Go  back  to  Restoration  room and meet Reg. He's drunk. Get his wine
flask  on  the  table  when he's gone. It's time to do some magic. You
have  to use the chalice if you want to free Mei. For that you have to
find a way to have 7 ounce of liquid mix with blood. Go to Break room.
Fill the small 2 ounce airline bottle and 11 ounce wine flask. Put the
6 ounce wi ne bottle inside the foam cup.

     Pour  the contents of the flask into the 6 ounce wine bottle. The
cup  should  contain  11-6  =  5 ounce of liquid. Add the content of 2
ounce airline bottle in it. There you are : 7 ounce of liquid. Put the
liquid  into  the  chali  ce then mix it with the blood. Head into the
Capricorn room and pour the blood on the Capricorn head.



Main goal: Reveal  the  secret of Laurie's past

     Click  on  the  crystal  ball  to find a clue on what to do next.
Visit Macy's room and listen to his explanation. After the talking, go
to  Restoration  room  and  meet  Lorena. On the way there, you should
overheard  a  conversation  between Susanna and Jordan at t he door to
Cooper's  office.  Visit  the  New  Artist Gallery. Hmmm .... Mei. She
tells  you  to pick up the book inside the black box. Darn, the box is
locked.  Go  to  Gift Shop. Hey, that's Mei again. This time she gives
you  2  presents  : mystic camera and puzzl e. Pick them both from the
counter  and  the bookshelf. Now head to Stevenson's office. Reg, what
are you doing here?

     He's  trying  to  picklock  the drawer with screwdriver and paper
clips.  Take his screwdriver. Where have I seen the paper clips before
?  Yes,  Jordan  Cooper's  desk.  Take the matches and 4 kind of paper
clips  from  his  desk.  Take  a  broken  glass  and blue rubber ball.
Picklock  the filling cabinet with the combination of small paper clip
and  screwdriver. Read the Cooper's files from inside the two drawers.
Go  straight  to  the New Artist Gallery. Combine the screwdriver with
the  big size paper clip. Picklock the black box on the pedestal. Yeah
great,  there're  6  scorpions guarding the book. Use the broken glass
with  the  scorpions  until  they  kill  each  other one by one. Click
outside  the book when there's one scorpion remain. It will c lose the
book  and  crush  it.  Now you're ready to start filling up the memory
book  and  picklock  some  more  drawers.  Go  back to Gift shop. Hey,
someone  left  a  videotape here. Pick it up. Enter the Capricorn room
again.  Notice  that  this  time you get a camera cursor. Take a magic
picture from the sarchopagus. Go back to Stevenson's room. Combine the
screwdriver  with  the  medium size paper clip. Use it to picklock the

     Get some money and a casette from the middle drawer. Open the bag
and  analyze the bill. This guy spend lots of mo ney. Visit the Garden
via  the  door  in  front  of  Macy's room. You'll see Nick talking to
himself.  Check out his paper. The answer for scrambling word puzzle :
Capricorn,  Museum,  Treasure,  Adventure,  and Discus. Visit Security
room.  Open  Nick's locker. Notice the picture of his family. Open the
locker  right of Nick's. Open the medicine bottle and pick up the bug.
Open  the fridge and pick up a yellow magnet with a rope. Don't forget
to  take  3  darts  from  the  dart board beside the door. Look at the
monitor.  Flip the small line on the panel to vertical then insert the
videotape.  Watch  the  movie  about Stevenson and his new exhibition.
Ssssttt...  someone  is  coming, quickly hide behind the monitor. Nick
will  come and take the videotape. If you want to see the tape, you'll
have  to  do  it  now  because you'll lost it at the end of chapter 2.
Special  Note:  You  can  use the magnet to pick up the key inside the
left  urn  in the Capricorn room. On the key there's a print out na me
of Dr. Ruben with his telephone number : 617-555-1322.

     Go   to   Wood's  room.  Picklock  her  middle  drawer  with  the
combination  of  screwdriver  and  small  paper  clip.  Get  lipstick,
scissors,  and  perfume  bottle.  Inside  her left drawer you'll see a
strange clipping with many holes on it. Seems she's working on some se
cret  letter.  Don't  forget  to  check out the dresser. Open the left
drawer. Inside you'll see a box and a note. Read it then open the box.
Nice present but it's locked. Maybe later....Try to picklock the lower
drawer  of her dresser. Darn locked. Read the n ote about a key on the
desk.  Go  to  Macy's  room.  Picklock his small black filling cabinet
using  the  combination  of  screwdriver  and medium paper clips. Read
about the museum files and the supplies note from Susanna. That acid's
note  seems  very  interesting. Go to Restoration room. When you enter
the Restoration room, you'll see Susanna is angry with something. Open
the  fridge  to  the  right  of the entrance door. Get acid bottle and
electric  crucible.  Move  to  the  window and straight to the working
bench.  Click  on  the toolbox for a closer look. Use the acid to melt
the key. Use the bunch of paperclips inside the c rucible.

     Turn it on to heat the clips. Pour the melting clips to the key's
shape  on  the  bench.  Get the duplicate key. Go to Laurie's room and
head  to the dresser. Use the key to unlock the lower drawer. Open the
box and read the paper. Examine the bullet s also. Here is the list of
28  memory  items that you can find in the museum. Most of them can be
found  in  Chapter  2. Some of the items can be found in the following
chapter. Each name has 4 items to collect before you can see the movie
clip  about the character. You can take the item with red color in the
list.  For the rest, you can only look at them : Susanna: Necklace and
note  (inside  the  pink  box  in  Restoration  room), restaurant bill
(inside  Cooper's  trash  bin),  and compact powder (on Cooper's desk)
Nick:  Piece  of  paper  (inside fireplace in the Great Hall), Walkman
(Stevenson's  right  drawer.  Use screwdriver with medium size clip to
picklock the drawer), Comic Book (inside a suitcase in Security room),
and Letter (inside Wood's left drawer.

     Use  screw driver with small paper clip to picklock it. Note : at
the  first  time,  Wood  will  come  in and put it back again into the
drawer.  Read it again to memorize it) Laurie Wood: Piece of paper (on
the  photocopy  machine  inside the Supplies room), Letter (inside the
urn  by  the  desk  in Stevenson's room), Letter from the hospital and
bullets  (inside  the locked cabinet in Laurie's dresser, see previous
paragraph  for  gain  ing  it). Lorena: Statue (on the counter in Gift
shop), Ring (on the table in the Restoration room), Photo (Stevenson's
room,  in  the middle drawer), and Note (Macy's secret room in chapter
5).  Cooper: Work order (inside Stevenson's room, in the left drawer),
Brochure  (on  Cooper's  desk), Book (on the bookshelf inside Cooper's
room),  and  Blue  print (Macy's secret room in chapter 5). Reg: Latex
and  note  (on the workbench inside Restoration Room), Scalpel (in the
toolbox on the workbench inside Restoration Room), and Pottery (Macy's
secret room in chapter 5).

     Macy:  Note  (on  the  table in Snack room), Working contract (on
Macy's  desk),  Museum  file  (within  his small filling cabinet), and
Casette  (Macy's  secret  room  in  chapter  5).  Enter the Great Hall
through the door next to the Gift shop. You'll see Nick. Talk with him
and .... END OF CHAPTER 2. Nick will take the videotape away from you.



Main Goals: Make a cup of tea for Macy

     After  talking  with Nick, go straight ahead to Macy's office. He
wants you to make a cup of tea for him. Huh !!?? You think that making
a  cup  of  tea  is easy ??? Wrong, this is the most ridiculous way to
make  a  cup  of tea. OK, go to Stevenson's office. The re's a tea pot
next to his desk. Try to use it.

     Hmmm....  not working. Maybe you should check his mechanical book
on the desk and look for the last section (the one with torned paper).
Here is the list of the components to make the tea pot working : 1 Tea
bag  (next  to  the tea pot inside Stevenson's room) 8 Sugar cubes (on
the  bench  in Break room) 1 Tea cup (Macy gives that to you) 1 Tea or
Coffee pot (in Stevenson's room) 1 Hot plate (under the teapot) 1 Wind
propeller  (on  the  top  left  shelf  of  the  teapot, it is the ship
miniature)  1 Baloon (inside the New Artist Gallery) 1 Rubber ball (on
Jordan's  desk) 1 Scale (on the shelf inside Supply room) 1 Lever with
shifting  center  (on  the  working bench inside Restoration room, the
blue  "thing")  30"  pole  or rod (on the shelf inside Supply room) 26
toothpicks  (on the Reg's working bench inside the Restoration Room) 1
Glue (on the shelf inside Supply room) Note: When you enter the Supply
room,  you'll  overheard  the  conversation  between Lorena and Jordan
Cooper.  After  gathering all the components needed, it's time to make
the  incredible  tea  machine.  Try  to  complain  about this to Macy.
Woopps, Macy is working with some files of his.

     He  got  a  little piss off with your attitude. When you come out
from  Macy's  office  ,  you'll meet Nick again. This weird dude start
talking  about  your guardian angel. What a strange man !!! Go back to
Stevenson's  office. Put the scale on the table beside the teapot. Put
the  tea  cup  on  the left plate of the scale. Put the tea inside the
cup.  Arrange  the  pole  on  the  right  area  of  the scale. Use the
toothpicks  with  the  glue  to  make some small lever device. Put the
device  on  the right shelf on top of the pole. Arrange sugar cubes in
front  of  the toothpick device on the right shelf. Insert the balloon
on  the  mouth  of  the  teapot. Put the blue lever on the left of the
teapot.  Put  the  blue  rubber  ball  next to the propeller (the ship
miniature).  Finally,  turn  on  the  hot  plate under the teapot. The
balloon  should  inflate  and  hit  the right shelf . The gas from the
balloon  will  move the ship and make the ball fall down. It will move
the  teapot  to  fill  the cup. As soon as the cup filled up, the pole
will  push the sugar cube into the cup. Voila, a cup of tea is served.
Go  back  to Macy's room and se rve him the tea. Take the empty cup on
the  desk.  Looking  into  it  you'll find another puzzle piece. Go to
Restoration  room. Susanna is complaining about his tape recorder. She
said that Reg has taken her battery.

     Remember  at  the  beginning  of  Chapter  3,  Nick  has left his
flashlight  on  the  table in the Great Hall. Go there and pick it up.
Open the flashl ight and take out the batteries. Return to Restoration
room.  You'll  meet  Reg. He is talking with someone on the phone. Use
the   batteries   with  the  tape  recorder.  Play  the  casette  from
Stevenson's office. Learn that Stevenson hides the goat skin somewhere
in  this  Restoration  room.  Move to the Capricorn Room. Take a magic
picture  at  the  Capricorn head. This should trigger the movie in the
Great Hall. Enter it through the door next to Stevenson's office.



Main Goals: Recover the missing part of Susanna's painting

     After  talking  to  Nick,  pick  up the first puzzle piece on the
statue  in  the  Great  Hall.  Go straight to New Artist Gallery. Meet
Nick.  He'll  tell you about "Cold Iron will defeat Magic". Then go to
Restoration  Room and head to the working bench at the back , near the
window.  Watch how Susanna discover the missing piece on her painting.
Notice  the  brush  she  held. Go to the garden. Take the brush on the
bench.  On  the  other  side of the bench, you'll see a wall with grey
brick at the center of it. Throw 2 dart s to open the brick. Behind it
is  Cooper's  secret  place.  You  will  see a picture of young Cooper
standing beside a headless man. Enter the Capricorn Room. Take a magic
picture  of  the  Jebei  statue  (right  from  the head). Then use the
scalpel  or  the  scissor  to cut the hair from the Helmet Horn on the
left pedestal next to the gong (left from entrance). Go to Restoration
Room  and head back to Susanna's painting. Use the brush with the bowl
of  paint and smear the missing puzzle (make sure you drag the feather
around all the surface). Darn it's not working yet. When you walk back
to  the  door, Mei will app ear and tell you to find stronger solution
for  it. If you ask her, she'll point the Capricorn Room. Go there and
click  on  the  plate name near the pedestal with Helmet Horn. It said
that  the Helmet Horn once used in the magic ceremony to resurrect the

     Use  the  catapult. Aim it to the small gong. When the small gong
moved  by  the  stone,  quickly  use the catapult again. This time the
stone  will  be thrown back and hit the mannequin with Helmet Horn. It
will  cut  a  little  fragment  of it. Go there and take the fragment.
Bring  the  fragment  to  the Restoration Room. Head to Susanna's desk
(the  one  with  mortar and pink box on it). Grind the fragment in the
mortar.  Go  back  to  the  painting.  Use the powder with the bowl of
paint.  Then  dip  the brush in it. Smear the missing puz zle with the
new  solution.  If you've closed all the surface with it, a movie clip
will  appear.  It will tell you the story of the Capricorn head. After
watching  the  clip,  take the puzzle piece on the painting. Go to the
Great  Hall through the door next to Stevenson's Room. Mei will appear
and the chapter 4 will be finished.



Main Goals: Manipulate the security system to gain your access
to  Macy's secret room

     Follow Mei to Security room. Then use the security control and do
these  actions  in  order  : View New Artist Gallery. Try to reset the
system.  He  wants  to  override  the security system using the box in
Supply  room.  Unlock  New  Artist  Gallery's door. Unlock Macy's room
(Macy  will  go  out)  Unlock Break room. Macy will come in (forget to
bring  the key). Unlock it again (Macy will go out) Unlock Macy's room
(Nick  come  in  and  take  the key) then unlock it again to free Nick
Unlock  Break  room  (Nick come in and unlock the door to Supply room,
need  screwdriver  to  open  the power box) then unlock it again (Nick
will  go  out)  Unlock Break room (Macy will come in and try to unlock
the  power  box)  then  unlock it again (Macy will go out) Restoration
Studio  (Macy  will  take  the  screwdriver)  then  unlock it again to
release  him  Break room (Macy will open the power box, but he doesn't
know  what  to  do  next).  Unlock it to release him Unlock Great Hall
(free  Lorena)  then  Break room (Lorena will try to jumper the wire).
Unlock the New Artist Gallery (Lorena will try to get the wire but she
couldn't  reach  it)  Unlock Jordan's room twice to release Cooper and
Susanna Unlock Stevenson's office to release Laurie Wood Unlock Wood's
room  (Laurie  will enter and clean the gun) Studio (Susanna will come
in  and  clean  the statue) Unlock Wood's room (Laurie will go out and
bring the gun) then Capricorn room (Wood will give the gun to Reg).

     Unlock  it  again to release Wood Unlock Wood's room (Cooper will
get  the step ladder) Unlock New Artist Gallery twice (Cooper will put
the step ladder then Lorena will take the wire) Unlock Break room over
and  over  again until all the action finish (Lorena, Laurie, and Nick
will  fix  the  power  box)  Take the puzzle piece on the screen After
doing  some  security thing, head to Macy's office. Open the bookshelf
then  pull the hanging lamp on the wall just left of the bookcase. The
bookshelf  will  move  and a secret room will be revealed. Inside this
room  you'll see shelf on the left and ped estal on the right. Get the
casette,  note, and the dagger on the left shelf (clicking on casette,
note,  and  chinnese  pottery will reveal some more memory fragments).
Click  on  the  blue  print  on  the  pedestal to get the final memory
fragments.  Take a magic picture at the right far end part of the wall
(just  at the corner). Hmm .......... Nick's body. What does it mean ?
When  you  walk  out  from  there,  you'll  overheard the conversation
between Macy and Lorena. Sounds suspicious.



Main Goals: Discover the secret in Capricorn room

     Go  to  the  Security  room.  Take  the final puzzle piece on the
table.  Re-arrange  the puzzle pieces and enter the Comic Book puzzle.
Read  the  book  and just choose any question mark on the pages. Every
path  always  end  up  the  same,  no  matter  which  path  you tak e.
Re-arrange another 2 puzzles that shows up. It will tell you the exact
story  in  Capricorn Room. Go to Restoration room and use the cassette
player.  Listen to the cassette you found in Macy's secret room. Go to
Macy's  secret  room.  Check out Nick's body. Take the key and another
bugging  device  from it (this is the good one). When you turn around,
you 'll see Mei again.



Main Goals: Destroy the evil force inside the museum

     Go  to  Stevenson's  room. Go to the large painting on top of the
small  cabinet.  Move  the picture. It will reveal a safe. Turn on the
walkman and use the good bugging device on the safe. Now you must open
the  safe  and  see  what  is  kept  inside  it  :  a  videotap e. The
combination  number  is  generated randomly, so it will never the same
everytime  you  play this game. If you has choosen the right number in
the  right  place you'll hear a "click" sound on the walkman. You must
do "try and error methode" to guess all o f the six number.

     The easiest way to do this is by guessing the right number first,
then their position. You can play the videotape again in Security Room
to  see  what  inside it. Go to Capricorn room and take the last magic
picture  on  the Capricorn head. Watch the video clip and see that the
head  is a secret lever to open a door behind the blue tapestry. Click
on the head to reveal the secret door. Move the blue tapestry. Use the
dagger  to open the door. Enter the secret passage. Turn right. You'll
see Stevenson's body. Read the note on his hand. That's the formula to
defeat  the  "guard".  Turn  around and move forward. The "guard" will
appear. Go upstair again. Turn right and clic k on the burner. Put the
leaf,  perfume,  hair,  and  the  match on the burner. Watch the movie
clip.  This will dissolve the "guard" downstair. Go back to the secret
passage. The guard should be disappeared. Move closer to the door. Use
the poker on the red myst. Go in and wa tch the movie clip. As soon as
you  can  move,  turn around and take the half amulets on the left and
right  of  door. Put them in their place on the door. Take the amulet.
Put  it in watch window. Use the chalice to re-join them. Then use the
amulet  when  the  witch  point  out  at  you. Watch the ending movie.
Surprise ..... you are STEVENSON.


     There are few things that still remain a mystery for me : What is
the function of the camera in Stevenson's room ? There's a locked door
inside  Stevenson's  room.  How can I open it ? What is the use of the
bugspray  (from  Supply  room), the lipstick (from Wood's drawer), Dr.
Ruben's  key,  the  plastic knife and fork ? Any comments and addition
can  be  sent  to  : I will notify your comments and
addition with your name on the next update.


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