The  game  is  only  controlled  by the mouse. The left button is
look, and the right button is making an action, but sometimes you have
to  do something different but i have written everything down so there
won't be any mistakes. The way you see your inventory is by moving the
mouse  cursor  to  the top of the screen and keep it there, until your
inventory  list  comes up. On the F1 button you can save and load your
games,  and get some information about the game. (no help though). You
can't  die in this game, so i haven't written when you have to save or
not, you have to adjust that yourself.


     Give  the  pass  to the guard in the house. He will let you enter
the camp. Go to the east. Take the rope from the trash can. Go through
the  right  door.  You  will  automatically talk to the captain and he
wants  you to go through three trials to prove your worth, so he locks
you up. Take the spring from bed. Take the bulb from the ceiling. Call
the  captain  by  clicking  on the crates (at door) fire times, and he
will  come with some food and he will stay close to the door. Take the
live  cable  and  put it in the food. Use the switch (next to door) by
clicking on it and you will fry the food. Call the captain by clicking
on  the crates once again, and the captain will be fryed by having his
hands  in  the  soup  (ouch). Then take the keys from the body and use
them at the door to get out.

     Then  you  are back in the captain's room and the next test is to
get  the  captain to reveal the secret password. Enter the canteen and
get  the crumbs from the table. Exit again and go to the west. Use the
spring  on the solid ground (in front of brick wall) to put the spring
on  the  ground.  Use  the spring by clicking on it to get the shovel.
Take the delicate plant from the plant next to the brick wall. Go east
and  go  through  the  right  door to get back to the captain. Use the
delicate plant on the captain to get the swiss army knife. Remember to
pick  up  the army knife from the floor. Go out of his room again, and
head  west.  Go  north from the screen with the mud pool. Use the army
knife  on the fence in the back. Then use the shovel on the mysterious
object in the mud, and you get a kaleidoscope. Go east, south and then
you  should  back at the guard. Give the kaleidoscope to the guard and
you  will  get the soldier news. Furthermore take the grenade from the
guard.  Go  east  and  go  through  the  right door to get back to the
captain,  he  will give you the password and you will automatically go
into the canteen. Talk to the bartender and he will give you a mug and
the third quest: Find the captain

     Use  the  rope  on the grenade and go back the captains quarters.
Use  the  rope-tied-to-grenade  on  the  drawer  and  he will open it.
(sorta).  Take  the  medicine from the drawer. Use the medicine on the
crumbs  to  get  the  drugged food. Go out of the room and go west and
north  to get back to the screen with the mud. Use drugged food on the
post to drug the bird. Take the bird. Then just use the post, to climb
up  and  accidently  fall into the mud pool. While you still are lying
down,  use the mug on the mud pool to get the mug full of mud. Go back
the  canteen  (south,  east).  Use  the  bird on the radio and it will
bother  the  bartender.  Then use the mug you have with the mug on the
desk  to  switch  the  mugs.  Then talk to the bartender to get him to
drink the mug full of mud. He will drop, and you can enter the door on
the  left.  Push  the  blinking hole (in the top right barrel) and you
poke  the  captain in the eye. Then you have completed the third quest
and you are now ready for REAL spy buisness.


     Take  the  broken  paddle  from the boat. Go west and talk to the
squirrel  until  you  get  it  to  throw  the  nut down from the tree.
Unfortunately  it throws it down in the grass so you can't get it now,
but  don't  worry,  you'll  get it later. Enter the house in the back.
Take the chainsaw, and the rotten cheese from the shelf. Go out of the
house and go south. Go east and you'll be in front of a house. Talk to
the  guard  until  he  gives you the chocolate candy. Take the wrapper
which  lies in the grass in front of the house. Go north-east from the
house  and try to take the wild plant. You will get a wild potatoe. Go
west and take the rock from the ground. Then walk west but don't move.
Wait until the guard starts to drink the bottle of whisky and then try
to talk with him.

     He  will  get frightened and drop the bottle. Take the bottle and
use  it  with the chainsaw. Then go east twice and use the chainsaw on
the branch of the tree and you will get it. Then use the broken paddle
with the branch and you will get a fully working paddle. Go west three
times  to  get  back to where the boat was and use the paddle with the
boat.  You  will  then go to the small isle where you must pick up the
two  flowers. Take the boat back and go south toward the village. Then
go  north  toward  the field. Take the sickle and the rake. Try to get
the  hen  and  it  will  drop  a  feather. Take it. Examine the middle
haystack  and  you  should  get a needle. Go south and enter the house
there. Examine the drawers and get the handkerchief. Go out again, and
open  the car door. Take the comb, and use the lever (in the bottom of
the car door) Take the toolbox from the trunk of the car and use right
mouse  button on it. You'll get a car jack. Then use left mouse button
on  the  toolbox  and  you  will get a spanner. Use the spanner on the
basket  to  lower  it,  so  the poor kid can hit the basket. Enter the
house again, and pick up the fan and shotgun.

     Go  out  again  and go north to the field. Use the shotgun on the
crow and they will disappear. Take the dive mask and the fins from the
scarecrow.  Then  use  the  handkerchief  on the mouse hole so you can
catch  it. Then use the cheese on the mouse, and pick up the mouse and
handkerchief  from  the  mouse hole afterwards. Then go south and then
east.  Use  the fan on the laundry to dry it. Then enter the house and
give  the  old  lady a flower. Then you can pick up the feather duster
next  to  her.  Talk  to  her  again  and tell her that her laundry is
finished.  The give a flower to anne and watch a funny move. Go out of
the  house and take the rope that now appears. Go west three times and
enter  the  house. Use the chocolate candy on the heart shaped hole to
make  the  chocolate heart shaped. Use the wrapper on the chocolate to
make a nice pack of chocolate. Use the feather duster on the fireplace
to  make  a  dirty  featherduster. Go out again, and go south. Use the
sickle  on  the well to make the sickle sharp. Go south again, and two
east and enter the house.

     Give  her  the wrapped candy to get the ribbon. Use the ribbon on
the  rake to make the rake ready to work. Use the car jack on the rock
to  get the bone. Then use the sharpened sickle on the bush to get the
nasty  bush  away.  Enter the cave and use the mouse on the hole. Then
use  the  rock on the hole and finally the super glue on the hole, and
the  mouse  will  come  out  another  way with a gold nugget. Take the
nugget.  Go  out  of the cave and go north to the house. Give the dino
bone to the dog. Open the valve, and close it again to shake the walls
in  the  room. Go down the hole, and use the switch to get some light.
Then take the shovel from the wall and go out of the valve again.

     Go west three times and use the rake on the grass to get the nut.
Then  go  south and use the fins on the dive mask. Then use the diving
equipment,  but  when  you  get  under water, you must FAST target the
anchor  and take it. If you do it too slow you haven't got enough time
to get down there in time. If you don't get it at first just try again
until  you  get  it.  Use the anchor with the rope to make a grappling
hook.  Go east and give the gold nugget to the guard. He won't let you
in  anyway,  but don't worry, you'll get in eventually. Go west, south
and  two  east  to  get back to the ladies house. Use the nut with the
imitation  fruits  to get an plastic apple. Go out of the house, twice
west,  east  and south east to get over where the hedgehog is. Use the
plastic apple with the hedgehog to get the cone. Use the shovel on the
wall  and  you  will dig a hole and watch a little scene. Then go east
and use the grappling hook on the wall and watch a little scene again.

     Use  the needle with the cone, and then the feather with the cone
and  the  needle  to  make a dart. Use the wild potatoe with the dirty
feather  duster  to  get the painted potatoe who looks like a grenade.
Use  the grenade with the hollow in the tree to make the bird go away.
Then climb the tree, you will fall down and see another scene from the
house.  Then go twice west and once north to the screen with the bees.
Use  the  dart  on the bees nest, and the dart will penetrate the nest
and  make  the  honey come out. That will accract a bear and that will
get  the  bees  away.  Then enter the valve on the same screen and you
will  see  yet  another scene from the house. Then John Noty will come
out  and drop a banknote on the ground. Pick it up. Go west, south and
two  east  to  get  back  to anne. Then look at the note by using left
mouse button on the note and after that give the note to her. You will
be  REALLY  pissed  and go over to the house and beat the guard at the


     Enter  the  house and go west through that door into the kitchen.
Take  the  chili  from  the  table.  Go  out again. Go upstairs to the
library.  Take  the polaroid from the left middle drawer (use right to
open,  and  left  to  get).  Take the dictaphone from the bottom right
drawer  while  you  are there. Pick up a sheet of paper from the trash
can on the right side of the table. Open the bottom right drawer (this
may  vary)  and keep it open, then pull the red book in the middle (it
says  book,  not  books)  and  pick  up the video tape from the secret
compartment.  Go  down  the  stairs  again,  and enter the door on the
right. Pick up the cork from under the couch. Take the cognac from the
table.  Pick  up the newspaper, and when you are finished, pick up the
remote  control. Then turn on the TV, and put the tape into the video.
Then use the remote control with the video and use the polaroid on the
TV  to  get  a  picture.  Exit the room and go east twice to enter the
bathroom.  Use the piece of paper on the cork and use the wrapped cork
in  the  sink.  Then turn on the water by using the tap. Use the chili
bottle  in  the sink to make the label come off. Then use the label on
the  cognac  bottle  and go twice west and upstairs to pick up another
sheet of paper from the trash can. Go downstairs and west to enter the

     Then  take  the fake chili bottle and place it on the place where
the  chili bottle stood before. Then talk to the cook and he will pour
the fake chili bottle into the stew, and get so depressed that he will
leave.  Then take the pastry roller and use it on the radio to get the
batteries.  Use the batteries in the dictaphone. Open the refrigerator
once,  and  open it another time to see the real fridge. Use the sheet
of  paper  on  the  hot  plate to get a burning paper. Use the burning
paper  on the frozen meat and pick up the meat and put it in the stew.
Then you get the plastic bag.

     Leave  the kitchen and enter the video room (right door). Use the
dictaphone  with the TV (should still be on). Pick up the pincers from
the  cognac bucket in the room. Leave the room. Go east twice to enter
the  bathroom.  Pick  up the socks with the ice tongs. Leave again and
enter  the northern door with the robot inside it. Use the dictaphone,
socks and photo with the robot to get it to open its safe. Pick up the
jar and the book. Then a little scene will evolve. Then John Noty will
come  and  you  will  have  to  hide  in the left corner of the screen
(bottom  left  corner). Then another little scene will happen. Pick up
the  door handle he left behind on the cabinet. Exit the room. Use the
door  handle on the hole in the door on the right (bathroom door), and
the door will swing the other way and reveal a secret passage.


     Use the pills and you will stop the time and can safely move past
the  big  fan. Push the switch when you are on the other side. Then go
through  the  door on the right. The two men are talking, and you will
automatically eat another pill but John Noty makes a run for it, while
the  captain enters the room. Another scene comes about. Go twice west
and  enter  the  TV  room. Open the wardrobe and you here is John Noty
collection  gold. Give him what he deserves by taking the chili bottle
and hit him over the head.

Then the final scene will be shown and you have completed the game.


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