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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Stronghold Crusader

Автор: paladin2
I enjoyed this game thoroughly. It's a great economic strategy game, but the armored units are a little hard to pick off sometimes. Other than that, I really like this and the original Stronghold.

Автор: Bigfoot
"Stronghold Crusader" is a brilliant game for almost all gameplayers. Its also good fun building your own detailed castles/strongholds.
(Warning! Very addictive!)

Автор: Toad
The game is a great success. For the price it is even greater! If I were able to make one change though, I would have made ships available for fishing and war.

Автор: jo15
I have been playing this game for a long time now and can say that it is quite hard, but extremely enjoyable. If anybody is keen on the crusades or medieval fighting tactics, this is the game for you. Even if you just fancy a change buy this game. It will give out hours of fighting pleasure. I would give this game a 10 if I could :)

Автор: Gott
Excellent game, and very addictive. I can stay up for hours and play it. Definitely "Stronghold Crusader" is a game for medieval fans. It needs some naval wars added to it though.

Автор: Vlad
This is the Best strategy game ever made. I have both Crusader and original, and I love both of em. The best thing I like about it is that you have to take care of your people too, not only the army. The battles are great, siege equipment, soldiers come in varieties and lots of defense choices and tricks and everything. The only problem in the game is that it's "small". Like...the maps are small, and they could've put a lot more things in it like ships, for transport, and it would be great for the soldiers to fire arrows from the ships ;)...and stuff like that...but the game is GREAT!

Автор: need4speed67
The game's graphics are very well done, except for occasional bugs. There are many great ways to conquer your enemy. The game never gets boring, you can select from over 30 maps and 8 different enemies or allies.

Автор: lordgod
Great game. My only complaint, as far as single player, is that there are a couple of unbeatable strategies...The computer is not equipped for many scenarios, and eventually you know you are going to win, it is only a matter of how much you want to throw at them or how long you want to keep building up your castle, city, whatever. I also agree that naval war would indeed be a blast, but historically speaking, naval battles were not that crucial to the crusades, not to underrate the naval aspect.

Автор: Art
I really like Stronghold Crusader because you learn a strategy in it. It's a challenging game that enables ideas to go through your head. I rate this game 5 because of the following:
  1. The action; no game is ever fun without action.
  2. The playability; its extremely challenging. The Caliph is tough.
  3. The graphics; the best graphics I have seen.
  4. The real life scenarios; you are not just in a game, you are in a middle eastern war. And finally,
  5. The new characters: The Caliph, Sultan, Richard Lionheart, and Saladin the Wise.
That is why I rate this game 5.

Автор: Goatbag
Make sure you have a good relationship with your girlfriend before you you get sucked into the vortex of Stronghold Crusader. And get used to waking up in the middle of the night wondering if your keep is fully enclosed. This game may ruin your life!

Автор: Ty
This game tops all the Strongholds that I've played except I would have programmed in some ships for fishing and fighting for those bigger maps which have lots of water in them. Otherwise this is an excellent game and I would recommend it to all gamers who like medieval war and castle building games!

Автор: dodong
Ohh, what a game!!! I really love this game. Aside from just enjoying the game, you also acquire knowledge on the crusade of Knights Templar to reclaim Jerusalem. Edu-tainment, that's what gamers benefit in playing Stronghold Crusader. I just hope Firefly Studios release a patch on how Balian of Ibelin defend Jerusalem against Saladin of the Ayyubid empire. And make a more historical games, just like Stronghold. A very addictive game... Certified 5!

Автор: desdichado
One of the cooooooooolest game I've ever played. But beware, the game takes almost all time out of your life. I started playing Stronghold Crusader three years back and am still playing it again and again. I'm never bored. Wonderful work from Firefly Studios. But the end of the trail could have been made better than just the faces of the characters.

Автор: unclenazi
Awesome game, and for a great price, too! I noticed that an earlier comment said to "get used to waking up wondering if your keep was enclosed". I thought I was the only one! The only real complaint I might have is that the walls are extremely weak in one player mode; there have been times that I've built three sets of battlemented walls, each with a large gatehouse, moats, and round towers, and still had trouble defending against large siege forces. Otherwise, a must-have for medieval strategy gamers!

Автор: Vio
Stronghold Crusader is a wonderful game with plenty of room for creative tactics. In the face of this it is a shame that the AI is downright stupid and predictable, since it is kinda hard to find human opponents at your level. If you do, however, it is great fun. Only criticism is that some resources never run out. Combined with the fact that one can buy anything for money on the Market, battles between two rich players can last VERY long. Plus, crossbows seem to be a massable unit with no real disadvantage. Still this is a great game. And you better see to it that your GF plays it as well. ;)

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