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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Stronghold 2

Автор: Maddog
I love it! Why? Bit of strategy - The graphics - The tongue in cheekiness. The accents. Ha Ha! - Geordie spearmen ("oim all oim ever going to be") - I asked my knights to fill in a moat and the reply was: WHAAT? In these clothes, Sire? Are you mad? The whole game is just not taken too seriously. My boss is Barclay Deffo. And the whining little weasel who keeps telling you how bad you are doing is just like my 2c at work. I like to finish work and then pound some opponent in to dust prior to the pub - relaxed! The moans - wolves that pass women and kids to get to gongs pit men to cause max inconvenience - no good fight scenes and not enough medieval nasty stuff. Should be developed with more adult content - slice up your defeated enemies and take hostages if your adviser says "people are unsure of you, my Lord". Ones next question should be which people exactly and why aren't they flogged yet or clapped in irons. Ruined stone buildings should remain as rubble difficult to fight or move through. The game could be massive - I hope Firefly continue to develop this - I love it. Incidentally one should be able to cuff Whinger the Adviser around for a laugh whilst waiting for reinforcements to generate and it should gain you honor and raise moral amongst ones cronies and as for gong pit men who refuse to clear gong... Well, if I was really in charge they would be eating it. And there should be weather and fatigue and routing units etc. Pet hate is a firegroup of archers all turning their fire on some lowly pheasant emerging from a hovel when they are meant to be covering an assault.

Автор: shooter macleod
OK, 1st: love the concept and the graphics; perfect. Then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. I don't know if I have a bad copy or what but military action is out... the little bastards won't go where I tell them. On the home front, "My Lord" lets thieves run right by him! What kind of a noble is he? Every time I get going pretty good, something comes along and dumps on me! I need either lots of help or a lot of cheats!!! I must say (in my defense) that I can rock AoE I, II, or III to victory, but this game whips my tail. Anyone?

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