Strike Commander


     One  of the major issues in Strike is the cost of weaponry so you
can't  afford to waste missiles and bombs. It's important to learn how
to  use  the Vulcan cannon as soon as you can because you can wipe out
planes  and  buildings  for  free. When you come out of auto-pilot and
into  a  dogfight switch straight on to the Vulcan's dogfight mode and
target an enemy plane. Tell your wingman to engage the target and then
target the other enemy. You might be able to score a couple of hits as
you fly straight at each other otherwise you have to try to get on his

     Never  fire  a  missile  when  you're  a  long way from the enemy
because then it's easy for it to be distracted by chaff or flares. Get
in  close - fire a few cannon rounds and then loose off a missile when
you've  got  a lock and are either behind or to the side of the enemy.
If  you're  close  enough  his flares won't have time to distract your
missile. If the enemy ever gets on your tail hit full afterburners and
head  straight  up.  Early in the game the enemies won't follow you up
but  later  you should be able to shake them off with a quick burst of
speed and a few sudden turns.

     When you're attacking the ground targets - cut the engines to two
or  three  MIL  and  then  use radar to get lined up early. There's no
point  in dropping bombs when the plane's wobbling all over the place.
Make another pass and come in low and level.


     You've  taken  over  the Wildcats. You've got your revenge on the
rebels  by bombing the nuclear installation and you've made it back to
Istanbul alive. Phew and the game's only just started! If you lost and
planes  in the first few missions you're going to be strapped for cash
so  it's  best  to  repeat missions until you think you've got through
with losing as few planes as possible.

     Once  you're  back  in  Istanbul  get  in the jeep and trundle to
Selim's  bar.  In  the  mission  pool  you're greeted by three brokers
offering missions in Egypt Alaska and Quebec. Alaska is the hardest so
save  that  til  last when you've saved up some money from (hopefully)
succesfully  completing  Egypt  and  Quebec. Egypt's the best place to
start  even  though  the  first  mission  involves  a furious dogfight
without  any  missiles. After that though you're on to some relatively
easy  ground attack missions and anti-aircraft fire is not as heavy as
in many other scenarios. On missions in which you have to destroy lots
of  small  ground  targets such as tanks and AAA (this applies for any
scenario not just Egypt) it's worth carrying half a dozen Mavericks on
the  inside pylons. When you approach the target area you can take out
the  anti-aircraft  emplacements  from long-range and then destroy the
rest  of  the  targets  at your leisure with the cheap Mk82 free- fall
bombs.  It  may  seem  an  expensively extravagant way of dealing with
ground  threats but it's more than worth it if it means that your F-16
doesn't  get  shot  to  bits.  There's  nothing  more  depressing that
battling  past waves of enemy fighters only to be thwarted by a couple
of poxy AAA batteries.

     When  you're  attacking  runways  it's not essential that you use
Durandol bombs - three or four Mk82s dropped equal distances along the
tarmac  does  just as weel and is a much cheaper method. When you make
your  attack  line  up  so you fly down the length of the runway - you
should be able to destroy it with on the first pass.

     If  you  get  fed up of dogfighting there's a hit-and-miss way of
making  your  enemies  self-destruct. Before auto-piloting to the next
destination hit C to communicate with your wingperson (but don't hit 1
to  start  communicating). Press [F1] to get the heads-up-display into
magnified  mode  and  then  press  W  to select an air-to-air weapon -
either a missile or the Vulcan cannon in dogfight mode. Now press A to
autopilot  with  the  aerial engagement and as soon as you come out of
autopilot  press  1  and  then 2 to tell your wingperson to attack the
target.  With  a  bit of luck the enemy planes destroy themselves. You
hear  a  couple of screams along the lines of 'Control's out I'm going
in.'  and  you've  won the fight without firing a shot or getting hit.
This  method  doesn't  work  everytime  but  it's  always worth trying
because  it  means  you  can  get  to the target area with very little


     Use a hex editor to edit your save game file to give yourself 255
rounds  of  each of the weapons in the game. Search for the HEX values
below. Change each value to FF to increase the number of weapons.

Hex 16F determines AIM-9Js
Hex 171 determines AIM-9Ms
Hex 173 determines AGM-65s
Hex 175 determines Durandals
Hex 177 determines MK-20s
Hex 179 determines MK-82s
Hex 17B determines GBU-15s
Hex 17D determines LAU-3s
Hex 17F determines AIM-120s

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