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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Street Fighter 4

Автор: JBear
And Here Come New Challengers! Street Fighter 4 is incredible. Graphics are full of colours, very dynamics. Sound is amazing, if you have some High Definition Speakers, will blow your head. Controls are classics and intuitive (most of moves remain intact and we'll find some news). The characteristics of 3D graphics bring the game to a new perspective, without lose the traditional 2D action. New Characters, Yeah! Refresh the sensation of gameplay... and you will play it a lot of times to reveal the secrets characters... It worth his weight in Gold. 5 Out of 5!

Автор: pff
This game sucks, the graphics aren't bad, but they could've done so much more (look at the textures, everything looks so flat and dead, especially when the camera closes in). The controls are now noob-friendly, this means that even difficult moves can be done without any effort. But my main problem with this game is the fact that they made half the characters unselectable from the beginning. I hate this, why would I have to beat the arcade mode a gazillion times just to unlock Dan? That's just stupid. Street Fighter III is way better than this game.

Автор: Kuroi_hi
Nice game as for PC. It looks perfect. Surely, if you have good computer ;) But Street Fighter 4 is unbalanced - some chars are too easy to win, some are too hard. It's game mechanics are like in old good SF. But, I don't like that much. The main plus is that the game is simple. So, even people who are new to fightings can play it online vs other players.

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