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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре State of War

Автор: James
Firstly State of War is a very simple RTS game. It lacks any kind of building option other than turrets, and concentrates on the capturing of buildings, some of these provide you with either aircraft or tanks which can be used to capture more buildings, the final act of each mission is to destroy the enemy headquarters (the only uncaptural building) while defending your own. The one other aspect that it involves is the advancer unit, which is a special unit that you have in some missions, it allows you to advance and upgrade buildings, it is the only unit that can repair buildings and turrets and is classed as an air craft so it is only vulnerable to anti-air. It combines a number of scenarios from having to utilize only aircraft or only turrets as well as timed and escort missions, sometimes you will have an advancer and sometimes you won't (usually the larger missions will be the ones that include advancers). On a whole the game play works well and it is a well balanced game. There are five types of tank (basic, artillery, flamethrower, plasma/sonic? and anti-air), each can be upgraded to heavier tiers if you have a good enough building. There are four types of aircraft, fighter, bomber, carryall (drops a random group of tanks) and the tripler (a strange kind of bomber that fires two sets of three bombs). I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys any RTS game, it will be a little trip back into the past graphics and control wise but it's defiantly a must for strategy gamers, and considering it cost about £1, it's definitely worth it! I gave the game a 3 out of 5 because it just doesn't match up with games like Tiberian Sun and Red Alert which were the same era of games.

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