Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Various Hex Cheats
     In  the folder PLAYERPROFILES under the folder Rogue Squadron was
installed  into  are  the  files  containing  the  player info such as
current  mission  number,  what  medals  have  been won, what rank the
player has achieved, etc. The filename of the first player created for
example is PLAYER_00.SAV.

     At hex address 32 in this file is the current mission number. Hex
00  is  the  first  mission, 01 is the second, 02 the third, and so on
until hex 0F, mission 16, which is apparently the last mission. Simply
changing  this  number  to  anything up to hex 0F will allow access to
that mission and all missions before it.

     At  hex  address  31 is the player rank info. The following table
shows the values and their effects:

00 = Trainee
01 = Cadet
02 = Ensign
03 = Officer
04 = Lieutenant
05 = Flight Leader
06 = Captain
07 = Squad Leader
08 = Gold Leader
09 = Major
0A = Commander
0B = Colonel
0C = General
0D = Line Admiral
0E = Fleet Admiral
0F = Supreme Allied Commander

     Note:  Even  if  this  value  is  changed, the game will continue
"promoting" the player at it's own rate.

     At  hex  53  through  hex  57 is the info for the medals (Bronze,
Silver, Gold). The following table shows the values and their effects:

0 = No Medals
1 = 1 Bronze
2 = 1 Silver
3 = 1 Gold
4 = 1 Bronze
5 = 2 Bronze
6 = 1 Bronze and 1 Silver
7 = 1 Bronze and 1 Gold
8 = 1 Silver
9 = 1 Bronze and 1 Silver
A = 2 Silver
B = 1 Silver and 1 Gold
C = 1 Gold
D = 1 Bronze and 1 Gold
E = 1 Silver and 1 Gold
F = 2 Gold

     So,  as each byte consists of 2 hex numbers, a hex 4D for example
would be:

     1 Bronze plus 1 Bronze and 1 Gold for 2 Bronze and 1 Gold in that

     Apparently  the maximum number of possible medals is 19, so a hex
FF FF FF FF FF would be 19 Gold rather than 20 Gold.

Various Cheats

Cheat code:     Effect:
CREDITS         Funky Credits Appear at the End of a Star Wars Movie
LEIAWRKOUT      Activates Force Feedback for PC Joysticks
GUNDARK         Modifies Force Feedback Control for PC Joysticks
CHICKEN         Play as an AT-ST
DIRECTOR        View All the Cutscenes
MAESTRO         Listen to All the Sound Themes
IAMDOLLY        Unlimited Lives
TOUGHGUY        All Power-Ups
USEDAFORCE      Use Any Ship Available in Current Level
NUMBERTWO       Infinite Secondary Weapons
HIKEN           Hidden Secondary Weapons
NEUC            Destroys All Imperial Ships on the Radar (Unconfirmed)
LOKJOT          Land and Do Repairs (Unconfirmed)
IGIVEUP         Unlimited Lives
WOOKIEPELT      Fly as the Falcon
OOMPAWAMPA      Level Select
GOODGUYTIE      Fly as TIE Interceptor
ACE             Hard Difficulty
RADAR           Radar Turns into a Real Radar
BLAMEUS         Photos of the Developement Team

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