Star Wars: Rebellion

Easy Fighter Killing
     This  is  for  places  like  Coruscant  where  there are a lot of
fighters.  Get  a  fleet  really close to the enemy system. This fleet
should have 2 Corellian Corvettes and 1 Escort Frigate (Nebulon B's if
you have them) but NO FIGHTERS.

     Jump  into  the enemy system and unpause. When the enemy fighters
start  moving,  pause and jump into hyperspace. The fighters will have
reached  you  and exchanged shots. If you were quick enough they won't
damage you but their squad size will be reduced. Rep eat as needed.

Fast start for the rebels
     The  empire  allways  begins  with  a  planet  that  supports the
rebellion,  but  is  subjugated by a big garrison of ground troops. if
you  gather  a  large  fleet  with several fighter squadrons and put a
commander  with  high  leadership  and  combat  (Han  Solo  or Wedge A
ntilles)  you  can  easily  blockade  the  planet.  Then  promote  the
commander  to admiral status. Then bombard the imperial miltary units.
Once  you  have  destroyed all imperial units the planet automatically
joins  the  rebellion. Liberating the planet will cause the rebellions
popularity  to skyrocket often causing several neutral systems to join
and  imperial  systems  to  uprise. Then you can liberate the imperial
system  which  are pro rebels and soon you control the whole sector. I
once  conquered  an  entire  sector  (  sluissi)  by  day  34  using 2
corvette╤s,  and  a  fleet  carrier  carrying 4 Y-wing╤s & 2 X-wing╤s,
commanded  by  Han Solo. P.S. You can prepare for planetary shields by
having a good spy, like Chewbacca tagging along.

Power-up Luke
     Later  in  the game, once you've blockaded Coruscant, put Luke on
the  blockading  fleet. SAVE THE GAME! 99% of the time, the Emperor or
Darth  Vader  (or  both)will be on the planet. Send Luke on a sabotage
mission or capture mission (but make sure not to targ et the Emperor!)
Since  the  Vader  and/or Emperor are both force users, they'll detect
Luke.  His  mission will be foiled and he will gain two force bonuses:
One  for encountering Vader/Emperor and another for evading escape. If
Luke  gets  captured,  reload  the game and send a few infiltrators in
with  him.  Even  if  he  fails  then,  keep  on trying and repeat the
process.  Before  you know it, he'll become super strong and darn near
invincible.  I  had  him  over  500 in combat and espionage and 350 in

Take a planet
     First   target  an  enemy  system  and  bulid  8  either  bulwark
battlecruisers  or  8  super star deystroyers and commence a planetary
bombardment  (which  will deystroy all their defenses) then invade the
system  with  12 or more regiments (this should elimanate all c hances
of  a  uprising)  then  continue  to  run diplomacy missions until the
planet is loyal to you.

Take a planet...the easy way
     Chose  a  planet you wish to take over. Invade with a fleet large
enough  to  hold  the  system.  Once you have a blockade of the system
bring  a  strong  force character (jedi Luke or vader) onto one of the
ships.  Send  them to take out whatever generals they have controlling
ground  forces.  Once  thats  done  you  can send them to take out the
shields  and defenses as many times as necessary with very little risk
to  themselves.  After defenses are down you can incite uprising until
they  turn  to  your  side without losing any ground forces or wasting
time with diplomacy.

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