Star Wars: Force Commander

Unlimited Command Points
     In  the  select  player screen, create a new player with the name
"TheGalaxyIsYours".  Double click on the name instead of clicking once
and  pressing  the  blue  arrow. Then during the game you just need to
press  "M"  for  500  command  points! You can press it as much as you
need.  The  only  downside to this cheat is that you can't apply it to
players you have already created.

Access All Missions
     In  the  select  player screen, create a new player with the name
"TheWorldIsYours".  Double  click on the name instead of clicking once
and pressing the blue arrow.

Spawn Units
     To  spawn  units without having to wait for the drop ship, follow
these steps:

1. Press [CTRL] + 0 after entering the "TheGalaxyIsYours" cheat.
2. Up or Down arrow scroll through units to spawn.
3. LEFT arrow spawns that unit (magically drops unit with a drop ship
or the wait).
4. Shift UP or DOWN changes team of spawned unit.

     Other Cheat Codes (can be used AFTER the "TheGalaxyIsYours" cheat
is activated):

Code Result 
[SHIFT] + M                   500 Command Points and Order Any Unit 
[CTRL] + W                    Win the Mission 
[CTRL] + 8                    Show Active Units 
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + 8          Show All Units 
[CTRL] + 9                    Remove Fog of War 
NumLock + [*] (on keypad)     999999 Life for Unit 

Faster Patient Walking
     Click  on  "Release  Patient"  when  an Imperial vehicle is being
healed on the repair bay. It will walk away faster.

Double Unit
     If  a  unit  carrier  gets destroyed, remove the unit at the same
time it explodes. If done correctly, that unit will be doubled.

Pod Racer Appearance
     Complete  the  second  objective  in  the  third training mission
(destroy the buildings at the Jawa camp) and two pod racers will start
racing around.

Destroy Enemy Units
     When  in  "[CTRL]  +  0"  mode,  click on an enemy unit and press
delete...  the unit is destroyed just like your own units are when you
press delete.

Special Troops
     First  of  all,  you MUST have the version 1.1 patch in order for
this  to  work.  Then  create a new file called "TheGalaxyIsYours" and
capitalization  does  count!  Enter  any mission (even a skirmish) and
press   Ctrl+0  and  at  the  bottom  of  the  screen  it  should  say
"stormtrooper".  Press  up  or  down  until you find the unit you want
(I've  gotten Darth Vader, snowtroopers, and 4 different Lukes!). Then
press  left  to get what you chose. Oh, and if you think your guys are
weak,  just  press Num lock+Keypad asterik (*) to get 999,999 (!) life
for your selected unit!

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