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Star Wars: Battlefront cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Milkshake
When on the profile list where you choose your user name, put in 'Jub Jub' and all your people {including you} will turn into midgets.

Author: MJ
When playing for the Republic on Geonosis, use the fighter to destroy enemies without killing yourself often. Also it would be better for you if you get some soldiers with you on board. Especially mechanic.

Author: Anonymous
On RhenVar Harbor, when you come out of the Ice Caves, walk over to the side of the Lighthouse. There is a crack in the ground, stand in front of it. Push the "Q" key on your keyboard to see your person, then walk strait at the crack. You will then be in a secret room where you can shoot through the sides of the Lighthouse and no one knows you are there!

Author: Luke Skywalker
When you come out of the carbon freezing chamber on Bespin go left and jump on top of the base for the ramp. You will be protected from Jedi and pretty darn safe from gunfire,if you lie down [x button].

Author: Delta.345
Hint: Don't ever go under where vehicles respawn and if you have to move quick.
Hint: When ever you're on Tatooine Desert (is this right?) don't just run across the Sarlacc Pit (the thing with the arms trying to grab you), drive a skiff or other vehicle then get out.
Hint: If you are driving a LAAT gunship and your reinforcements are low drive over buildings in Bespin and tell a few people to hold positions and shoot on the roof top.

Author: black ops master
This is kinda funny. On Bespin platforms find a cloud car (description: a double cockpit with a metal thingie connecting them). Go away from the floating buildings and in the air press Space.Then press E two times and you will get out of your cloud car. Then press Q to look at yourself. While the ship is descending you will be ontop of it bouncing until the ship blows up. It is kinda funny.

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