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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Star Wars: Battlefront

Автор: Petey
I love "Star Wars: Battlefront", and this game does capture the essence of some of the major battles from all 5 films. I feel there is a lack of depth, although galactic conquest does keep you playing for a while. The dynamics of the battles work well, although the scope of the orders you can give could be greater. Major plus point; it is genuinely scary when you see the scout walkers come charging over the hill/through the forest towards you! Well done to "Lucas Arts" for bringing the Starwars fighty "thang" to our homes. :)

Автор: Leon
I have owned the game for a month, and so far it is the most played game in my collection. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is great, but it's a little glitchy, the AI is as dumd as rocks, and the grenade explosions only affect a really small area. You have to shoot someone at the scalp of the head for an instant kill shot. Over all the game is really fun and if you have 50 bucks I suggest you buy it.

Автор: Julius Caesar
Another "Star Wars" game. Be the Empire, Rebels, CIS, or the Republic. Pick one of five cool units, spawn in one of the bases, and fight out some typical "Star Wars" fights including Hoth. Getting into ships, blasting stuff, personally taking over command posts, dying, and re-spawning are the norm in this game. Oh, and no stupid "Game Over". You just re-spawn. It's above average.

Автор: Chris
This game is really cool, it has all of the qualities of a really good star wars game: foot-soldier and fighter pilot options, jet-trooper (my favorite), and really good sound and graphic quality. My only complaints are with the game being a bit glitchy, especially if u don't have DSL when playing multi-player. Overall this is a great game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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