Star Trek: Judgement Rites

Complete Solution:

     ----------  Stardate  6223.8.  While  en  route to the Scientific
Academy  the  crew  of the USS Enterprise watches the final moments of
the  USS  Alexander  and  her  commander  Luke  Rayner.  But  this USS
Alexander  is  from eight days into the future blown from its timeline
in  a  disaster  meaning  the end of the United Federation of Planets.
Captain Kitl and his crew set off for Espair Station - the Alexander's
last  recorded  position.  Can they discover what or who is behind the
possible destruction of the Federation before it's too late?

     1. The Enterprise arrives at Espair Station and Kirk runs into an
old  adversary  -  Breddell  who  holds  a deep grudge against him. He
reveals  plans for a Big Bang bomb which will destroy half the galaxy.
This  madman must be stopped at all costs but Kirk Spock and McCoy are
thrown into the brig before they can act.

     2.  When  your  landing  party awakens get Spock to check out the
loose  panelling  on the wall. Once Spock has disabled the force-field
the  guard  attacks  but  is  easily knocked unconscious with a Vulcan
nerve pinch. Make sure you take the guard's passcard before your leave
or you'll be stuck.

     3.  In  the room next to the brig you'll find three lockers. This
is  where your phasers and other important equipment have been stored.
You  can  use  the  passcard  to  open  the  lockers and retrieve your

     4.  Enter  the turbolift. Here you find a map of complex enabling
you to plan your next move. Now select corridor one.

     5.  Security guards block your path. Set your phasers to stun and
gun them down before they get a shot in. If either Spock or McCoy gets
hit  before you manage to knock the guards out they take a few seconds
to come round and complain a little (in the case of McCoy this usually
means a lot).

     6.   Enter  the  Computer  Room  (far  left  doorway).  Stun  the
technician  and get Spock to examine the three-dimensional chess game.
Correct  moves  are choices one then two and then three. Now use Spock
on  the left computer. First examine it with the science tricorder and
then  the  medical  tricorder.  Use  Spock  again to discover a secret
password. Move back into the corridor.

     7.  Enter  Central  Control  (far  right doorway). Two guards are
waiting  for you - stun them quickly or else your adventuring days are
likely to come to a sudden and nasty end. Talk to Munroe to glean some
interesting  background  information  to  the  story. Use McCoy on the
technician  to  cure  him  of  his  allergy.  Now set Spock to work on
disabling the computer systems.

     8.  Move  back into the turbolift and choose the second corridor.
Select the Crew's Quarters (near right doorway). A guard is asleep try
not  to wake him (use McCoys medical kit on him - it's not ethical but
then it's only a game after all) and take the three practice dummies.

     9.  Now enter the Executive Quarters (near left doorway). There's
not  much of interest here except an air-filter. It's fairly bulky but
essential so take it with you.

     10.  Select  corridor  one and enter the Transporter room. Gas is
escaping  into  the  air - if you don't stop it quick enough you'll be
overcome  by  the  fumes.  Attach  the  air filter to the grate by the
transporter  controls.  Place  the practice dummies on the transporter
grid  and  then  use  Spock  on  the  controls. Choose to transport to

     11. When you re-materialise the security guards attempt to disarm
you.  Luckily  the  dummies you picked up earlier act as decoys giving
you  enough time to stun them. Talk to the head of security and try to
convince  him  that  he should come over to your side. Use the science
tricorder  on  the head of security to reveal Breddell's plans to him.
Before leaving make sure you don't forger to disable the computers.

     12.  Move  back  to the turbolift and select the second corridor.
Enter  the Special Projects room (far left doorway). Kill the beast as
soon  as  you  enter  - you'll need to set your phaser to 'kill' to do
this  otherwise  you  end  up as the monster's snack. Use Spock on the

     13.  Enter  Breddell's quarters (far right doorway). If you can't
open  the  door  you  probably  forgot  to  get  the password from the
Computer  room  (see  point  6  above). Stun Breddell who is holding a
phaser  in  his hand. Remove the dartboard to reveal the doomsday bomb
controls.  To disable the controls you need to enter the correct code.
Take the book and then the bookmark. The code in the book is incorrect
but  the  bookmark contains the correct one. Use the science tricorder
on  the  bookmark  and  then  use  Spock on the control panel. To stop
Breddell escaping sabotage the computers in the docking bay.

     Congratulations you've saved the Federation from destruction!!!!

     Stardate  6236.5.  Three Federation starships have disappeared in
the  Delphi  system.  The  USS Enterprise is dispatched to investigate
this  mystery  and  encounters and authentic German fighter place from
the  First World War. It is manned by Trelene and old enemy of Captain
Kirk's (first seen in the Squire of Gathos - fact fans).

     1.  Unable  to  defeat Trelene in combat Kirk McCoy and Spock are
transported  to  the surface of a nearby planet where everything is an
exact  replica  of WWI Germany. To get out of prison open the crate in
the  far  right-hand  corner and pick up one of the bottles inside and
use  it  on  the  hay in the left-hand corner of the room. Pick up the
stick  on the ground and use this on the hay to start a fire. When the
guard  comes  in  either  talk  him  out  of shooting you or knock him
unconscious before the whole room goes up in flames.

     2. Once outside in the town square get Kirk to beat up the German
guard  that  hit the old man. Use McCoy and his medical kit on the old
man to help him.

     3.  Go into the shop and talk to the sales keeper. Take the broom
& food package and rope. Leave the shop and walk left.

     4.  Use  the food package on the barking dog and then the medikit
to calm it down.

     5. Go into the school (the middle building) and engage the German
soldier  in a debate on democracy. Ask the children to vote on each of
your  arguments.  Use  Spock's  tricorder on the chalkboard and try to
pick it up. Talk to Humperdinck about the chalkboard.

     6.  Leave the school and enter the building on the right. Talk to
Eckhart  about  earning some money then use the broom on the floor and
he pays you for your trouble. Don't spend it all at once!

     7.  Once  you're back in the street walk left until you reach the
trenches.  Scan  the  dying soldier with Spock's tricorder and talk to
him  about  the  locket.  He'll  only  give it to you if you deliver a
letter to his sweetheart.

     8.  Head back to the square and enter the tavern. Ask the soldier
to  step  outside and then use McCoy to drug the barrels of beer. Talk
to  Gretel  (the barmaid) who reveals to you her secret - that she's a
spy. Give her the soldier's letter and ask her if she'll deliver it to
his sweet-heart for you.

     9. Go through the left door where a game of poker is in progress.
Ask  the  printer about running a story in his paper on the dangers of
chalk  dust and use the money you got earlier to have a game of cards.
Three  hours  later  you've  cleaned everybody out. Take the money and
leave very quickly.

     10. Go back to the shop and buy the clock. Then go to the armoury
and use the rope on the drunk commander. Wake him up using the medikit
and  threaten  him  with  one  of  his own rifles. Get him to sign the
release  papers for the printer's son. He also reveals the combination
to the sage where you find some dynamite. Take it with you.

     11.  Walk  back  to  the  trench and retrieve the locket from the
soldier.  Use  the release papers on Schiller in the tavern who writes
you another note. Take this to the school to get the chalkboard. Leave
the  school  and  keep walking right until you see Trelene's Triplane.
Place the locket & clock and chalkboard inside the plane and then blow
the whole lot up with the dynamite that you acquired earlier.

     12.  You should now appear in a room with Trelene. Treat him like
the  child  he is and he eventually transports you to a more realistic
trench where you can discuss the true horrors of war.

     An  emergency call from the Science Vessel Demeter sends the crew
of  the USS Enterprise to Balkos III. The Balkosi are a primitive race
entering  their  equivalent  of  the  Stone  Age.  But  is  someone or
something interfering with their development?

     1. After beaming down to the planet Kirk and crew are scanned. To
leave the room use Spock on the control panel next to the door.

     2.  Pass  through  the  far right door in the next room until you
come  to  the Construction room. Pick up the switch & cube & interface
cable & bridge unit and monitor screen that are lying scattered around
the  room.  Retrieve the badges and plastic cards from the two bins on
the  right.  Use  both  of these in the machine on the far left of the
room and then get Spock to operate the device.

     3. Use spock to open the left-hand door and use the badges on the
recharging station in the right-hand corner. You now have an extremely
useful passcard to get through any of the doors in the complex.

     4.  Go north and use the screen and cube on the central computer.
Access  the  computer  and  if  you  successfully answer the questions
you're  presented  with  a  simple  puzzle game. Choose the four sided
diamond to progress further.

     5.  Pass through the first door on the right (next to the screen)
then  the  middle  door. When the balkosian comes into the room to eat
get  Spock  to  use  the tricorder on him. Then get him to perform the
Vulcan nerve pinch on the poor creature.

     6.  Take  the Balkosian to the medical room (you're automatically
transported there). Use the medical tricorder on the creature.

     7.  Exit  left  and use the switch on the vat. Move right through
the computer control room and then on to the power genrator.

     8.  Use  the  bridge unit on the power generator then the cables.
Now  get Spock to operate the machine shutting down the entity that is
controlling  the planet and its people. Once again the crew of the USS
Enterprise has triumphed over the forces of evil in the galaxy.

Light and Dark:
     Stardate 6143.2. The USS Enterprise recieves and unknown distress
call  while  on  routine  patron  in  the  Deneb sector. Investigating
further  Captain  Kirk  decides  to  beam down with a landing party to
Onyius II - the source of the signal.

     1.  After  beaming down get Spock to use the science tricorder on
the  building  to  the  north. Enter the building ignore the high-tech
machinery and head east.

     2.  You  will  now  encounter  Azrah - leader of the Omegan race.
Unfortunately  his  people  are  long  sinced  dead  and exist only as
single-cell  beings  stored  in a vast genetic computer bank. Azrah is
merely a holographic projection. You should speak to him about the two
warring races (choices two one and then three) and then take a genetic
sample from the gene bank.

     3.  Go  back  to  the lobby and then head west. You meet a second
holographic  projection.  Vizznr  is  the leader of the Alphan people.
Talk to him (choices one and two) and then take a genetic sample.

     4.  Return  to the lobby. Use your phaser on the green slime that
is  attached  to  the  replicator  machinery.  Use both samples on the
sequencer  door. If nothing happens talk to ensign Jons (choices three
one and then one). Use the remaining sample on the sequencer door then
get Jons to work the sequencer and replicator controls.

     5. Take the combined sample and go north. The machine here is the
nutrient  replicator.  Use  the  combined  sample  on the device port.
Unfortunately  the new holographic message is not complete so you need
to find the receiving station and fix it.

     6. Walk south two screens and then east and you find the first of
three  antenna.  Examine  each one in turn using the tricorder to scan
the sensor dishes and rock formations. Use your communicator to adjust
the  dish  settings.  Now  use  your  science tricorder on the antenna
control  box. Signal the Enterprise to send down a low-level microwave
beam to release the energy within the rocks. Head back to the genetics
lab and talk to the creature (choice three).

     Stardate  6257.6.  The  USS Regulus has been forced to cancel its
survey  mission  of  the  Antares  Rift. The USS Enterprise is sent to
replace the Regulus but is damaged in a series of spatial disruptions.

     1.  Talk to all crew members. Use Spock on the science station to
find  out the extent of damage. Use Spock on the science station for a
second time and then pick him to transport off the bridge.

     2.  Enter  the  turbo-lift  and select auxiliary control. Use the
communicator  to  talk to Scotty (choices one and one). Enter auxilary
control and use the medical tricorder on the alien who then throws you

     3.  At  the turbo-lift select sick-bay. Talk to McCoy and pick up
the canister.

     4.  Return  to the turbo-lift and select engineering. Use the gas
canister   on  the  life  support  device  and  activate  life-support

     5.  Go  to the auxilary control room and use the sensors to found
out  the  alien's  last  known  coordinates  then make your way to the
transporter room. Beam down to the planet.

     6.  Walk  east and collect the small pouch. Walk west and use the
pouch on the blue rocks. Talk to the alien (choices one and three).

     7. Walk east and talk to the Savant entity (choices one three and
three). Talk to Savant again (choices three and two). Use the pouch on
Savant.  Do  not  threaten  him  - use reason instead. Talk to him one
final time (choices two and one).

Museum Piece:
     The  USS  Enterprise has to undergo extensive repairs so the crew
enjoy  an extended period of shore leave. Asked to attend a diplomatic
party  at  the  Smithsonian  Annex on Nova Atar Captain Kirk is caught
off-guard when a terrorist attack takes place.

     1.  Explore  the  museum's  many rooms which are stuffed with all
kinds  of  sci-fi widgets and gadgets. Either wait until your party is
summoned  to  the  curator's office or try and enter room 11 from room
10. After the curator is attacked use one of the landing party on him.
Get  Scotty  to  operate  the  security  station three times. Become a
rampant kleptomaniac and take anything that isn't bolted down. Pick up
the large bottle and the piece of paper with the security code written
on  it.  Take  the  lance  & silver tray and decanter. Use Kirk on the
control  panel  on the desk (twice) and then use the suit of armour to
keep the doorway wide open.

     2.  Walk  through  the  door. Use Scotty on the phaser cannon and
place  both  capacitors  on  the table to recharge them. Use Scotty on
NIVEN  (Non-Integrated  Vulcan Electro-Numerator). Take the capacitors
(when charged).

     3.  Walk  south-east  and use the security code to open the door.
Enter:  VVSOP2123.  Use Scotty on the docking ring and escape pod. Use
the  charged  capacitor on the robot which springs to life then kneels
over. Use Scotty to repair the robot and to pick it up.

     4.  Go  north and use the discharged capacitor on the table. Wait
until it has fully recharged and then pick it up and go north-east.

     5. Talk to Scotty who reveals a plan for blowing apart the locked
door. Use the clamps & superconducting wire and both capacitors on the
table. Plug the interface cable into the Klingon device. Use the lance
on  the  table and then use Scotty on the Klingon device and get ready
for a fireworks display. Pick up the capacitors and exit north-east.

     6.  Look  around  the  devastated room. Take the gas canister and
head  north-west. Use the capacitor on the robot. Pick choice one then
use  Scotty  on the robot and the probe door to reveal the hidden fuel
cell. Use the silver tray decanter and capacitor on the probe. Pick up
the capacitor (when fully charged) and the silver tray.

     7. Walk south-east and use Scotty on the ancient transporter. Use
the  access  panel the wires and the capacitor on the transporter. Get
Scotty  to  check  over the transporter and then send the gas canister
into  the  rom  where the terrorists are holed up. Pick choice one and
then go east.

Though this be madness...:
     Stardate 6169.3. The USS Enterprise picks up a distress call from
the  Romulan  Neutral  Zone.  Investigating  further  the  crew of the
Enterprise  encounter  a  large  alien  vessel which is threatening to
destroy  the  capital city of Atabis. Captain Kirk must safe-guard the
colonists at all costs.

     1. Beaming down to the alien spaceship the landing party discover
a  derelict ship manned by a bunch of blubbering lunatics. Go west and
use  Uhura  on the mad King. Talk to the King (choice two) and use the
light switch and light grid.

     2.  Walk  east  for  three  screens  and get Spock to take on the
uncooperative  thugs  at  a  game of three-dimensional chess. You also
encounter  two  Klingon  officers  but they are here to observe rather
than to interfere.

     3.  Walk west for three screens and give the bear you've just won
to  Jakesey  who  gives  you  his  building  blocks.  Go  north to the
hydroponics  room  which is full of rotting plants. Take the metal keg
(at  the  end  of  the  plant  table  on  the  left) and use it on the
workbench at the far end of the room. Use the red phaser and blocks on
the keg. Again fire the phaser at the keg pick it up and replace it in
its original position.

     4. Go south. Then east and south again. Use the science tricorder
on  the  computer  and  the  old  woman (Moll). Get Spock to perform a
Vulcan  mind-meld on her. Go south and pick the ripened fruit from the

     5. Head east and talk to Moll (choice two). Use the fruit on her.
Go east for three scenes. Give the fruit from the woman's son and talk
to  him  (choices  one two three and four). Take the bad food from the
hidden cabinet.

     6.  Go  west  for three scenes. Use the food machine to produce a
packet  of  food.  Use  the  bad  food and the food box on the medical
computer  terminal  to  produce a tranquiliser. Talk to Moll and giver
her  the  drugged  food. Use the food machine and take a new packet of

     7.  Walk  east for four screens. Use the packet of food on Tuskin
and  stun  Rackaback.  Talk  to Gormagon who joins you and reveals the
hidden entrance to the Pays computer.

     8.  Enter  the  secret  passageway  and  use  the lightbar on the
exposed  wiring.  Use  the  lightbar  on  Klarr.  Use  the  electrical
connectors and wire on the network. Once the computer is repaired pick
choices  two  one  four  and  five. Pick up the lens and use it on the
computer  terminal.  Pick choice five and then two. The Brassia reveal
themselves  -  follow  them through the portal to reach the eighth and
final instalment of the adventure.

...yet there is method in it:
     Stardate 6269.3. The landing party and Klingon Captain Klarr have
passed  through a mysterious portal in time and space and are about to
finally face the mysterious Brassica the aliens who have been secretly
testing the Enterprise crew. Success in these final tests will lead to
the  establishment  of  formal  relations between the Brassica and the

     You  will be asked a series of questions. It is up to you and the
rest  of  your  party  to piece together the answers. We don't want to
spoil the fun so we're leaving this last adventure up to you. Remember
to  save  your  game before you begin this episode as one wrong answer
will end your quest.

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