Starpoint Gemini 2

Steam Achievements
Above the law
Do 20 successful smuggling runs on planets
Ballistic Bastard
Destroy an enemy using only heavy weapons
Read all tutorials
Take 5 times the amount of your hull integrity in damage during a single battle
Catch the wave dude
Use T-Drive
Critically acclaimed
Deal 50 critical hits
Down to the wire
Win a battle with less than 5% hull points remaining
Friendly fire frenzy
Provoke 20 friendly ship to attack you
Ground zero
Collide with a planet
Guardian angel
Save an ally with 10% or less health by destroying his attacker
Gun for hire
Solve 20 freelance missions
Hitchhiker's Guide
Explore the entire Gemini system
Holy Hat-trick
Destroy 3 ships within an interval of 15 seconds
Destroy a station
Hope you're insured
Destroy a freightliner
Destroy 100 asteroids by colliding with them
Invisible, not invincible
Destroy a cloaked ship
It's raining death
Launch at least 20 missiles in a single battle
Kick a man when he is down
Loot a derelict
Knife to a gunfight
Destroy an enemy by colliding with them
Operate a massive carrier
Magnificent Meteor Miner
Mine 500 asteroids
Manic Mechanic
Enhance all ship systems on a single ship
Explode in a collision with an asteroid
No galaxy for old men
Destroy 15 veterans
No more heroes
Kill all heroes
Now you see me…
Stay cloaked and undetected for 5 minutes
Exceed the maximum engine speed
Overly overt overkill
Destroy an enemy with full shields and hull in less than 3 seconds
Ow did I shoot you?
Destroy an enemy with a turret while facing away from it
Rabid Plasmajockey
Deal 500000 damage points with plasma cannons
Rabid Railgunner
Deal 500000 damage points with railguns
Rabid Raygunner
Deal 500000 damage points with beam weapons
Red Baron in Space
Destroy 100 ships
Revenge is sweet
Destroy an enemy that destroyed one of your wingmen within a 5 second interval
Shipping Magnate
Purchase 15 different ships
Sitting duck plucked
Destroy an enemy while he's charging Power to Engines
Jump through a wormhole
Finish the storyline
Capture a ship
Taking candy from a baby
Win a battle against 3 or more enemies without attacking them
There can be only one
Destroy an enemy using only one turret
Tomb raider
Gather all artefacts
Travel Agent
Visit all Gemini planets
Trickshot Sharpshooter
Destroy an enemy without locking on it
Vive La Resistance
Sabotage a riftway
Warpfactor Freak
Travel via Power to Engines for at least 10 minutes
Who wants to be a…
Accumulate 10 million Credits
You da boss!
Control 2 mercenary ships and 3 fighter squadrons at the same time
You're coming with me
Destroy an enemy after your ships is destroyed

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