Star Control 2


Resource collection:
     To  stand  any  chance  of improving the performance of your ship
it's  essential  to collecy resources early on in the game. To do this
start  by  cleaning out the solar system as this is the easiest way. A
couple  of  bountiful  planets for this purpose are Alpha Centauri III
and  Beta  Raynet  V.  Watch out when on Alpha Centauri though because
there   may  be  hostile  life-forms.  If  there  are  wipe  them  out

How to mine a dangerous planet:
     Always  save  your  game before going down on to a planet because
you  never  know what might go wrong. Stick yo taking a single shuttle
craft  to  the planet so if you make a mistake you don't lose too many
of  your  crew.  Where  planets  have  a  violent  weather  pattern or
atmosphere  you  find that the shuttle is displaced when it lands away
from  where  you  indicated  with  the  cursor. The actual position of
touchdown  depends upon the planet's axial tilt. The rotation rate and
latitude  so  use this to your advantage and anticipate your shuttle's
landing  position.  Land  as  close  as  you can to the large resource
deposits. Pick up what you can and leave straight away. Hanging around
for too long could cost you not only your shuttle but its crew and the
minerals too. If you have protection you still have to be careful even
if you're not in much danger of losing your shuttle; it's the crew you
have to watch out for especially in Hotspots.

Resource Allocation:

The Flagship:
     Outfit   your   starship   for   long-range   travel  high  speed
manoeuvrability  and  plenty  of storage space as quickly as possible.
You need large quantities of minerals to win the game and the flagship
os  the  only one that can get them. Also buy a dynamo pack before you
buy  another  gun making sure that you always have at least one dyname
pack  for  every  two guns. Otherwise trying to shoot anything down is
hopeless. Point-defence and auto-tracking also use up combat energy so
don't  forget  to  get  enough  energy to power them. The only type of
enemy  that  your flagship can damage with its weapons is the Umgah so
it  makes  sense  to leave combat to the rest of your fleet as much as
you can. The flagship is well worth protecting!

     If  you  want  a  decent ship right at the start of the game then
come  out  of  the  game  and use DOS to enter the STARCON2 directory.


     This  gives you a Chmmr ship to start with which is very handy if
you find the original ship a bit on the weak side.

The Fleet:
     It  is  important  to  keep  a  balanced fleet consisting of both
strong  and  fast  ships. The Pkunk ships which are given to you are a
good  bet  as  well  as the Utwig Jugger. These two types of ship have
special abilities that make them exceedingly difficult to destroy. The
Pkunk  Fury  ships can be reincarnated after they have been destroyed.
To  do  this  hold  down  your  special  and  thrust  buttons when the
explosion  starts  and  let  go  of  them during the time that expires
between  the  'kaboom'  sound ending and the explosion fading away. If
your  timing is spot on the ship reappears as if nothing had happened.
This  can  be  repeated  over  and  over  again to make the Pkunk ship
virtually immortal. The Utwig Jugger's shield uses power that can't be
regenerated.  Instead  it  converts  the  energy  from  enemy  hits to
recharge itself providing that it is turned on. This effectively makes
the   ship  indestructable  and  particularly  effective  against  the

The Umgah:
     The  Umgah  homeworld lies at Beta Orionis. Your first contact is
an  UrQuan  talking pet. Beware it attempts to control your mind. Make
sure  you  have  the  Taloo shield before going here - it protects you
from  this  mental  attack.  The Umgah sends out 10 ships to do battle
with  you  -  defeat  them  and  their  leader  surrenders. Accept his
surrender  because  the  Umgah  make  vital allies in the final battle
against  the  Sa-Matra.  When  you  leave their planet they may try to
destroy you again but just zap them with your Hellbore cannons.

The Yehat:
     Between  five  and  eight months after reviving the Shofixiti the
starbase  commander  informs you that the Shofixiti have returned. Get
yourself  a  Shofixiti scout and travel to Gamma Serpentis and talk to
the  Yehat  starships. Tell them that the Shofixiti are reborn and the
Yehat  start  a  revolution.  Now whenever you make contact with Yehat
rebel  forces  they  give you info and as many ships as your fleet can
hold.  Be  warned  though  -  you can't tell a rebel Yehat ship from a
royalist one!

The Sa-Matra:
     For  the  final battle you must travel to the fifth planet of the
Delta  Crateris  V  system. First ensure you've allocated resources to
your ships in the desired manner. When you arrive use your talking pet
to get rid of the dreadnoughts and then move in. The Sa-Matra have two
types  of  defensive  weapons operating at one time: four green globes
give  you ship a shove when hit inflicting only minimal damage while a
three-pronged fire-ball attack penetrates your ship and kills loads of
your crew. Both of these are guided weapons.

     To survive against the Sa-Matra you ships must be kitted out with
at  least  one of the following abilities: High speed - a ship that is
both fast and manoeuvrable enough to avoid the Sa- Matra's defences. A
Pkunk  Fury  for  example. Heavy firepower - a ship that can destroy a
generator with a single blast like a Shofixiti Scout.

     Impenetrable  Shields  -  a  ship  with  shielding that can hit a
Sa-Matra  ship without suffering any damage. The Utwig Jugger has this
ability.  Destroy the force-field generators with Shofixiti Scouts and
move  in  to  blast  out  the  central  defences before moving in your
Flagship. Now watch the end sequence.

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